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  • MMA Fighters Who Most Represent the Spirit of Karate

    Karate is somewhat of an afterthought in the minds of many MMA fans, but many elements of karate can be devastating when used properly inside the Octagon. The thing about karate that is most impressive is the mental discipline that it instills in practitioners. This makes fighters who come from a karate background better prepared to handle all aspects of MMA fighting. Here is a look at the top fighters in MMA who exhibit the true spirit of karate. 5. Kyoji Horiguchi
    This flyweight from Japan is a prime example of the mental toughness instilled by karate. No other fighter wants to get in the ring with Horiguchi. His only recent loss was to the champion Demetrious “Mighty ....

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  • Bully And Self Defense Workshop

    The Dojo of Karate will be hosting a Bully & Self Defense Workshop on Friday, September 23rd @ 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM. This FREE community event is available to residents and families that live and / or work in Westminster, Broomfield, Thornton and other surrounding towns. Our Bully & Self Defense Workshop is a great opportunity for kids to learn more about the most effective ways and strategies to defend themselves from a bully. The teaching concepts taught in our Bully Defense Workshop are not just going to be physical bullying, but also verbal bullying (which is 80% of bullying), social and cyber. Here are some scary statistics about bullying and how it can affect your kids ....

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  • Martial Arts Day At Elitch Gardens

    The Dojo of Karate has been invited to perform at the 4th Annual Martial Arts Athlete Day at Elitch Gardens on Sunday, September 25th @ 2:30 PM. This is a great opportunity for The Dojo of Karate Demonstration team to perform in front of a crowd of their friends, families, and other martial artists. Every year, Elitch Gardens hosts Martial Arts Day where studios and dojos gather to perform in the Elitch Arena. For those interested in attending this special day, and getting a discount to the park, please follow the link below: Tickets are only $26.99 per person, which is a $20 savings from the regular entrance price. The Dojo of Karate Demonstration Team has ....

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  • Martial Arts Winter Camps For Kids

    After a popular hit on martial arts day camps for children during the Summer of 2015, The Dojo of Karate has decided to release more Martial Arts Camps towards the end of the year. This is a great opportunity for students and NON students alike to either take their martial arts skills to the next level, or simply begin to grow an interest and passion for the martial arts. During these martial arts camps, kids will learn the following:
    Learn new and improved kick drills
    How to perform explosive techniques
    Best practices for gaining flexibility
    Effective self defense moves for protection
    How to handle bullying situations
    Learn a new form that can be used for demonstrations
    Acrobatic ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts  in Westminster - The Dojo Of Karate - Martial Arts Students Raise Nearly $2,000 For Growing Home

    Martial Arts Students Raise Nearly $2,000 For Growing Home

    At The Dojo of Karate, we try to get our community of students together for different events and occasions. From hosting martial arts tournaments for students to compete in to, organizing charity events, our goal at The Dojo of Karate is to create community. "I want to try and get our students together about once or twice per quarter", says Owner & Head Instructor Javier Lozano, Jr. "We try to always have a variety of events that are martial arts based, or simply just getting together and enjoying each others company." On Saturday, September 26th over 20 martial arts students joined forces to help raise money for Growing Home , a non-profit organization in Westminster, CO. ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts  in Westminster - The Dojo Of Karate - Free Bully Defense Workshop

    Free Bully Defense Workshop

    On Friday, October 23rd @ 6:00 PM The Dojo of Karate will be hosting a FREE Bully Defense Workshop at their location, 1975 W. 120th Ave. #300, Westminster, CO 80234 This is a free community event where families with kids as young as 4.5 years old can learn how to handle bullying. "Over the past few years, bullying has been a hot topic in our local news, however, it appears that it’s something that so many families simply overlook… until it happens to their kids” says Javier Lozano, Jr, martial arts expert and owner of The Dojo of Karate. “This is why we are offering this free bully defense workshop, so our community has an opportunity to be educated, understand how to handle bullying, ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts  in Westminster - The Dojo Of Karate - Students Take On 1000 Kicks Challenge To Raise Money For Charity

    Students Take On 1000 Kicks Challenge To Raise Money For Charity

    Teaching children to help inspire others through their actions is a challenge, even for the most trained. But, when a child is able to influence their peers, impact their community, and “wow” their family — one has to stop and recognize that kids who inspire others are “getting it”. On Saturday, September 26th @ 8:00 AM students at The Dojo of Karate will gather for their inaugural 1,000 Kicks Challenge to help raise funds for Growing Home , a local non-profit in Westminster, CO. Growing Home was established in 1998 with the goal of serving their community with a “wrap-around” approach, by helping families in need of shelter, healthcare, homelessness assistance, early childhood ....

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  • Spring 2015 Black Belt Graduation

    This year, we presented our newest Black Belt Graduation a bit different. Instead of awarding our new students their belts in class, in front of their peers, we decided to SURPRISE them at an outdoor picnic and give their belts to them -- in front of the Black Belt Club members. For those that don't know, our newest black belts are Ethan Wa., Ethan We. and Adam B. -- all teenagers that have been training at The Dojo of Karate for about 5+ years. Last Summer, they attempted the Black Belt test, falling just short of their goal. However, they demonstrated the necessary perseverance, dedication, and focus to achieve their goal -- and never gave up. I can't express how proud I am with these 3 ....

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  • Karate Demonstration Performence At Denver Nuggets Game

    [caption id="attachment_2451" align="alignleft" width="199"] Sensei Lozano Demonstrates A High Flying Jump Kick.[/caption] The Dojo of Karate's All Star Karate Demonstration Team has been honored with the amazing opportunity to perform for the Denver Nuggets on Sunday, December 14th versus the former World Champions, San Antonio Spurs. The performance will be prior to the game starting, which is at 6:00 PM (mountain time). Though I believe we are pretty incredible, I feel that the Nuggets Cheerleaders have an upper hand on us for the Half Time Show... For the past 6 to 7 weeks, students in our Black Belt Club members have been training and working hard to perfect their skills for ....

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  • 2014 Karate Award Banquet

    Last month The Dojo of Karate hosted their 6th Annual Karate Award Banquet on January 31st at The Good New Church. Though we got started a bit later than normal because we forgot the keys to the church, the Karate Award Banquet, once again, was a big hit. We had food catered from Noodles & Company this year, and it seemed like everyone enjoyed the various options we offered. In addition, my son decided to take center stage with me, which was funny to see through pictures. Before we move forward, I would like to thank everyone that has been apart of The Dojo of Karate. Whether you started training with us since 208, when we first opened our doors, or just started training in our ....

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  • Upcoming School Closures & Make Up Sessions

    [caption id="attachment_4851" align="alignleft" width="268"] The Dojo of Karate Will Be Closed Nov 4th -7th, 2014[/caption] Over the past couple weeks, I have been informing students, parents, and families that we will be closed from November 4th to November 7th -- due to a wedding that I will be attending. Keep in mind that we WILL BE OPEN on Monday, November 3rd though. With that said, we have created make up sessions for students to attend after I return. However, students can also make up their classes before or after my trip -- thus keeping them on track with their training. The following days are when we will have make up sessions:
    Thursday, November 13th @ 7:00 PM -- 7 ....

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  • Stripe Test & Belt Test Week: October 20th to 24th

    This month, The Dojo of Karate will be moving Stripe Week and Belt Test 1 week early, due to Halloween falling on a Friday this year. And, as most of you know, kids will choose candy over Karate most days of the week. Trust me, I'm not offended. With that said, October's Stripe Week will take place from the 20th to 23rd, while the Belt Test will be on Friday, October 24th at 5:00 PM. Parents, please keep in mind that in order for your child to belt test, they will need to have 3 FULL stripes on their belt. When they are invited to take the belt test, they will be given a permission slip that will need to be signed by their teachers and parents -- then turned in on the day of the ....

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  • Spartan Race & Class Cancellations

    Sensei Lozano Demonstrates A High Flying Jump Kick.[/caption] The Dojo of Karate's All Star Karate Demonstration Team has been honored with the amazing opportunity to perform for the Denver Nuggets on Sunday, December 14th versus the former World Champions, San Antonio Spurs. The performance will be prior to the game starting, which is at 6:00 PM (mountain time). Though I believe we are pretty incredible, I feel that the Nuggets Cheerleaders have an upper hand on us for the Half Time Show... For the past 6 to 7 weeks, students in our Black Belt Club members have been training and working hard to perfect their skills for an opportunity of a lifetime. And, though all of these ....

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  • Spartan Race & Class Cancellations

    [caption id="attachment_4215" align="alignleft" width="224"] Sensei Javier Lozano Jr "flexing" during a chilly morning for the Spartan Race Military Sprint.[/caption] Even though I no longer compete in Karate tournaments, I still set goals for myself that keeps me competitive with myself. Why I no longer compete in Karate tournaments is another story, but staying competitive in something that keeps you motivated, in shape, and on your toes is important. Every year, I usually sit down and go over some things that I would like to accomplish the following year. And, these aren't business goals, rather personal goals or bucket list goals. Last year, laying in bed before going to ....

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  • KF Wado Kai Masters Karate Seminar

    [caption id="attachment_4835" align="alignleft" width="143"] Arakawa Sensei - 9th Dan[/caption] Colorado is VERY fortunate to announce the arrival of some well recognized Wado Kai Black Belt Instructors. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday -- September 26th, 27th, & 28th the JKF Wado Kai will have 9th Dan Black Belt - Arakawa Sensei, 8th Dan Black Belt - Yanagida Sensei, and 7th Dan Black Belt - Shimura Sensei to do a Masters' Wado Kai Karate Seminar. What does this mean...? [caption id="attachment_4837" align="alignright" width="192"] Yanagida Sensei - 8th Dan[/caption] Well, first of all having the caliber of martial arts instruction all in one state... let alone in one room is ....

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  • 2014 Summer Potluck

    We know many of you have been asking when our Annual Summer Potluck will be taking place this year, but with so many activities, travel plans, and other obligations, it's tough to schedule it all in. I guess that's what kids & marriage does to you, right? However, we did find an available date for The Dojo of Karate to have their Annual Summer Potluck. It will be on Saturday, July 12th from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at The Big Dry Creek Park
    . If you are not familiar with our Annual Summer Potluck, basically every summer The Dojo of Karate hosts an outdoor potluck at the Big Dry Creek Park in Westminster, CO. Students come with their families & friends, along with a dish to share ....

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  • It's All About The Journey In Karate

    I want to point out that achieving a Black Belt at The Dojo of Karate is really all about the journey and not the ACTUAL belt. Too many times I have students and parents that ONLY eye the end goal -- a Black Belt. But they miss the lessons learned throughout the journey. And, those students are usually long gone by now. Mainly because they are so fixated on achieving a Black Belt, they are missing the lessons that are trying to be taught at The Dojo of Karate. Their stubbornness holds them back from being successful. Time and time again, I see some of the most talented students come through the doors of The Dojo of Karate, with their eyes on the prize, only to fall short of their ....

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  • Sensei Lozano's Vacation: June 16 - 20th

    This year, Sensei Lozano will be taking his family vacation from Monday, June 16th to Friday June 20th -- meaning The Dojo of Karate will be closed for the entire week. If you would like to have your child make up these classes, please feel free to have them attend an extra class the week before and the week after. That way they can keep track with their training. The same goes for your personal vacations. If you happen to be going on vacation anytime this year, please feel free to keep them on track by having them attend additional classes throughout the summer. That way, they will get their training in and stay on track with their progression. If you have any questions, feel free ....

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  • Pinan Shodan - Wado Kai Karate

    This is a video of Otsuka Sensei -- our founder of Wado Kai Karate. For those of you that SERIOUSLY want to earn those stripes on Wednesday in the Advanced classes, I recommend watching ALL of these videos. ....

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  • Pinan Yondan - Wado Kai Karate

    Here's the 5th Pinan kata in the Wado Kai Karate system -- performed by our founder Otsuka Sensei. Pinan Yondan - Wado Kai Karate ....

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  • Wado Kai Karate Videos

    So, in the past we've had students ask for our katas to be posted online so that they can refer to it as a guide. I've been hesitant on this for many reasons. The most obvious one is that students should take the time to practice what is taught to them, in order for them to actually KNOW the kata. Not just go through the movement of the kata and say you "know" the kata. The other reasons have to do with requirements at certain levels. The kata is not the same as it is for an Orange belt as it is for a Brown belt. There are certain movements that need to be executed, and usually it can't be explained in a video -- because it makes no sense unless you've been training in our dojo for a ....

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  • Understanding How Accomplishment Should Feel In Karate

    When a student passes a test at The Dojo of Karate , they should have a sense of accomplishment because our standards are higher then other martial arts schools. It's not that we are better, it's that we approach our expectations differently. We don't lower our standards because we want someone to be happy, rather we keep them at the same level and expect our students to learn how to get there through perseverance, dedication, grit, spirit and courage. I've been to plenty of Karate tournaments and seen Black Belts performing and it was horrible. Some of those students probably didn't deserve to be any higher then a Green belt! That's a disservice to the student and to the marital arts ....

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  • Stripe Week & Belt Test - May 27th - May 30th, 2014

    This month, The Dojo of Karate will be hosting their Stripe Week from Tuesday, May 27th to Thursday, May 29th -- followed by the Belt Test on Friday, May 30th @ 5:00 PM. Please keep in mind that students must receive 3 full stripes (Purple belt & below) in order to qualify for the belt test. There are times that Sensei Lozano gives out 1/2 stripes, and it simply means that -- a half stripe. Thus, the half stripe will set them back by an additional month. If your child has the allotted amount of stripes on their belt, they will be invited by Sensei Lozano to take the Belt Test on Friday, May 30th @ 5:00 PM. Eligible students will be required to have their permission slip ....

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  • Westminster / Broomfield Kids Karate Summer Camp

    Once again, The Dojo of Karate will be hosting their popular Kids Karate Summer Camp in 2014. Every Summer, The Dojo of Karate offers a 6 week special that allows new students an opportunity to try our Karate program and see what the craze is all about. This is a great way for students to spend the Summer being productive by getting exercise, making new friends, and improving their focus & confidence. Oh, and the obvious thing... learning REAL
    Self-Defense! Students that join the Kids Karate Summer Camp program will be placed in 1 of 2 marital arts programs.
    Lil' Ninjas Beginners - This program are for students between 4.5 and 6 years old.
    Junior Beginners - This ....

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  • Why Failing A Karate Belt Test Is Good

    My biggest accomplishments in life and mainly my marital arts career came when I failed just before it. And, sometimes failed miserably and continuously! But, here's the weird thing... I never looked at them as a "failure", rather a bump in the road, blimp in the map, a stepping stone to success, a challenge to overcome, an obstacle to climb -- or any other type of metaphor you can practically think of. However, don't get me wrong, failing is hard on me too. I don't like to fail because I'm such a perfectionist. It drives me nuts. It drives my wife nuts. And, I know it drives other people nuts. This is why I no longer compete in Karate tournaments... but that's for another day. To ....

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  • Spending Time In Grade Is A Necessary Challenge In Karate

    This is a commonly used word in the martial arts world that is practiced to make students stay a certain amount of time at various levels before they can progress to the next belt rank. And, sometimes it isn't because they are not talented enough to actually pass the exam, rather, there are characteristics that the instructor is trying to bring out of the student, thus having a "time in grade" is imperative for the development of a student. An example is that the first 4 colored belts at The Dojo of Karate require that a student stay at each rank for a minimum of 3 months. But, that can also be extended due to training consistency, progression of achieving stripes, knowledge of ....

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  • Earn Your Next Karate Belt In Just 1 Week!

    Did you cringe when you first read the title of this post. So did I! Well, I actually cringed more when I saw that a martial arts school (I have no idea where) actually ran this promotion in their dojo about earning a new karate belt in just 1 week. Seriously, this is a promotion that was actually ran in a dojo! Trust me, I've seen other similar approaches. I've heard of the "guaranteed black belt in 2 years" or "belt factories where no one ever fails." And, those are just the one's off of the top of my head. All this made me stop and wonder about a few things...
    How could a sensei actually do this?
    How could a parent go along with this?
    How could a student buy into this?
    How ....

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  • Stripe Test & Belt Test Week: April 21st - 25th

    Though this message is a bit delayed, The Dojo of Karate will host their Stripe Week from April 21st to April 24th and Belt Test on Friday, April 25th @ 5:00 PM. All eligible students need to make sure they earn their 3rd and final stripe (below green belts) and get their permission slips signed by their parents & teachers. We are looking forward to a successful belt test at The Dojo of Karate! ....

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  • Sensei Bob Nash Karate Seminar

    On Friday May 9th and Saturday May 10th
    The Dojo of Karate will be hosting another Wado Kai Karate Seminar with JKF Wadokai 7th Dan Black Belt - Sensei Bob Nash. For many of you that know, Sensei Nash has made many appearances to our dojo teaching seminars that have improved our students and helped them obtain a black belt in the process. Sensei Nash is a highly sought after Wado Kai Karate Instructor because of his extensive knowledge in our style of martial arts, understand of Japanese terminology, and execution of proper Wado techniques. He is flown all over Europe, North America, and other parts of the world to do weekend long seminars for Wado practitioners looking to grow and ....

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  • Stripe Test And Belt Test Week: March 17th - 21st

    [caption id="attachment_3472" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Dojo of Karate holds monthly belt tests to help students achieve their goals -- Black Belt[/caption] The Dojo of Karate will have their Stripe Test and Belt Test the week before Spring Break, just in case you are out of town. This will be the week of March 17th to the 21st, with the Belt Test taking place on Friday, March 21st at 5:00 PM.
    Please make sure you mark your calendars, as this month the stripe testing week is one week earlier then the normally designated slot of the last week of the month. And, as always, make sure your kids have their permission slips filled out and signed so they are eligible to test and ....

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  • Spring Break 2014

    [caption id="attachment_3484" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Dojo of Karate will be closed for ALL of Spring Break[/caption] This year, The Dojo of Karate will be closing for the entire week of Spring Break 2014, which will be March 24th to March 28th 2014
    . As an FYI, we typically observe most Adams 12 School District Holidays and Closures, since so many of our students attend in that particular school district. Feel free to make up classes the week before Spring Break or the week after Spring Break, to keep your kids on track with their training. And, if you don't, we've already accounted for the closures in our program, as we operate on a 48 week schedule rather then the ....

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  • Karate Award Banquet Results

    For all the families that attended The Dojo of Karate's POST Holiday Party and Award Banquet, we greatly appreciate it! It was awesome to see SOOOO many families attend this banquet, new and old, and to see how our Karate school as grown over the past 5 plus years. I am looking forward to the next 5 years! If you missed our Holiday Party and Karate Award Banquet, then let's just fill you in really quick! The event was hosted at the Good News Church in Broomfield, CO. They were kind enough to let us rent their space for a nominal fee, which was awesome! We had Qdoba Mexican Grill cater our event by providing a variety of options, such as Taco Bar, Naked Burrito Bar, and chips ....

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  • Holiday Party and Award Banquet

    No, this is not an accident or typo. It's just that things got out of hand in November / December 2013, including the double booking of our location. With that said, we moved it to this year. Our 2013 (2014) Holiday Party and Award Banquet will be hosted on Saturday, February 8th @ 4:00 PM
    and will end at 6:00 PM. It will once again be catered by Qdoba Mexican Grill. The cost for the catering will be $14 per person
    , and that will include buffet taco bar and naked burrito bar, cake, and refreshments. We ask that you PLEASE help yourself to plenty of food (after everyone has gone through the line), as last year my wife and I had to take home an enormous amount of meat, chips, and ....

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  • Martin Luther King Day - January 2014

    Just to give everyone a heads up that The Dojo of Karate will be CLOSED on Monday, January 20th in observance of Martin Luther King Day . And, just remind your families, we will alternate Karate school closures on either President's Day or MLK Day. So, since we are closed on January 20th for MLK Day, we will be OPEN on February 17th for President's Day
    . Have a safe Holiday, and remember how amazing our Freedom in this country truly is. We've come a long way to be where we are and have a lot to be thankful for. Happy Martin Luther King Day! ....

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  • Stripe Test And Belt Test Week: January 27th – 31st

    [caption id="attachment_3472" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Dojo of Karate holds monthly belt tests to help students achieve their goals -- Black Belt[/caption] The Dojo of Karate will be hosting it's first belt test for 2014 on Friday, January 2014 at 5:00 PM. If your child is scheduled to belt test, the will receive a permission slip that needs to be signed by their teachers and parents, and then returned on the belt testing day. Also, the week of January 27th to January 30th, will be Stripe Testing Week, which means students will be able to earn a stripe for their work during the month of January. Looking forward to seeing a new group of belt tests and growth in our dojo! ....

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  • Martin Luther King Day - January 2014

    Just to give everyone a heads up that The Dojo of Karate will be CLOSED on Monday, January 20th in observance of Martin Luther King Day . And, just remind your families, we will alternate Karate school closures on either President's Day or MLK Day. So, since we are closed on January 20th for MLK Day, we will be OPEN on February 17th for President's Day
    . Have a safe Holiday, and remember how amazing our Freedom in this country truly is. We've come a long way to be where we are and have a lot to be thankful for. Happy Martin Luther King Day! ....

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  • Karate Develops Laser-Like Focus

    [caption id="attachment_3524" align="alignleft" width="200"] Cameras are designed to focus in on an object. Our students develop laser-like focus after a few Karate sessions.[/caption] Wouldn't it be great to have your child learn AND demonstrate laser-like focus? That's practically every parent's dream, is to have a child that has focus so sharp, it can cut through diamonds. At The Dojo of Karate, our kids Martial Arts classes will begin to teach your child how to learn and develop this skill from their very first class. Seriously! Here's Why Your Child Will Learn Focus In Karate Classes
    Focus is one of the building blocks to being successful in the Martial Arts, which than ....

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  • Holiday Closures In 2013

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! We hope that 2013 has treated you and your family well. At The Dojo of Karate, we are very fortunate to say that we have had an eventful, memorable, and blessed 2013. With the move of our new Karate school to a larger space in June, the addition of our new son in July, the opportunity of offering various karate and self-defense events to our clients, The Dojo of Karate and Sensei Lozano have been fortunate. We hope that 2013 has brought your family the same fortunes and blessings, and that 2014 continues to grow and make your family prosperous. We are so thankful to have you guys apart of the "dojo family" by supporting our local business and ....

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  • Martial Arts Teaches Confidence

    As a kid, I wasn't the most confident person. I was very shy. I sorta believed in myself, but it probably depended on the day. When my parents enrolled me in Karate classes , things started to change. I began to believe in myself. My parents began to notice a difference in me too. Positive changes started to come out of my training. Training in Karate or any type of Martial Arts can make some dramatic changes in a child's life. I remember one of my first instructors was Mr. Gaines. He was a great Karate teacher. He always pushed me as a student and never let me slack in class. However, he was extremely encouraging by using positive reinforcement. Mr. Gaines helped me to begin ....

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  • Broomfield Adult Self Defense

    The Dojo of Karate offers one of the best Adult Karate and Self-Defense programs in Westminster and Broomfield, CO. In the The Dojo of Karate Adult Karate and Self-Defense Program you will learn reality based self-defense and traditional Japanese Karate that is easy to learn, with fast results. And, you don't need to have any experience in Martial Arts. Our curriculum is designed to help grow your skills and confidence by performing techniques in various manners -- creating muscle memory. The Dojo of Karate Adult Karate and Self-Defense program is designed for you, the common person looking to learn how to protect you and your family. We understand you have a full-time job, a family, ....

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  • 3 Key Self-Defense Concepts

    [caption id="attachment_3671" align="alignleft" width="200"] Learning reality based self-defense skills is important in every Karate class.[/caption] The Dojo of Karate is proud to be one of the only schools in Colorado that teaches traditional Japanese Wado Karate and Modern Day Self-Defense . Our Karate & Self-Defense classes teaches students 3 Key Self-Defense Concepts when protecting themselves. These concepts aren't difficult to apply, rather, makes sense when you begin your training.
    Proximity Negates Skill
    - What this means is once someone enters your "bubble" than your skills can diminish. This holds true with many women. When you are defending yourself, you need ....

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  • Birthday Celebration With Jimmy Fallon

    On Friday, December 6th our Elite Club Classes at 5:30 PM and Black Belt Club Classes at 6:15 PM will be cancelled because my wife bought me tickets to see a Jimmy Fallon on Friday night. For you that may not know who Jimmy Fallon is, he hosts a late night show during the week and is quite the funny person... hence his profession. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience, but we will be back on schedule again next week. Sensei Lozano ....

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  • World Champion Training

    [caption id="attachment_3785" align="alignleft" width="300"] Being able to win an event is impressive... being able to win a world class event regularly -- takes skills.[/caption] Want to know why training at a Martial Arts school with a World Champion Instructor will make you and your child better? Now, this isn't about tooting my own horn, rather a way to look at things differently when you select a Karate studio for your training. Think of it like this... The New England Patriots are considered one of the best NFL teams this decade. They've won 3 Super Bowls, went undefeated during an entire regular season, and broke all sorts of records in 2007. If you had a chance to "train" ....

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  • Lil' Ninjas Karate Program

    [caption id="attachment_3744" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Dojo of Karate believes that your child can be a ninja as young as 4.5 years old.[/caption] We have several people call The Dojo of Karate about Martial Arts lessons for their 5 year old child, asking if we teach that young. And, if Martial Arts will help them focus, listen, and develop their coordination. The answer... YES! The Dojo of Karate accepts children as young as 4.5 years old. We have a program called Lil' Ninjas for children between 4.5 and 6 years old. Our Lil' Ninjas classes are geared to help your child begin to focus and concentrate. At this tender age, kids usually have a difficult time working on ....

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  • Holiday Party & Award Banquet Cancelled

    I'm sorry to inform our students and families at The Dojo of Karate, but we will need to cancel our Holiday Party and Award Banquet this year, as our location fell through. We will, however, reschedule our Holiday Party and Banquet to January 2014, on probably the 2nd weekend of January. Please stay tuned! ....

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  • Student and Parent Karate Testimonials

    Blast From The Past
    During our 1st Annual Holiday Party in December 2009, we had a few students and parents give us a quick testimonial about The Dojo of Karate and Chief Instructor Javier Lozano, Jr. It was pretty interesting to hear what they had to say... Please keep in mind these kids may have been under the influence of massive amounts of sugar. Enjoy! Nathaniel thinks Sensei Lozano "rocks".
    While his sister thinks he's "strict"...
    And Kim & Riley... we really have no clue what they said...
    Than, we have Jack... he has a few more words to say about training at The Dojo of Karate and Sensei Lozano.
    And finally we have a parent, who's ....

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  • Stripe Test And Belt Test Week: November 18th - 21st

    [caption id="attachment_3472" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Dojo of Karate holds monthly belt tests to help students achieve their goals -- Black Belt[/caption] Since Thanksgiving falls on the 4th week of November, The Dojo of Karate will be hosting their Stripe Testing on the week of November 18th to 21st. The Belt Test will then take place on Thursday, November 21st @ 5:30 PM.
    Therefore the 5:30 PM Junior Beginners and 6:15 PM Junior Intermediate will be cancelled due to the belt test. So, please make sure your student makes up their classes accordingly. Otherwise, our 3:30 PM Lil' Ninjas Beginners and 4:00 PM Lil' Ninjas Advanced will stay as scheduled. We decided to ....

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  • Thanksgiving Week - 2013

    Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with family, enjoy each others company and be thankful for various gifts or accomplishments we've achieved throughout the year. Personally, I enjoy Thanksgiving because it allows me to showcase my cooking skills, try new recipes, and serve my family and friends. The Dojo of Karate is all about family time and we believe that spending time with family is more important then training sometimes... sometimes ;) And, with Susan and I having a new addition to the family, Grandma and Grandpop (Susan's parents) want to spend as much time with him as possible! We will be open on Monday and Tuesday, November 25th & 26th with normal ....

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  • Holiday Party and Award Banquet - 2013

    5th Annual Holiday Party & Award Banquet With Thanksgiving on the abnormally 4th week of November, The Dojo of Karate has had a challenge in scheduling and finding a location for our Holiday Party and Award Banquet this year. As many of you know, once Thanksgiving hits, it's all down hill as far as activities & events because many of our families are doing Christmas shopping, attending company parties, or simply trying to get away from all the madness. So, this year we will be having our Holiday Party and Award Banquet on Friday, November 22nd from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
    at the Good News Church on 136th & Sheridan. The actual address is: Good News Church 5511 W. ....

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  • Partner Quad Pushups

    The Dojo of Karate has a great Adult Martial Arts class that focuses on building your strength and flexibility with different workouts, while building team work with fellow students. Below you'll see what we call Partner Quad Pushups
    - a 4 person pushup that requires everyone's help to perform correctly. Not only is this push going to build strength, but also develop your core muscles because you are working on maintaining balance and stability. If you are looking to learn self-defense and get a great workout, contact The Dojo of Karate today, and you can register for 2 FREE weeks of Adult Karate training . You're bound to get hooked! ....

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  • 3 Arm Pushups

    Yes, I know that you don't have 3 arms... if you did I would be VERY
    concerned. Anyways, I am going to show you how to perform 3 Arm Pushups
    with a partner. These are not easy, and it's usually best to perform them with a person of equal weight. When you're performing these pushups, make sure you have the hand that is on your partners back stable along the middle or edge of their shoulder blade. This way you'll have some balance. And, do not put a tremendous amount of weight on their back because if they do not have strong arms, more than likely they will not push you up too... :) Enjoy! ....

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  • Halloween Classes

    The Dojo of Karate will have classes ONLY at 3:30 PM and 4:00 PM on Thursday, October 31st. There WILL NOT be classes for the 5:30 PM Beginners Classes and 6:15 PM Intermediate Classes. Have fun Trick-or-Treating and be safe! ....

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  • Children Learn Integrity In Martial Arts

    [caption id="attachment_3522" align="alignleft" width="300"] Integrity seems to be a lost characteristic in society... but The Dojo of Karate teaches the importance of integrity.[/caption] The Dojo of Karate has a high standard they hold every student to while training at our Martial Arts School. Integrity is something we teach our kids everyday when they come to Karate classes . What is Integrity? Wikipedia defines Integrity "as a concept has to do with perceived consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome." So how do students at The Dojo of Karate learn integrity? First of all, our instructors explain to every student that ....

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  • Fall Classic Karate Tournament Results

    On Saturday, October 5th The Dojo of Karate hosted their second tournament of the year for 2013 called the Fall Classic Karate Tournament. We had a ton of kids competing in kata, sparring, obstacle courses and best junzuki. The result... A bunch of medals and trophies were awarded, kids displayed some amazing confidence and focus, a few tears were shed, but everyone left with huge smiles! But, before we go any further, I need to thank all of our volunteers, including parents and students, for helping this karate tournament a success. Without your help we wouldn't have been able to host this tournament or allow our students see how deep their perseverance really goes. Lil' ....

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  • Stripe Test and Belt Test Week: October 28th - November 1st

    [caption id="attachment_3513" align="alignleft" width="261"] Martial Arts at The Dojo of Karate has proven to help students improve their grades.[/caption] Is your child struggling in school? This is a common concern and problem that parents share with us at The Dojo of Karate. "My son is struggling in school because he won't turn in his homework". Or "my daughter is having a hard time focusing in class, thus making it difficult for her to learn". Most school teachers recommend putting your child into Martial Arts lessons . A child training in Karate has proven to help students improve their academics in the short term, as well as, the long term -- such as preparing them for ....

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  • Kids, Martial Arts, And The Valuable Lessons They Learn - Part 2

    [caption id="attachment_3505" align="alignleft" width="223"] Students at The Dojo of Karate gain perseverance, confidence, and a winners attitude.[/caption] Welcome to the 2nd part of Kids, Martial Arts, And The Valuable Lessons They Learn
    . If you missed the last section of this article, please click here to catch up.
    Patience With Self And Others
    One of the most important lessons that children learn from martial arts classes is patience. It is not uncommon to observe students who have learned hapkido, Taekwondo, and other styles to take a methodical approach to problem-solving. Part of the reason is due to increased self-confidence. Kids who have studied certain disciplines are more ....

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  • No Jury Duty

    If you read my post last night, I was called in to serve Jury Duty. However, after going through the Jury Selection process, I was not one of the fortunate candidates that got selected. So, classes are back to normal!!! ....

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  • Jury Duty - Thursday, October 11th

    I have been summoned to serve jury duty on Thursday, October 11th. Who knows if I will be asked to sit through a trial, dismissed, or asked to leave because I'm the only employee of my business. So, to make things easy, I will not have classes at 3:30pm and 4:00pm. I should be able to teach my class at 5:30pm, but if that does not work out, I'll update our blog and Facebook page. Stay tuned!! ....

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  • Changes Going On To Summit Fit Dojo

    If you don't know, Summit Fit Dojo is our Small Group Personal Training program that we offer to clients looking to get a better and more effective workout then they would get at a big box gym. With that said, many of you have seen Coach Lynn Voorhees help lead our fitness classes in the mornings and evenings. She's a tremendous coach, however, her last day at Summit Fit Dojo will be on Wednesday, October 9th. I wrote a post on our Summit Fit Dojo Blog that explains more what's going on. Please wish her well. ....

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  • Martial Arts Will Improve Your Childs Grades

    [caption id="attachment_3513" align="alignleft" width="261"] Martial Arts at The Dojo of Karate has proven to help students improve their grades.[/caption] Is your child struggling in school? This is a common concern and problem that parents share with us at The Dojo of Karate. "My son is struggling in school because he won't turn in his homework". Or "my daughter is having a hard time focusing in class, thus making it difficult for her to learn". Most school teachers recommend putting your child into Martial Arts lessons . A child training in Karate has proven to help students improve their academics in the short term, as well as, the long term -- such as preparing them for ....

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  • Helping At The Fall Classic Karate Tournament

    Parents, As you probably heard over the past few days, I need your help! The Dojo of Karate's Fall Classic Karate Tournament won't run by its' self, and therefore I need several parents to step up and help us make this a smooth tournament.
    Where Do We Need You?

    Judging Kata
    When you judge a competitor in Kata, you will be looking for the following characteristics.
    - Do they enter the ring with confidence? Do they say their introduction with confidence? Do they perform their kata with confidence, or are they hesitant in their moves?
    - When the set forward to punch, block, kick, or strike, are they landing their moves with balance? Are they wobbly when they ....

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  • Fall Classic Karate Tournament - 2013

    [caption id="attachment_3785" align="alignleft" width="480"] Karate tournaments are a great way to develop confidence, put your Karate skills to the test, and learn how to win & lose gracefully.[/caption] Starting in 2013, The Dojo of Karate will be hosting 2 Inner School Karate Tournaments per year -- one in the winter/spring and one in the fall. This will allow students the opportunity to learn what Karate tournament competitions are all about, including some essential Black Belt Principals -- sportsmanship, perseverance, dedication, confidence, and focus. On Saturday, October 5th, 2013 The Dojo of Karate will present their Fall Classic Karate Tournament. All Karate ....

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  • Donations To Broomfield Fish

    [caption id="attachment_4511" align="alignleft" width="320"] Though, there are $100 bills in this jar, Nationwide will donate $10 for every quote they give at our Fall Classic Karate Tournament[/caption] Many of you already know that The Dojo of Karate makes annual donations in November to the Broomfield Fish Organization to help families in poverty get some food for the Holidays, or just make ends meet. As a small business owner, I feel it's my responsibility to donate to specific organizations that make a difference to our immediate community, such as the Broomfield Fish Organization . So, this weekend, Bill Farrell, a parent with a child in our Karate program will be making ....

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  • Age Is Just A Number When Learning Self-Defense

    [caption id="attachment_3785" align="alignleft" width="480"] Karate tournaments are a great way to develop confidence, put your Karate skills to the test, and learn how to win & lose gracefully.[/caption] Starting in 2013, The Dojo of Karate will be hosting 2 Inner School Karate Tournaments per year -- one in the winter/spring and one in the fall. This will allow students the opportunity to learn what Karate tournament competitions are all about, including some essential Black Belt Principals -- sportsmanship, perseverance, dedication, confidence, and focus. On Saturday, October 5th, 2013 The Dojo of Karate will present their Fall Classic Karate Tournament. All Karate ....

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  • Karate Birthday Party

    [caption id="attachment_3457" align="alignleft" width="300"] Karate Birthday Parties are the way to go for your child's upcoming birthday.[/caption] This weekend one of our Martial Arts students had a Karate Birthday Party hosted at The Dojo of Karate. His name was Caleb and he's been training at our school for about 8 months. He truly enjoys Martial Arts, and has the goal of becoming a Black Belt one day. So what takes place during a Karate Birthday Party hosted by The Dojo of Karate...? Well, first of all, you don't need to be a member of The Dojo of Karate to have a Birthday party hosted at our location . All you need is a Birthday Boy / Girl, up to 20 friends, and some ....

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  • Mixed Martial Arts For Kids

    [caption id="attachment_3533" align="alignleft" width="203"] Enrolling your child in MMA classes could be the biggest mistake as a parent...[/caption] A few months ago a student of mine sent me a link about kids in mixed martial arts or MMA. Below is the link. This video was aired on ABC a few years ago and seemed very controversial because the kids were being put in rings by the age of 5 or 6 years old to begin fighting with another child. The Dojo of Karate appreciates what the Mixed Martial Arts and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) world has brought to our industry in making our art more present to the public. ....

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  • Women Self Defense Seminar - Saturday, October 19th

    The Dojo of Karate is proud to announce that we have officially opened registrations for our EXTREMELY popular Women Self Defense Seminar for Saturday, October 19th from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
    . When you enroll in our Women Self Defense Seminar , you will learn the Level I - Empty Hand Self Defense curriculum
    -- a program that has been strategically created to give you the best self defense results, with the least amount of experience. So, even if you are a beginner to martial arts and self defense, our Women Self Defense Seminar is easy to remember and simple to perform. In addition, you will learn the importance of being aware of your surroundings, learning how to avoid an attackers ....

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  • Only Black Belts Can Defend Themselves

    [caption id="attachment_3526" align="alignleft" width="200"] Black Belts aren't the only one's that can defend themselves...[/caption] This is a common misconception that novices make when wanting to learn self-defense. Some of this came about because we only see pictures of Black Belts perform self-defense moves. Or we see all of those movies with fighting scenes, which are performed by a Black Belt. From there we begin to build in our head, that learning to defend yourself will require a Black Belt, and it takes FOREVER to earn a Black Belt... right. Fortunately for you, this is no longer the case. Self-Defense is for anyone. That's right. If you have the want or feel the ....

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  • Upcoming Events For The Fall 2013

    We've been making several public announcements about our upcoming events at The Dojo of Karate. And, we know that it's difficult to remember all of these, so we will post them on our site, individually, with more information. For now, though, this post will allow you to plan ahead of time.
    Saturday, October 5th
    - Fall Classic Inner School Karate Tournament. This is our bi-annual inner school Karate tournament that is ONLY for students of The Dojo of Karate. Whether you've participated in a tournament or not, this is EVERYONE'S opportunity to learn sportsmanship, confidence, perseverance, and the competitive spirit. Please make sure you mark your calendar for this exciting event!

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  • New Fall 2013 T-Shirts

    After several requests, and a little thinking -- The Dojo of Karate has decided to release some Fall 2013 T-shirts this year. Now, these new t-shirt designs CAN NOT be worn in Karate classes since September 30th is the last day to wear our Summer T-shirts in classes. However, we'd love to have you guys wear them everywhere else -- including school, church, public events, or just your normal, daily lives. There is something cool about t-shirts... especially if they are catchy, different, unique, and just plan awesome. One summer, The Dojo of Karate had a t-shirt that had a silhouette image of myself doing a jump front kick and the slogan below it saying: "Let's Just Assume I know ....

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  • Defense Against An Attacker - Rear Naked Choke

    The first video will walk through one of the ways to defend yourself from an attacker that is trying to choke you from behind. It's a pretty simple defense. The key here is not to panic and not allow your attacker perform a Rear Naked Choke, one of the toughest submissions to escape. Below is a video on how to defend yourself against a Rear Naked Choke from an attacker. The key to defending yourself against a Rear Naked Choke is to move, vibrate, squirm, dig your chin into the crevice of his elbow as quickly as possible, while pulling down on his arms with both hands using a "fish hook" grab. Once you've done this, you have fighting chance to get out of the choke. ....

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  • Family Appreciation Month

    Twice a year, The Dojo of Karate offers a great promotion to parents and immediate family members in the same house hold. We call this Family Appreciation Month
    , and this is YOUR opportunity to take advantage of one of our Karate programs through The Dojo of Karate or Fitness programs through Summit Fit Dojo. The Dojo of Karate greatly appreciates your support for a local, family owned, business in Westminster, CO and this is one of the ways we can say "Thank You" -- by allowing you to test drive one of our programs, with no obligation. So, even if you and / or a family member doesn't continue to train in one of our programs, you'll at least be able to say that you've ....

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  • Broomfield Karate Testimonial

    Two of our teenage students, Scott & Jon B., give us their thoughts about training at The Dojo of Karate in the Teens and Adult class under Head Karate Instructor Javier Lozano, Jr. Their Karate testimonial is greatly appreciated and we are happy to see they are enjoying themselves in our Broomfield Karate classes. ....

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  • Martial Arts Bo Staff Training

    [caption id="attachment_3789" align="alignleft" width="300"] Training with various weapons in martial arts is tough to learn, but exciting to perform.[/caption] Many students at The Dojo of Karate have made the commitment of joining our Black Belt Club - an elite program for students looking to earn their Black Belt. These students help encourage each other, and are put on a path that will assist them in meeting their goals. The nice thing about training at The Dojo of Karate and being apart of our Black Belt Club, is that our students are learning goal setting skills, perseverance, and determination -- while training in Karate. They are also allowed to start using one of our ....

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  • Westminster Karate School Now Open!

    All I can say is WOW!... I can't believe that I successfully opened my Karate school in Westminster / Broomfield on Monday, August 11th. I had my first official martial arts class at 5:30pm with 6 students... Not bad for having my first school open with so many crazy chain of events that took place. I had spent my last two weekends working at the school trying to get it cleaned up, open and ready for business on Monday. So talking about being exhausted... Anyways, I scheduled my inspection for Monday the 11th of August. Obviously I passed since I opened on Monday, but it sure wasn't easy. Supposedly I needed to have my fire inspection before my final inspection, however there was a ....

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  • Westminster Family Martial Arts School

    The Dojo of Karate is Westminster's premier family Martial Arts school. We are located in Westminster, CO in the Park Place Shopping center next to Snarf's Sandwich on 120th Ave. and Tejon St. We teach traditional Karate to kids looking to gain confidence, learn self-discipline, improve their grades at school, acquire self-defense skills, make better choices, and show respect... all while having fun! All classes are taught by World Champion Javier Lozano, Jr. He has over 22 nears of Martial Arts experience, with 19 years of teaching, and currently holds a 3rd degree Black Belt in Wado Karate. Come in to see how awesome our kids martial arts classes are, and how much your child ....

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  • Black Belt Club Canceled On Friday, August 16th

    Sorry to do this, however Susan and I have a wedding to attend on Friday evening at 5:30 PM in Ft. Collins. Therefore, we won't have Black Belt Club classes on Friday, August 16th. Black Belt Club classes will resume again next week on August 23rd. Students must practice the following:
    Self-Defense Combat Scene of 5 - 12 moves.
    Jump Front Kick (use both feet to jump!)
    Jump Side Kick (use one foot to launch in the air)
    Spin Hook Kick (place kicking back to where it started, behind you).
    360 Jump Spin. When we return, we will be expanding on the format of the Karate Demonstration. Enjoy your time off! ....

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  • Stripe Test and Belt Test Week: August 19th - 23rd

    [caption id="attachment_3472" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Dojo of Karate holds monthly belt tests to help students achieve their goals -- Black Belt[/caption] Stripe Test Week and Belt Test will be moved back one week due to Labor day being on September 2nd. From our experience, the Friday before Labor is not a well attended day, and we would probably have a slew of students needing to reschedule their Belt Exam. So, to make things easier, we are moving Stripe Test Week and Belt Test to: Stripe Test: August
    19th - 22nd Belt Test:
    August 23rd @ 5:00 PM Students need to make sure they practice hard this week, so they can be successful next week during the stripe testing ....

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  • Learn Self-Defense With Just 4 Easy Tips

    [caption id="attachment_3782" align="alignleft" width="200"] Karate and Self-Defense can be easy, but the mastering of techniques takes time.[/caption] The Dojo of Karate teaches Karate and self-defense to kids and adults in the Broomfield, Westminster, and Thornton area of Colorado. The Head Instructor is Javier Lozano, Jr. -- a 3rd degree black belt in the Japanese combat art of Wado Karate, World Champion fighter, and nearly 19 years of Martial Arts experience... so I knows a thing or two about self-defense. When you train at The Dojo of Karate, your safety is my biggest concern. About 50% of my students train in the Martial Arts to learn self-defense, therefore making sure ....

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  • What's Going On In My Life...

    [caption id="attachment_4431" align="alignleft" width="300"] Going home from the hospital in our Superman shirts.[/caption] First, I would like to say Thank You
    to everyone's support, thoughts, warm wishes, baby gifts, prayers, and meals these past few weeks. We GREATLY appreciate all of them!!!
    Thanks to Lynn Voorhees for setting up the meal plans for Susan and I. It's been nice to have some food prepared a head of time, or for left overs during the week, as it frees up time for Susan and I. It was funny when we came back from the hospital, we had no idea what was in the fridge, so the first few days was weird. Believe it or not, I truly enjoy cooking in our home, and I actually ....

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  • First Karate Students

    Get this... So I'm working at the school a couple of weeks ago... probably cleaning, right? Anyways, a married couple come by the school to look at my flyers, so I stop over to see if they have any questions. Went over some basic information about The Dojo, discussed our Grand Opening Specials and Family Discounts. They have 5 kids... That's a big family! But it's awesome too because if everyone in the family do activities together it makes it a bit more economical for them to spend time together as a family -- especially doing Karate! I told them we are offering 15% off for new students, and family discounts starting at 25% off for the 2nd member and 50% off for the third member. That's a ....

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  • Can Martial Arts Teach Your Child Respect?

    [caption id="attachment_3519" align="alignleft" width="200"] Teaching your child respect is a challenge in today's society.[/caption] It's not uncommon for parents to enroll their kids into our Beginners Karate Program to teach their child the importance of respect because they may not have respect for themselves... or adults, such as teachers or their own mom and dad's. From the very first class, students at The Dojo of Karate are taught what respect is, and why it's important. This is what we mean... When your child comes into our school the first thing that happens is we introduce ourselves with a nice, firm handshake. After that, though, it all changes. Our Head Karate ....

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  • Promoting Your Child's Physical Health and Self Esteem

    [caption id="attachment_3497" align="alignleft" width="200"] Our Karate students always get proper physical fitness training during every class.[/caption] Experts debate about the appropriate age for children to get involved with martial arts classes. Some argue that a minimum age of 16 should be observed; others contend that 5 years of age is not only sufficient, but beneficial. In truth, the younger they are, the more easily kids can adapt themselves to the training. As a parent, you'll find that their interest often begins at an early age. Their exposure to television shows which showcase feats of martial arts prowess will spark their imagination. However, left on its own, that ....

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  • First Set Of Inspections Go Well

    The first go round of inspections went pretty well today. A couple of things that need to be taken care of, but otherwise I was happy to see things went well. I ended up sticking around after the inspection and helping Dave, my contractor law sheet rock, since it's 5/8th inch thick and heavy as hell to hang. Definitely helped cut back on my expenses... Anyways, the place is coming along now. Dave is going to work at the school on Wednesday and Thursday. My sprinklers are going to be moved/added on Thursday, and I'm hoping to have carpet installed on Monday of next week. Than, I need to schedule my electrician to finish the rest of the electrical. Otherwise, things seem to be moving ....

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  • Making progress...

    Well, it's been awhile since I've last posted on here... Sorry for the delay, but I've had quite a bit on my plate lately. You can almost say things are getting a bit smoother... but I really don't wanna jinx myself - as I feel like I already have... Anyways, this is what has been going on.
    - The framing of my office and bathroom has been finished, and it looks great! My GC did a good job.
    - My plumber added a "side-mount" toilet, instead of cutting the concrete, which didn't necessarily save me money, but did save on a ton of time. I'm surprised the city allowed him to do that instead, as they have been quite a pain in my behind.
    - So all of the rough ....

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  • 30 Students, In 30 Days

    Is it possible?!?! What do you think? Many experts say that 15-20 new Karate enrollments in one month is quite amazing. That's a good month. But 30! I must be crazy, huh? Industry average is about 5-10 new students per month, and that's if you are marketing consistently, and effectively. As well as getting your prospects to come into the school. THIRTY... That's 1 new student per day. I really think I have a shot at pulling this off. It's a numbers game though, if you think about it... The more opportunities you have to get in front of people, the better chance you have of sealing the deal. So, you're asking, "how are you going to get in front of soooo many people and than sign them ....

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  • Karate Classes Cancelled: July 22nd - 26th, 2013

    So, as many of you know, Karate classes have been cancelled from July 22nd to 26th
    due to the new addition to our family -- Gabriel Mason Lozano . That week was also scheduled as Stripe Test Week and Belt Test. Since we will be closed that entire week, we will be moving Stripe Test Week to the week of July 29th to August 1st. And Belt Test will be on Friday August 2nd at 5 PM. Please make sure all students practice hard this week, so that we have a successful stripe testing week and belt test. Have a wonderful week! ....

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  • Welcome Gabriel Mason Lozano!

    [caption id="attachment_4412" align="alignleft" width="300"] Sensei Javier Lozano and his wife Susan Lozano welcome their new son, Gabriel Mason Lozano[/caption] Thank you to all the families, students, and friends for your positive thoughts and prayers for our family. Susan and I are proud parents to our new born son -- Gabriel Mason Lozano. He was 5 pounds 8 oz and 19 inches long. Though he was about 5 weeks early, he's very healthy. We were fortunate enough to have him sleep in our room the first night, and he's only been sent into the NICU room twice to get warm, since nurses don't want him to waste energy to warm his body up. He's getting better at eating, but it's a ....

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  • A New Addition

    Apparently when baby wants out, you can't stop him... This morning Susan's water broke at 4:45 AM, so we are currently at Avista Adventist Hospital. After doing an ultrasound, it looks like our boy is breached, so we need to do a C-Section around noon today. As many of you know, Susan was about 5 weeks away from delivering, so our little guy is 5 weeks early! He may be spending some time in NICU, depending how he does with breathing, eating, and antibiotics -- but the team here are awesome, and we're sure they will do a GREAT job in taking care of our boy. We ask that you please keep our little boy in your prayers or thoughts for a safe delivery and safe transition in the NICU ....

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  • Update On Sensei Lozano's Wife

    [caption id="attachment_4229" align="alignleft" width="224"] Javier kissing his wife's belly after the Spartan Military Sprint in Ft. Carson, CO[/caption] OK, so many of you already know that my wife is pregnant and is currently at 35 weeks. The baby seems to be doing great so far, with a him doing a lot of kicks and punches inside Susan's belly -- sometimes even stopping her in her tracks! With that said, starting tomorrow we will be going to see the doctor every week until she either delivers OR is scheduled to deliver. Our due date is August 22nd.
    Bu, as many of you know, babies come when they feel like it. As I've been stating in classes the past few weeks, I am currently on ....

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  • Stripe Test and Belt Test Week: July 22nd - 26th

    [caption id="attachment_3472" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Dojo of Karate holds monthly belt tests to help students achieve their goals -- Black Belt[/caption] The Dojo of Karate will be hosting their upcoming Stripe Test Week from July 22nd to July 25th. Belt Test will take place on Friday, July 26th @ 5:00 PM. Please keep in mind that students must attend 2 classes during Stripe Test Week, in order to be eligible to earn a stripe. And, all Belt Testing students that earn their final stripe will need to turn in a permission slip signed by their parent(s). If you are out of town during stripe test week, please email me in advance so we can possibly make arrangements. Not all ....

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  • Broomfield Family Martial Arts School

    We know what you're thinking... "That is soooo cute!" Well, it is. And, we love it when we have kids that are this creative too. Ben is in our Lil' Ninjas Karate Program at The Dojo of Karate, in our family martial arts program, and he loves it. He's learned how to focus, concentrate, demonstrate discipline, listen, and develop his fine motor skills. As for his mom and dad, well, they're in our Adult Karate Program and they are having a blast too. They get a great workout while learning some really good self-defense skills. And, as the old saying goes... "A family that kicks together, sticks together." Until next time! ....

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  • Kid Performing Karate

    Ok, so I was surfing and came across this video. All I have to say is he's HYSTERICAL!!! I'm sure I've taught a kid like this before... And when he checks his muscle to see if its "grown"... priceless. Enjoy!!! ....

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  • Great Sponsorship For Legacy High School

    The Dojo of Karate was given the opportunity to become a sponsor for a local high school in Broomfield, Colorado. I received a call from Side Effects, a company that creates professional looking scoreboards for schools all over the country. Essentially they are selling advertising space on two scoreboards inside the Legacy High School gymnasium. I would have a 2' x 4' signage on the wall displaying The Dojo of Karate information, along with other companies. In addition The Dojo of Karate would be the only martial arts school in the gym for 3 years. This is a great opportunity for Legacy High School to gather funds for their Athletic Department and allow my business to be promoted within ....

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  • Future Leaders Are Being Created At Local Karate School

    [caption id="attachment_3517" align="alignleft" width="204"] All of our Karate students will one day become a future leader.[/caption] Every student at The Dojo of Karate will learn leadership skills because they are put in a position to lead by example. Here's what we mean... When your child enrolls in our Beginners Karate Program they will slowly understand and learn what it takes to be a leader. Our Head Karate Instructor Javier Lozano, Jr. basically sets the tone and expectation of what they want to see leaders act like in Karate class and in everyday life. From there, students begin to see how their Sensei carries himself during Karate classes and begin to work ....

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  • Bruce Lee

    [caption id="attachment_3704" align="alignleft" width="199"] Bruce Lee is considered as the best martial artists to ever live...[/caption] Sometimes I forget why it is so much fun teaching kids about the Martial Arts and Wado Karate. There thought process is actually entertaining. Plus, their reasoning... who knows where that comes from, but if you can't laugh, you shouldn't have kids. Heck, you may be too serious! Anyways, today during one of my kids classes we were practicing a few kicking drills. One of them involved a front leg front, duck, than a back leg front kick. Keep in mind this is my beginners class, and most students have been training less than 4 months. Well, some ....

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  • Are You Interested in Enrolling Your Child in Martial Arts Classes??

    [caption id="attachment_3502" align="alignleft" width="200"] The Dojo of Karate offers some of the BEST martial arts classes in town.[/caption] The Dojo of Karate offers an Array of Benefits for Children. Owner and Chief Instructor Javier Lozano Jr. plays an important role in helping young people develop focus, confidence, and self-discipline. Kids learn to concentrate on the tasks they pursue; they discover the value of setting goals and setting their minds to accomplishing them; and they learn to have respect for their peers and adults. The decision to enroll your kids into martial arts classes should be made methodically. As a parent, you should investigate the various ....

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  • It's Official - We Have Moved To Our New Location

    It’s official! The Dojo of Karate will begin holding classes in our new location: 1975 W. 120th Avenue, Westminster CO. 80234 on MONDAY JUNE 10th, 2013! That’s right! We received our certificate of occupancy, and are excited to move in to our new place. As we have quite a bit of equipment to move and set up, there will be some equipment at either location, but we have plenty of floor space to conduct classes. We hope that you are all as excited about the new location as we are. ....

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  • It's Official!

    We are moving to our new location, and our first classes will take place on June 10th, 2013. Keep in mind, our address is 1975 W. Tejon St. We are next to the Snarf's Sandwich Shop. ....

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  • Broomfield Adult Karate

    The Dojo of Karate has one of the best Adult Traditional Japanese Karate and Modern Fitness classes in Westminster / Broomfield, Colorado. All classes are taught by 3rd Degree Black Belt and NASKA World Champion Javier Lozano, Jr, guaranteeing the highest quality of instruction. You will learn the traditional Japanese art of Wado Karate, 1 of 4 major styles that Japan has recognized as 'true Karate'. During our Adult Karate and Self-Defense classes, you will work on developing your strength, flexibility, and building lean muscle through various workouts and exercises. At the beginning of each class, we typically work on a variety of push ups and sit-ups to help spice up ....

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  • Earning A Black Belt In Martial Arts

    [caption id="attachment_3530" align="alignleft" width="200"] Students at The Dojo of Karate can potentially earn a Black Belt in about 3-4 years...[/caption] One of the most common questions I get from students and prospects that come to my school is: "how long does it take to earn a Black Belt?" My response, "about 3-4 years... that is if you come to class consistently for the entire time, and you or your child are a minimum of 10 years old". Some think that is a long time, others think it's not long enough. Here's my reasoning behind a 3 to 4 year minimum to earn a Black Belt. How long does it take to earn a college bachelors degree from an accredited university or state ....

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  • Still Under Construction

    [caption id="attachment_4330" align="alignleft" width="300"] We are about 95% sure we will be moving on Monday, June 10th 2013[/caption] As many of you know, The Dojo of Karate was hoping to move to our new location by Saturday, June 1st 2013 -- with the goal to have our 1st class by June 3rd. Well, it looks like that's NOT going to happen.
    Why? Inspections. Today, I had a conversation with the general contractor and after learning there are some setbacks with inspections, it's ALMOST (95% sure) safe to say that we will be moved in by Monday, June 10th 2013. There are some setbacks with getting our electrical panel, connected, since they need to schedule Xcel to connect the ....

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  • 2013 Summer Potluck

    [caption id="attachment_4321" align="alignleft" width="300"] Kids lining up to fill up their water guns![/caption] The Dojo of Karate will be hosting their annual, Summer Potluck at our usual location -- Big Dry Creek Park on Sunday June 23rd from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM
    . The Big Dry Creek Park is literally across the street from Safeway. If you can see and smell the dog park, then you'll know where it's located. Just go to the back of the park where the Picnic Shelters are located. Twice a year, The Dojo of Karate hosts two events that gets our community of students, parents, siblings, and family members together to hangout, enjoy some food, and just chat or catch up. We usually do ....

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  • Bruce Lee vs Iron Man

    Bruce Lee - Widely recognized as the BEST martial artist to ever live, with his lightly fast punches, deadly kicks, and cat-like reflexes. He's been able to take on some of the best fighters, including Chuck Norris and Karrem Abdul Jabbar. Iron Man - Member of The Avengers, and popularized around the world for globalizing world peace in the Marvel Comic movie series, Iron Man is considered as one of the best Super Heroes that needed no mutation to gain his strength. Bruce Lee vs Iron Man is a dream come true for Comic Book freaks and Bruce Lee advocates. Watch this video where both the fighter and super hero battle it out to the end. ....

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  • Closed Memorial Day - May 27th, 2013

    The Dojo of Karate will be closed on Memorial Day -- Monday, May 27th 2013. If you have the desire to train, feel free to go to Safeway, in your Karate gi, and start doing front stance line drills down the middle of an aisle. I'm sure you'll freak people out AND draw some attention by others. Enjoy your time off!! ....

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  • Touring Our New Location

    Checkout this video of Sensei Lozano giving you a tour of our new location. We'll continue to keep you updated as things progress. Enjoy! ....

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  • Karate Belt Promotions - March / April 2013

    OK, so here are the students that passed their belt tests in March and April 2013. Congratulate them when you get a chance! [gallery ids="4249,4250,4251,4253,4254,4255,4257,4259,4260,4261,4262,4266,4267,4268,4270,4271,4273,4274,4276,4277,4278,4279,4282,4284,4285"] ....

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  • Great News To Share!

    [caption id="attachment_4229" align="alignleft" width="224"] Javier kissing his wife's belly after the Spartan Military Sprint in Ft. Carson, CO[/caption] OK, so if you saw the previous article about being Spartan Strong , and you read the entire article, watched the video, and viewed the picture gallery at the bottom of the page... you may have noticed something. Or you just figured it out by looking at the picture in this post... ;-) Now some people already know, but not our entire student body. My wife and I will be expecting our first child on August 22nd
    -- if things go to plan. And, we all know they don't. We are expecting to have baby boy! Susan and I are very excited ....

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  • Testimonial Contest Winners!

    OK, so you've all been waiting for the announcement of the Testimonial Contest Winner... and well, we have them. Please watch the video below, so you can see who the winners are. Just to reiterate, we greatly appreciate all of the testimonials you and your family have turned in for The Dojo of Karate. This helps us both in marketing, but also inspires me to be a better Karate teacher, as I want to continue to help the families in our school.

    If you won a prize, we will have your prizes available next week during classes.

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  • Spartan Strong!

    [caption id="attachment_4215" align="alignleft" width="224"] Sensei Javier Lozano Jr "flexing" during a chilly morning for the Spartan Race Military Sprint.[/caption] As a teenager and young adult, I use to compete professionally on a national circuit, traveling to various Karate tournaments throughout the United States. On occasion, I've had a student or parent ask why I don't compete anymore. My answer, usually -- I've lost the interest to compete at that level. Here's the main issue. When you compete at a high level, where the competition is VERY difficult, and you NEED to be training regularly, something has to give. When I was young, I had no commitments to anyone. No steady ....

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  • Broomfield Children's Martial Arts School

    The Dojo of Karate is Colorado's Premier Martial Arts School . We teach kids how to gain more self-confidence, learn self-discipline, stay focused in school, improve their grades, exercise, all while having fun in Karate. To learn more about our Kids Karate Classes , please call 303.920.4500 and ask about our Introductory Karate Special, which is only $19.95 to get started. Feel free to check out one of our classes and see everything your child will learn. ....

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  • Stripe Test and Belt Test Week: May 27th - May 31st

    [caption id="attachment_3472" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Dojo of Karate holds monthly belt tests to help students achieve their goals -- Black Belt[/caption] The Dojo of Karate will be hosting their next stripe test week between May 27th and May 30th, with stripes being awarded on Wednesday and Thursday that week. We understand that Monday, May 27th is Memorial Day, and we'll be closed that day, so we ask that students try to show up an extra day during the week, if Monday's are your regular classes. The belt test will be held on Friday, May 31st at 5:00 PM.
    Please plan accordingly. ....

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  • Martial Arts Fitness & Conditioning Tip - Suicide Kicks

    World Champion fighter and Head Karate Instructor Javier Lozano at The Dojo of Karate shows you another drill that will help develop your conditioning, endurance, strength, and flexibility with your kicks by showing you Suicide Kicks. Remember in gym class when you were trying out for the basketball team and you had to run up to each line, and come back to the start position, than run to a line that was further away....? Yea, it's basically the same thing! Basically, you need to setup cones that are spaced apart about 4-5 feet from each other, all the way down your training floor. Than, have your child / students kick with one leg to the 1st cone, than back down to the beginning ....

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  • Framing In Our New Location

    [caption id="attachment_4183" align="alignleft" width="300"] This is the permit and address of The Dojo of Karate's new location: 1975 W. 120th Ave. Suites 400, 300, & 200.[/caption] OK, so we've been getting quite a bit of questions from students regarding our new location... When will the space be ready? Where is it located? How big is it gonna be? And, everything else in between. Well, this past Sunday, my wife and I went by our new location, and we were amazed to see that the framing was already setup, and the HVAC system was already installed. Today, Lynn (Summit Fit Dojo's Fitness Program Director) and I went to the space, so we can ACTUALLY walk-in and see the ....

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  • 2013 Summer T-Shirts

    The Dojo of Karate 2013 Summer T-Shirts will be available for pre-order, starting today!
    If you are not aware, every Summer, The Dojo of Karate comes up with a new Summer T-Shirt design for students and families to purchase and wear. These t-shirts can be worn throughout the Summer, starting June 1st and ending August 31st. Sometimes we even extend it past September, as Colorado Summer's can be erratic. Basically, students willy replace their Gi Tops with the Summer T-Shirts, and simply wear their Gi Bottoms and Obi (belt). As many of you know, Colorado Summer's can be brutal, and wearing t-shirts is a more comfortable attire to train in, then heavy Karate gi's. Plus, it's a cool way ....

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  • Martial Arts Fitness & Conditioning Tip - Zig Zag Kicks

    The Dojo of Karate has a variety of drills and training regimens that will help develop your fitness, conditioning, strength, and flexibility. Below, Head Karate Instructor and World Champion fighter, Javier Lozano Jr takes you through a drill he uses for students to not only develop better kicking skills, but also coordination. These kicks are called 'Zig Zag Kicks'. You basically setup as many cones as you desire, usually the distance of the entire training floor, and stagger them about 3-4 feet apart, going down the floor. If you remember Drivers Ed, going around the cones, than you'll remember what we're talking about. Than you have your child / students go around each cone ....

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  • Kids Karate Summer Camp

    [caption id="attachment_4145" align="alignleft" width="300"] Summer Time is the best time at The Dojo of Karate![/caption] Summer time is right around the corner, and the next thing that families are looking for are Summer activities for their kids. However, finding a Kids Summer Camp can be challenging... The Dojo of Karate is known for hosting one of the most exciting Kids Karate Summer Camp to residents in Westminster, Broomfield, and Thornton, Colorado. Not just that, they'll have a blast because of how the program is designed. And our Summer Camp will take place from June 1st to August 31st.
    Even though The Dojo of Karate focuses on teaching martial arts, their Kids ....

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  • Testimonial Contest

    [caption id="attachment_4133" align="alignleft" width="200"] The Dojo of Karate appreciates all of your kind testimonials about our programs.[/caption] The Dojo of Karate will be promoting a Testimonial Contest
    within the school, as a form of internal marketing that will allow other families the opportunity to hear about your enjoyable experience in our Karate program. As we've mentioned before in the past, testimonials are like GOLD to us, and we greatly appreciate them. With that said, our testimonial contest isn't about who can give the best testimonial, rather who can give the most variety of testimonials. For each type of testimonial a family gives, your child's name will ....

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  • Kids Karate Classes

    [caption id="attachment_3778" align="alignleft" width="200"] Karate classes for kids will teach your child the necessary confidence and discipline to succeed in life.[/caption] So The Dojo of Karate has one of the best Kids Martial Arts Programs in Broomfield and Westminster, Colorado. Hands down. You're probably thinking I'm making one BOLD
    statement.... maybe... Is it because I'm the Head Karate Instructor ?? Nope. It's because I do 3 important things to get the best out of my Karate students. These three key tools that I use while teaching Karate sets The Dojo of Karate apart from all other Martial Arts schools in Colorado. The other reason I know The Dojo of Karate ....

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  • Broomfield Adult Karate School

    [caption id="attachment_3764" align="alignleft" width="201"] Karate isn't just for kids, but also for adults. Our adult karate lessons are a great way to release stress.[/caption] The Dojo of Karate teaches traditional Karate and combines it with modern training to help develop with your conditioning, endurance, self-defense, strength, and flexibility. On top of that... training at our Martial Arts school is just plain fun. Our Adult Karate Program is will give you a great workout. Probably something better than your boring routine of hitting the weight room after work. We combine our traditional Karate classes with sparring too. This is a great way to develop your kicking and ....

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  • Coming Soon! New Karate Dojo Location

    [caption id="attachment_4071" align="alignleft" width="300"] Coming Soon! The Dojo of Karate's new home in Westminster, CO[/caption] As many of you may know, The Dojo of Karate plans to move to it's new home in Westminster, CO within the next 30 to 60 days -- with the hope to move no later then June 1st. And, if you haven't heard, The Dojo of Karate is moving to a LARGER
    space, which will nearly be doubling our square footage to approximately 3,500 square feet. Our new home will be in Park Centre on 120th Avenue and Tejon Street. It's right across the street of the Ranch Country Club, behind Vectra Bank, where the new Snarf's Sandwich shop is located. There are many reason why ....

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  • Stripe Test and Belt Test Week: April 29th - May 2nd

    [caption id="attachment_3472" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Dojo of Karate holds monthly belt tests to help students achieve their goals -- Black Belt[/caption] The Dojo of Karate will have their Stripe Testing Week, from April 29th to May 2nd, due to having Sensei Bob Nash's Weekend of Champions Karate Seminar on April 26th, 27th, and 28th. We will then host our Belt Test on Friday, May 3rd at 5:00 PM. Please mark your calendars accordingly. ....

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  • Caleb Just Can't Get Enough Karate

    Caleb was one of our first students when The Dojo of Karate first opened, and he's been training just as hard now, as when he started. He has developed self-confidence, discipline, perseverance, goal setting, strength & flexibility, and many more attributes students gain from training in the Martial Arts. If you would like your child to get the same results, we highly suggest you enroll them in our Children's Beginners Karate Program . We are currently offering an Introductory Karate Package which includes 1 private lesson, 2 group karate classes, and a free uniform for only $19.95. Come check us out! ....

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  • Women Self-Defense Class Offered By Westminster Karate School

    Westminster, CO (April 2, 2013)
    -- The Dojo of Karate will offer a six hour women’s self-defense class on Saturday, April 20, 2013 starting at 9:00 a.m. Cost for the self-defense classis $75 and is open to women who are at least 18 years old. "I took this class because I'm a runner and I often find myself running by myselfon one of the many trails in Broomfield and Boulder," said Deanne Kasic, Broomfieldresident and avid runner. "This class has given me a plan on how to react in the event that Iwas attacked while out on a run. This class has also taught me that my response to anattack needs to be second nature and that self-defense is something that one must practiceon a ....

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  • Are You Looking For The Right Karate Dojo For Your Child?

    [caption id="attachment_3500" align="alignleft" width="200"] Looking for a Karate schools doesn't have to be complicated...[/caption]
    Finding The Right Martial Arts Classes For Your Child
    Your child just marched into the kitchen and announced his or their desire to become a master of the martial arts. Assuming this is more than a momentary wish given flight by a television program, it's time to start looking for a suitable Karatedojo . The task is not simple. There are many schools and each is unique in the level of instruction they offer, their approach with children, and the type of atmosphere they cultivate. Unfortunately, most parents become aware of problems after they enroll their ....

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  • Karate Belt Promotions - February 2013

    Below is a list and pictures of our newly promoted karate students at The Dojo of Karate. When you get a chance, congratulate them for their success and achievement. Also, not pictured, but newly promoted Karate students are:Leighla R. promoted to Gold Belt. Frial K. promoted to Low Green Belt.
    Lil' Ninjas Karate Belt Promotions
    [caption id="attachment_3980" align="alignleft" width="225"] Ben H. promoted to Gold Belt and Iris K. promoted to Junior Gold Belt.[/caption]

    [caption id="attachment_3984" align="alignleft" width="225"] Jameson L. promoted to Gold Belt and Ava S. promoted to Gold Belt.[/caption]

    Junior Kids Beginners Karate Belt Promotions
    [caption id="attachment_3983" ....

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  • Stripe Test and Belt Test Week: April 1st - 5th

    [caption id="attachment_3472" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Dojo of Karate holds monthly belt tests to help students achieve their goals -- Black Belt[/caption] Adams 12 School District will have their Spring Break from March 25th to March 29th. The Dojo of Karate usually has their Stripe Test and Belt Test Week on the last week of each month. And, since many families will potentially be out of town (The Dojo of Karate will be closed for part of the week), we've decided to move the Stripe Test / Belt Test to the 1st week of April, which is the 1st through the 5th. Belt Test will be on Friday, April 5th at 5:00 PM. The beginners White Belt Class will be canceled, as well as ....

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  • This Is Karate - Part 2 Video

    [caption id="attachment_3974" align="alignleft" width="200"] Could the ancient art of Karate still be the most lethal form of self-defense?[/caption]So, this video was shared with me by Sensei Bob Nash. It's a 5 minute Karate video of short blurbs and clips of Karate-kas doing Karate... From training to fighting in competitions. Really awesome. In my opinion, it shows the endless possibilities of the human body by dedicating yourself to actual Karate training. Makes me wonder if some of these Karate-kas could rival some of the fighters in the UFC and MMA arena. Who knows... Enjoy the video! ....

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  • Dyslexia In A Karate Instructor

    [caption id="attachment_3536" align="alignleft" width="300"] Karate has a tendency to help people with learning disorders, including dyslexia.[/caption] Is your child Dyslexic or ADHD ? Does he have a hard time learning in a classroom setting or staying focused the entire time? No need to worry… As a child I always had difficulty comprehending basic to advanced material in Reading, Writing, and English. These subjects, by far, were my most challenging ones because the rules to Writing and English never made sense to me. And, in Reading, I couldn’t retain the information. This presented a major problem for me as a child because I began to fall behind in those ....

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  • Harlem Shake - Karate Dojo Style

    [caption id="attachment_3966" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Harlem Shake is taking the Internet by storm... and also our Karate students, by doing the Harlem Shake - Karate Dojo Style[/caption] The Harlem Shake has been the new internet sensation that has been sweeping YouTube and other online video websites all over the world. This Internet Meme gained popularity in February 2013, with various groups, organizations, and friends creating their version of the Harlem Shake, using a clip of electro-trap artist Baeer's Harlem Shake . From major sports teams, universities, and groups of friends, the Harlem Shake has been recreated numerous times on the internet, with each video ....

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  • Do You Know The Difference Between Fighting and Self Defense?

    [caption id="attachment_3493" align="alignleft" width="200"] Does your child know when to use their self-defense skills?[/caption]
    Martial Arts And The Fundamentals Of Self-Defense
    Studies show that a struggling economy yields a higher incident rate of violent crime and general lawlessness. That means you may be more likely to find yourself in a potentially dangerous or violent circumstance. A lot of martial arts students believe their training will give them an edge during such confrontations. In truth, it does. But not in the way many students believe.
    The Mental Game Of Self-Defense
    Suppose an attacker is coming toward you. Your instinct is to protect yourself. If you have studied ....

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  • Do You Know The Difference Between Fighting and Self Defense?

    [caption id="attachment_3493" align="alignleft" width="200"] Does your child know when to use their self-defense skills?[/caption]
    Martial Arts And The Fundamentals Of Self-Defense
    Studies show that a struggling economy yields a higher incident rate of violent crime and general lawlessness. That means you may be more likely to find yourself in a potentially dangerous or violent circumstance. A lot of martial arts students believe their training will give them an edge during such confrontations. In truth, it does. But not in the way many students believe.
    The Mental Game Of Self-Defense
    Suppose an attacker is coming toward you. Your instinct is to protect yourself. If you have studied ....

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  • Spring Break 2013

    [caption id="attachment_3484" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Dojo of Karate will be closed for part of Spring Break[/caption] The Dojo of Karate will be closed during part of Adams 12 School District Spring Break. Classes will be offered on Monday and Tuesday, March 25th and 26th at the normal times for all belt ranks and ages, however we will be closed for business on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, March 27th, 28th, and 29th. Please make up classes accordingly -- either before or after Spring Break. If your school has Spring Break before or after Adams 12 School District, and you plan on being in town, come to class as scheduled. ....

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  • Board Breaking Karate Seminar

    [caption id="attachment_3478" align="alignleft" width="300"] Confidence, focus, determination, and perseverance are just a few of the Black Belt characteristics our students gain when breaking boards.[/caption] The Dojo of Karate will be hosting their annual Board Breaking Karate Seminar on Friday, March 15th at 5:30 PM. This is a great opportunity for students to learn how to break boards, while developing confidence, focus, perseverance, and determination. Students at The Dojo of Karate don't need to have experience in breaking boards, just the enthusiasm to learn how to break a board. Sensei Lozano will take the time to teach students how to break boards with various Karate ....

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  • Karate Belt Test

    [caption id="attachment_3472" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Dojo of Karate holds monthly belt tests to help students achieve their goals -- Black Belt[/caption] The Dojo of Karate will be having their monthly karate belt test today, Friday, March 1st @ 5:00 PM. Come focused, prepared, and ready to pass the exam! ....

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  • November Martial Arts Newsletter - 2011

    Greetings Everyone! Well, as many of you know, Susan and I just got married on Friday, November 4th @ the Grant-Humphreys Mansion -- and it was a spectacular evening. The ceremony went smooth and everyone at the reception had a really good time. I'll post some pictures and videos of the wedding as soon as we get more photos from friends, families, and guests.
    Holiday Potluck & Award Banquet
    It's back again! Our 3rd Annual Holiday Potluck & Award Banquet!!! What Is It?
    This is the time of year that The Dojo of Karate & Fitness hosts a potluck where members, families and friends can get together and hangout. Get to know each other. Or simply catch up. When Is It?
    The ....

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  • October Martial Arts Newsletter - 2011

    Greetings! I hope this newsletter for October finds everyone doing well. Below are some events taking place this month and in the next couple of months.
    Women Self-Defense Clinic
    So, as many of you know, we are hosting our Women Self-Defense clinic for Saturday, October 8th from 9am to 4pm
    . This is a 6 hour self-protection course that will teach you the Level 1 curriculum of empty hand self-defense. The class with go over the following:
    Proper striking, kicking, blocking and punching techniques.
    How to move and evade potential attacks.
    Understanding how an attacker thinks and picks their prey.
    Escaping from chokes, holds, and grabs with effective and easy techniques.
    De-escalating ....

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  • September Martial Arts Newsletter - 2011

    Greetings! I greatly apologize for not getting the July & August newsletter out, but with the craziness from our boot camps selling over 300 GroupOns and managing the school with nearly 35 classes per week that I'm teaching, and preparing for a wedding, time is just short at the moment. So, here's the update for the month of August and what to expect over the next few months.
    Belt Test
    This month we will need to move the belt test up to October 7th at 5:00PM instead of September 30th, due to a wedding I will be attending in Boston for my little sister. So, stripe test week will be on the week of October 3rd. October's belt test will be on October 28th at 5:00PM too. Please ....

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  • June Martial Arts Newsletter - 2011

    Greetings! Here's the latest updates for our June Martial Arts Newsletter -- A Cup of DoJoe. Summer Camp Classes As I've mentioned in our previous emails and during classes, we are currently offering our morning Kids Summer Camp classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10:00 AM. They are still 45 minute long sessions, but it's a great way to make up classes for families that go out of town during the summer OR use it as your new time slot to train, instead of the evenings. This class time will run through the middle of August. Keep in mind that we are currently offering our 6 Week Summer Camp Special to new clients interested in trying out Karate classes at The Dojo of Karate. If ....

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  • Martial Arts Summer Camps In Colorado

    [caption id="attachment_2871" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="We apologize in advance if your child will have a blast in our martial arts summer camp program."] [/caption] The Dojo of Karate is one of the leading martial arts and fitness schools in the north metro area of Denver, CO. Their programs cater to families residing in Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, Northglenn and Erie CO -- and mainly focus on children martial arts training starting as young as 4.5 years old. Beginning June 6th, 2011 Owner & Head Instructor, Javier Lozano Jr will be launching their Martial Arts Kids Summer Camps
    to the public. This is a great opportunity for residents in the community ....

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  • May Martial Arts Newsletter - 2011

    Greetings! Thanks for your patience in waiting for our newsletter this month. We updated our website and there were a few things that went wrong and they needed to be addressed ASAP.
    New Website
    But, now that we have a new look and feel for our website, we are hoping this will help more families learn about our programs and allow them to see what we are all about. With that said, we have updated our Student Resources Page
    to make it a members only page. Parents and/or children attending The Dojo of Karate will need to create an account with us to have access to this page. If you do not create an account, then you will not have access to the Student Resources Page, which will ....

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  • 2nd Annual - The Dojo of Karate Championships

    Inner School Karate Tournament Rules
    Please remember we are enforcing The Dojo of Karate Etiquette's to all participants and spectators. If you have any questions, please refer to your copy handed out last week during classes. The goal of this tournament is to teach our kids the importance of Sportsmanship
    , Determination
    , Integrity
    , Respect
    , and the Competitive Spirit
    of Sport Karate. With that said, we want to lead by example so Karate students behave the way a true martial artist should behave – with integrity
    Competition Times
    The tournament will take place on Saturday, February 5th at The Dojo of Karate. Please arrive about 15 minutes before your start times. ....

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  • November/December Martial Arts Newsletter - 2010

    Colorado's cold Fall snaps started a bit later then we typically expect, which could mean one of two things... 1) we got lucky and enjoyed a few extra weeks of shorts, t-shirts, and sandals weather, or 2) we are going to get pounded with some snowstorms this year! Personally, I wouldn't mind the latter because that means more days will be spent snowboarding on the weekends. With that said, The Dojo of Karate has never really established a snow closure policy, and with good reason. Many of our students live less then 3 miles from our facility, and by the time night falls, the snow has melted or been plowed from earlier that day. All we say is do not use the "school reports" from news ....

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  • The Dojo of Karate Joins Guseikai

    October 26th, 2010 - Westminster, CO
    -- Recently, The Dojo of Karate & Fitness , a Westminster, CO based traditional Japanese Karate school was informed they will become a member of the US based Wado Guseikai USA. Wado Guseikai USA is widely considered as one of the best US based Wado organizations that is directly affiliated with the JKF-Wado Kai (Japanese Karate-do Federation Wado Kai), the governing body for Wado Kai Karate. Chief Instructor, Sensei Bob Nash is a 7th Dan Black Belt through the JKF-Wado Kai and operates the Wado Guseikai USA branch out of Seattle, Washington. He is respectfully recognized throughout the United States, Europe and Australia as one of the top ....

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  • Adult Self-Defense Workshop - Saturday, November 6th

    You hear it all the time...
    "Woman gets attacked while walking to car in Wal-Mart parking lot." Or "man gets assaulted while jogging down biking path in suburban neighborhood, in broad daylight." Normal people are starting to become victims in everyday situations.
    Everyone Is Now A Potential Victim
    Well, there could be several reasons. Was it late at night? Were you walking / running by yourself? Were you on your cell phone or distracted when this happened? The list can simply go on... And, there's no way that you won't ever become a victim. Seriously. That's why self-defense training is more imperative today, then ever before, and the reasons are obvious. We see those reasons ....

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  • October Martial Arts Newsletter -2010

    Greetings! Here is the latest update at The Dojo of Karate for the month of October.
    School Closures
    Friday, October 22nd - Martial Arts Seminar Monday, November 1st - Out of town Wednesday - Friday, November 24th - 26th for Thanksgiving Friday, December 3rd - Holiday Potluck & Award Banquet Thursday & Friday, December 23rd and 24th for Christmas Thursday & Friday, December 30th and 31st for New Years Eve
    Inner School Karate Tournament
    We tried to get our 2nd Inner School Tournament organized for October, however, time got away from us, and we have too much going on in October, while the Holidays are right around the corner. We will try to setup a tournament for ....

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  • August / September Martial Arts Newsletter - 2010

    Greetings! It seems like Summer has cruised right by us. It’s amazing how quickly this Summer has gone by, as we approach the new academic school year. With that said, it should be very exciting. Students are entering new grades or going to different schools, which is a big leap for many kids. In addition, now that many families are finally settling down from their Summer vacations, we will be able to finalize the 2nd half of our activities, as we did during the beginning of the year. But, before we go into that, let’s just give you guys an update on everything.
    Wado Karate Seminar
    As many of you know, Sensei Bob Nash came to our dojo on August 7th and 8th to ....

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  • July Martial Arts Newsletter - 2010

    Greetings! I know July has already started and it seems like it's almost on its way out, however, after being on vacation all last week, I didn't have a chance to send out the July newsletter sooner. So, with that said, here is all of our July updates and upcoming events.
    1st Annual Summer Potluck
    As many of you know we held our 1st Annual Holiday Party in December last year. We had over 80 people gather at our school with a giant potluck, award ceremony, and video presentation. Families had fun, kids ate a ton, and we all socialized with others. We are now going to host our next school gathering for the Summer to get students, families, and friends together again to enjoy ....

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  • Wado Kai Karate Seminar With Robbie Smith

    The Dojo of Karate has been fortunate enough to have a great Wado Karate practitioner, Sensei Robbie Smith, teach a seminar on Tuesday, June 15th from 7:30PM to 9:00PM at our facility . This is a great opportunity for students to learn new skills & fundamentals, as well as improve their current techniques. Sensei Smith is considered by his peers as one of the best Wado Kai Karate-kas that is not based in Japan, where our founding style was created. He operates a dojo in New Zealand called New Zealand Wado Kai . He is a 6th Dan Black Belt with more than 30 years of experience. To train with Sensei Smith will be an opportunity of a lifetime for many students pursuing to become ....

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  • Karate Students Kick Breast Cancer, One Pink Belt At A Time

    Westminster, CO -- June 3rd, 2010
    -- Martial Arts students at The Dojo of Karate & Fitness show how they can help kick and punch breast cancer by wearing Pink Karate Belts in class during the week of June 7th to June 11th. This is a new fund raising program created by owner and Master Instructor, Javier Lozano, Jr. He decided that their Karate school needed to demonstrate their support to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer , taking place in the Rocky Mountains from June 25th to June 27th, 2010. "As a business owner, I feel it is my responsibility to get our school together as a community and stand up for something that is important. Breast Cancer is something that affects ....

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  • June Martial Arts Newsletter - 2010

    Summer is here! This is a very exciting time of year for The Dojo of Karate, as it allows for all of our students to enjoy outdoor activities as a school. Checkout what we've got going on this month.
    Pink Karate Belts
    As many of you know, we are hosting a fundraising event for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. The Dojo of Karate will be selling Pink Karate Belts for $15 per belt. Students will be allowed to wear the Pink Belts in class starting next week, when the belts come in. So, make sure you put your order in, or your child may not have a Pink Belt! From June 7th to June 11th, we will have Breast Cancer Awareness Week, and this is officially when students can begin to wear ....

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  • Tamales For Sale To Help Raise Money

    One of our students, Edgar R. has been training at The Dojo of Karate since October 2008. We was one of our first Lil' Ninjas students. Recently, his mother found out that her sister in Mexico has been diagnosed with cancer. We do not know to much of her status, and how she is doing, however, Claudia (Edgar's mom) asked if she could sell Tamales in our school to help raise some money for her sister's medical bills. As any good person, I encouraged it, and told her that we'd send out a newsletter update about the situation. ....

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  • Martial Arts Kids Summer Camp

    Westminster, CO - May 10th
    -- How would you feel if your child gained rock solid confidence, laser like focus, and a Black Belt attitude this summer? Sound good so far? And what if they also learned life skills, developed balance, coordination, and agility -- all while meeting new friends. Would you still be interested? Most parents are looking to get their child involved in a Summer Camp activity, as soon as school gets out. This is a great way to keep kids active by putting them on a schedule that allows them to have fun and learn, while getting out of the classroom setting. Why is this so important? Let’s face it... kids need to be kids. Local martial arts ....

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  • May Martial Arts Newsletter - 2010

    Greetings from Hutto, TX! I'm writing this months newsletter from my hotel room in Hutto, TX -- a small town outside of Austin. As we speak, I just finished an intense course of Self-Defense Grappling and achieved an Associate Instructor Certification. In a few months I will be testing for my Level 1 certification. Jim Mahan is the coach and creator of the Self-Defense Grappling program. He is the owner and head trainer at Absolute Self-Defense & Fitness in Kileen, TX. Along with his NUMEROUS credentials, he is currently the strength and conditioning coach for the 1st Annual Warrior Games , held in Colorado Springs next week. Why is this training so important for The Dojo of ....

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  • Thornton Martial Arts School | Harvest Fest Demonstration, Part 3

    Here is the last video of our 3 part series of the Thornton Harvest Fest Martial Arts Demonstration - The History of Japanese Karate. Students at The Dojo of Karate show you how Karate has been modernized and can be very fun and exciting. It can also teach your child life skills, build their confidence, teach them respect, and much, much, more. This is also the kids favorite part of the demonstration because they get to do cross kicks. Basically, they can showcase their martial arts skills by doing flying kicks. What kid doesn't want to do flying kicks??? ....

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  • Martial Arts Tournament - Southern American, Fight 3

    This is the last fight I had at the 2001 Southern American Nationals in Nashville, TN. I was fighting for 1st and 2nd place against World Champion Brian Ruth. When I was a young teen, coming up in the national circuit of competition, I always looked up to Brian, as he was a great fighter. Anyways, at the time, in 2001, I was 20 years old and had a couple of years under me in the Adult Black Belt Heavy weight division. During this fight, I started off pretty well, but Brian was than able to find some good openings. At the end, Brian Ruth got a very good shot, on my chin. Next thing you know, I'm falling like a tree. The funny thing is, Brian didn't hit me that hard. It was just a ....

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  • Thornton Martial Arts School | Harvest Fest Demonstration, Part 2

    Below is the 2nd video of the Martial Arts Demonstration at the Thornton Harvest Fest on September 12th, 2009. Below you will see a fight scene against Bruce Lee (played by Vira B.) and Kareem Abdul Jabar (played by Javier Lozano Jr). They are coping a scene from Bruce Lee's final movie, Game of Death. ....

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  • Martial Arts Tournaments - Southern American, Fight 2

    This next fight is again from the 2001 Southern American Nationals in Nashville, TN. I am fighting former World Champion Brian Plempel from South Carolina. He's a legit fighter that knows his stuff, very well experienced, with great skills. But sometimes, every fighter has their day. Today was mine. I ended up beating Brian in my 2nd round fight 5-4, which was a very close, yet good match. ....

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  • Broomfield Martial Arts Demonstation at The Super Kids Expo

    Broomfield, CO -- April 19th, 2010 -- Magazine publisher The Yellow Scene for Boulder County, Broomfield County, and North Metro Denver hosted their 2nd Annual Super Kids Expo on April 17th, 2010. This was a great opportunity for parents and families to checkout some great Kids Summer Camps for their children. The Dojo of Karate hadn't heard of the Super Kids Expo trade show before, therefore, martial arts school owner Javier Lozano, Jr. decided to purchase a booth and put together a Martial Arts Demonstration team to perform for the near 2,000 spectators. The Dojo of Karate will be hosting their 1st annual Martial Arts Kids Summer Camp starting June 7th, 2010. These ....

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  • Thornton Martial Arts School | Harvest Fest Demonstration, Part 1

    The Dojo of Karate was contacted by The City of Thornton in August 2009 about performing at their annual Thornton Harvest Fest on September 12, 2009 to celebrate Multi-Cultural Month and teaching kids about Japan. The Dojo of Karate is a traditional Japanese Martial Arts school, so it made complete sense for our students to put on a demonstration at the Thornton Harvest Fest. Nearly 36 students got together over the next 6 weeks to practice and train on Saturday mornings. Our theme for the Martial Arts Demonstration was "The History of Japanese Karate". We took the audience through the beginnings of Karate, and how it was introduced to the people of Okinawa through the Chinese Tang ....

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  • Martial Arts Tournaments - Southern American, Fight 1

    I've had quite a bit of videos uploaded recently of Karate tournaments I competed in back in my professional fighting days. These next series of fights are from the Southern American 2001 in Nashville, TN. I was a product of the David Deaton Karate Studios in Hermitage, TN and the previous year, I had actually won my division and the Grand Champion title, which was a big deal. The Southern American Nationals was one of the biggest tournaments in the south that was hosted by World Champion David Deaton. Going back to Tennessee to compete in this tournament was always fun because I was able to catch up with friends, but more importantly, show that my training and skills have gone to the ....

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  • April Martial Arts Newsletter - 2010

    Greetings! We're already in April... how time flies when you're having a blast. :) As many of you know there is quite a bit that has taken place these past few months, and we're excited to see what else will happen over the next few months of Spring and Summer.
    Introductory Karate Program
    If you have friends interested in joining our Martial Arts Kids Program, they can get started by simply joining our Introductory Karate Program . This allows for students to try out our classes at a minimal cost. The Introductory Karate Program includes:
    1 Private Class
    2 Group Classes
    1 Free Karate Uniform And remember... if you refer a friend to The Dojo of Karate, you'll receive a free movie ....

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  • Broomfield Martial Arts School Hosts Free Adult Self-Defense Seminar

    Westminster, CO - March 24th, 2010
    -- Local Self-Defense and Fitness instructor, Javier Lozano, Jr. recently hosted a Free Adult Self-Defense seminar on Saturday, March 20th, 2010 to residents of Broomfield and Westminster. Participants who attended the self-defense clinic ranged from parents who's child currently train in The Dojo of Karate's Children Martial Arts Program, to friends who are members of their Fitness KickBoxing Program and Self-Defense Black Belt Program offered at their main headquarters. Martial Arts expert and Certified Self-Defense Instructor, Javier Lozano, Jr. is the owner and Master Instructor of The Dojo of Karate -- a local Martial Arts and Fitness ....

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  • Is Knowing Self-Defense Important?

    If you are like most people, you are not quite familiar with basic self-defense skills. Most of us live our lives without the slightest concern of learning how to protect you and your family because we live in a safe neighborhood, or your spouse can protect you.
    In A Perfect World, We Don't Need To Know Self-Defense
    But, we don't live in a perfect world... This is why we believe it is important that everyone has an understanding and basic training in self-defense. It's not uncommon to experience a mugging at your local grocery store, an assault in your neighborhood, or feel threatened by an unusual person while going to the gym. These are all common locations that one may need to ....

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  • The Dojo of Karate Class Schedule Update - March 2010

    New Class Schedule Update
    This will be effective March 22nd, 2010.
    To help accommodate the growth of The Dojo of Karate and future plans of growing even more, we will be shifting our 6:00-6:45pm Tuesday / Thursday Intermediate Kids Classes to Mondays and Wednesdays at the same time -- 6:00-6:45pm. This allows for Intermediate Students to have 5 possible options throughout the week. From there the Children's Beginners Classes offered on Mondays and Wednesdays will now be moving to Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00-6:45pm. The Friday classes for Beginners will continue to be offered at 5:30pm. As soon as we have a growth spurt of our Beginners Program, we will offer another time slot for ....

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  • March Martial Arts Newsletter - 2010

    Greetings! We've had a wonderful couple of months so far at The Dojo Of Karate, which is great! Last weekend, we had an extremely successful inner school tournament with over 50 competitors, and it looked like everyone had a blast. We plan on hosting another inner school tournament in the Fall around September / October this year, and make it a traditional bi-annual event. However, we will probably have to rent out a local gymnasium for a few hours, in order to accommodate all of the competitors and their guests. So, here's what's going on next over the next few months...
    Adult Self-Defense Seminar
    As many of you know, we are hosting a FREE adult self-defense workshop on Saturday, ....

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  • Broomfield Adult Self Defense, part 3

    We've covered the major topics about training in the Self-Defense Black Belt Program , and now we are going to finish it off with... knowledge
    . If you have knowledge of how your attacker thinks, than you will be one-step ahead of them if you are threatened to protect yourself. How...?
    Most attackers are not well trained fighters.
    Meaning they do not know how to properly fight or defend themselves. Self-defense is a skill that is learned, not just acquired. Next, in the Self-Defense Black Belt Program, you learn what an attackers intention are throughout the process. Basically, all attackers are looking to get leverage, especially against smaller women. Once they've gained leverage, ....

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  • Broomfield Karate School Hosts 1st Inner School Tournament

    Westminster, CO - February 24th, 2010
    -- Local business owner and Martial Arts expert, Javier Lozano, Jr. will be hosting their 1st Inner School Karate Tournament for students & members of The Dojo of Karate. This is a great opportunity for kids and adults training at The Dojo of Karate to apply their new learned skills in a safe and fun setting -- by competing against fellow classmates. During a Karate Tournament, competitors will typically compete in various divisions or events, such as the Olympics, where athletes enter different events to win medals. Most Karate Tournaments have divisions that include Empty Hand Forms, Weapons, and Free-Style Sparring. Each division ....

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  • Free Adult Self-Defense Seminar In Westminster & Broomfield

    Westminster, CO - February 23rd, 2010
    -- Martial Arts expert and local business owner, Javier Lozano, Jr. owns a Karate and Fitness school in Westminster called The Dojo of Karate . He will be hosting a free Adult Self Defense seminar on Saturday, March 20th from 10:30am to 12:00pm for residents of Westminster, Broomfield, and Thornton, Colorado. This is an opportunity for both men and women to gain some knowledge about self-defense skills, such as striking, kicking, and blocking, as well as basic awareness skills and what an attacker looks for. Javier Lozano has been training in the Martial Arts for 20 years now and currently holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Karate. He is also a ....

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  • Broomfield Adult Self-Defense, part 2

    Last time we talked how The Dojo of Karate's Adult Self-Defense program can give you the necessary confidence in order to protect yourself in practically any given situation. Now, we move on to a different topic.
    Self-Defense Black Belt Program Will Increase Your Fitness & Conditioning
    We get this all the time... "I want to learn real self-defense, but also get a great workout so I can increase fitness & conditioning." or... "Staying physically active is really important to me, so doing activities as a cross-training exercise would be ideal." "Well, you've come to the right!" is what we typically reply with. See, in our Self Defense Black Belt Program, you will not only ....

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  • The Karate Kid Movie

    [caption id="attachment_3752" align="alignleft" width="199"] Jaiden Smith in The Karate Kid -- remake...[/caption] On June 11th 2010, the remake of the original 'The Karate Kid' will be debuting on the silver screen. The Karate Kid will star martial arts phenom and movie actor Jackie Chan along side with up-and-coming actor Jaden Smith , the son of Academy Award nominee Will Smith . Jaden Smith has been in a few movies as a youngster, but this is his first headlining role, playing as Dre Parker. Dre Parker and his mother move to Beijing, China to start a new life. Being an outsider and not of Chinese decent, Dre is bullied by a local martial arts gang at school and in his ....

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  • Broomfield Adult Self-Defense, part 1

    The Dojo of Karate offers one of the best Adult Self-Defense programs
    in Colorado because it is a reality based self-protection training that is extremely easy to learn and execute. Below we are going to explain to you a few ways our program can help your confidence
    , fitness
    , conditioning
    , and knowledge
    Self Defense Black Belt Program Develops Confidence
    That's right, our Self-Defense Black Belt Program will give you confidence. How? Well, we'll teach you the fundamentals on how to punch correctly, where to strike, how a pressure point will affect your opponents, and which techniques will be more effective. You may not become a lethal weapon in our training, but you'll have ....

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  • February Westminster Martial Arts Newsletter - 2010

    Greetings! So January is already behind us, and now we are sitting in on a short month of February. We started off the year with some very exciting announcements, such as having our 1st Annual Board Breaking Seminar last weekend. We will have some footage and pictures up shortly, but in the mean time feel free to checkout our FaceBook Fan Page, since we had a student post some videos and pictures by going to: . If you have some pictures from the seminar or any other school events, please feel free to share them on The Dojo of Karate Fan Page and be a FAN of The Dojo! Than, when we thought it couldn't get any better, The Dojo of Karate was ....

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  • BREAKING NEWS -- The Dojo of Karate on Fox 31 Good Day Colorado

    And that's no typo either! The Dojo of Karate was fortunate enough to be on Fox 31 Good Day Colorado and Channel 2 Day Break: On The Deuce with Dan Daru. Master Instructor Javier Lozano, Jr . informed the news station that this Saturday, January 30th from 11am to 1pm The Dojo of Karate will be hosting a Board Breaking Seminar for students of the school and families in the community that are NOT members, but would like to try it. As mentioned, there is no experience necessary to learn how to break a wooden board when using a martial arts technique. The Dojo of Karate had about 20 students show up at 5:45am and participate in this Martial Arts demonstration on live television ....

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  • Fox 31 Morning News To Showcase Karate Students Break Boards

    The Dojo of Karate has been fortunate enough to have been contacted by Dan Daru of Fox 31 News Good Day Colorado. They will be coming to The Dojo of Karate at 5:30am for the 6am morning show, as Sensei Lozano will teach approximately 20 students how to break a wooden board with a Martial Arts technique by using their focus, concentration, and commitment in execution. We will have more information about this tomorrow morning. So, stay tuned as The Dojo of Karate students will showcase their skills on Live Television. ....

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  • Westminster Martial Arts School Hosts Board Breaking Seminar

    Westminster, CO – January 25 th , 2010 – Local Martial Arts school owner, Javier Lozano, Jr. has scheduled their first 1 st Annual Board Breaking Seminar for members at The Dojo of Karate for Saturday, January 30 th , 2010 from 11am to 1pm. This seminar will teach students, as young as 5 years old to adults, how to break wooden boards with Karate techniques; a common practice in many Martial Art styles and schools. The Dojo of Karate is a Martial Arts, Self-Defense, & Fitness school offering children and adult programs to residents of Broomfield, Westminster, and Thornton Colorado. They are conveniently located on the northeast corner of 128 th Avenue and Zuni ....

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  • January Martial Arts Newsletter - 2010

    Dear Students & Parents, First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!
    The Dojo of Karate would like to first thank you for all of your support and encouragement during 2009. It has been a wonderful journey so far, and we look forward to see what 2010 has to bring us! Many of you have been asking how close The Dojo of Karate got to reaching our goal of 100 students, and well, we fell a bit short, but nothing to hang our heads down. We finished the year with 88 students, which compared to the corporate giants across the U.S., that’s pretty good.
    Class Schedule

    We are currently looking at the class schedule for 2010 and getting feedback from many parents about times that could ....

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  • Merry Christmas From The Dojo of Karate

    The Dojo of Karate would like to wish all of you a happy and safe Christmas and Holiday season. May you spend it with your loved ones, families, and friends. We will see you next week, right before New Years! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! Sensei Lozano ....

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  • Martial Arts Holiday Party - 2009

    Westminster -- December 22nd, 2009 - The Dojo of Karate had their 1st Annual Holiday Party on Friday, December 18th, 2009 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. It was a Potluck style event where students and members brought a dish to share with everyone else. There were a wide variety of food, from pasta dishes, to dips, sushi, enchiladas, and all sorts of desserts. And, the food never seemed to run out... which is a great problem to have. It was entertaining to see how much the kids were enjoying the wide selection because some kids had plates of Doritos and a huge slice of cake, while others were eating 'real' meals. The Dojo of Karate Holiday Party was a great time for students to hangout, ....

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  • How To Break A Pinata

    So, Head Karate Instructor Javier Lozano, Jr. shows you how to break a Pinata when you don't happen to have a bat or stick... Don't try this at home. ....

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  • Self-Defense and Boot Camp Certification

    In mid November, I went to Merritt Island, Florida for my Level 1 Certification of Mike Massie's new Self-Defense Black Belt Program and Fighting Fit2 Boot Camp Fitness Program . The training was 2 1/2 days worth of self-defense, fitness, and marketing. Mike Massie went over the curriculum for the adult Self-Defense Program by explaining many of the techniques move-by-move, and allowing us to ask questions during the process. Our training on Saturday went from 9am to 6:30pm with about 1 1/2 hour lunch break... which was well needed. We covered everything from basic jab / crosses, to defense against head kicks, defense against rear naked chokes , defense against head locks, defense ....

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  • Holiday Gift Certificates

    Santa Says: "No More Boring Gifts & Fat Butts
    Listen folks, I just talked to the big man himself, and he's telling me that he's tired of seeing kids spend HOURS in front of the TV and parents getting Fatte Lattes from Starbucks... Now, he understands he's not the best role model at the moment, especially during the Holidays, but he's making changes in his life, and plans on taking up Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and Fitness as his new found hobby. Therefore, The Dojo of Karate is now selling gift certificates to the public for Martial Arts and Fitness lessons. These gift certificates make a great gift idea for your family members, friends, teachers and church leaders Gift ....

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  • Broomfield Karate School Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    Westminster -- December 7th, 2009
    -- The Dojo of Karate is one of Westminster's newest thriving businesses that teaches Traditional Karate, Modern Self-Defense, and Fitness Classes to the community of Broomfield, Westminster, and Thornton. In September, 2009 school owner and master instructor, Javier Lozano Jr decided to join the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce as a way to help continue to grow his business and network with other prospering small business owners in the community. By joining the Broomfield Chamber, The Dojo has been able to attend a few chamber events and participate in Broomfield's largest community event -- Broomfield Days. In addition to the numerous formats of ....

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  • 2009 Broomfield Food Drive - Final Tally

    Right before Thanksgiving last week, I gathered all of the non-perishable food and toiletry items that our students brought to help raise for the Broomfield FISH Organization and put it in my Jeep Wrangler... It was a tight fit, but we got it all in there. We raised nearly 400 lbs of food and toiletry during the entire month of November, and our goal was 500 lbs. I want to congratulate all our students and parents who contributed to this great cause. We really appreciate all of your effort and willingness to help others in need. Below is a video that has been posted on YouTube. Enjoy! ....

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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    I obviously did not take the time to post on The Dojo Blog during Thanksgiving, so I am doing a belated Thanksgiving cheer... I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. I know I did! I ended up going to Seattle, Washington to spend time with a close friend of mine from college. And, it was probably the first time that I didn't do any work for a span of 5 days... pretty impressive. As for what I am thankful for... The list can go on forever, but I am thankful for being blessed with such a great martial arts school and community of parents and families that enjoy training here. The Dojo of Karate is a childhood dream come true. I look forward to seeing all the amazing things ....

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  • Level 1 Self-Defense Instructor

    This past weekend Master Instructor Javier Lozano, Jr. went to Merrit Island, Florida to get certified as a Level 1 Instructor in the Self-Defense Black Belt Program created by Mike Massie. The certification testing required all Black Belt Instructors of the licensed program to go over required self-defense techniques and perform them with precession and skill under the supervision of Mike Massie, a 5th Degree Black, Self-Defense expert, and National Director of the Martial Arts School Alliance International. Sensei Javier Lozano, Jr. has been training in classical Japanese Wado Karate, a combative traditional art of fighting and self-defense. He currently holds the rank of 3rd Degree ....

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  • Food Drive Update

    First, we want to thank all of the students of The Dojo of Karate for bringing in all types of canned good items, non-perishable food, and toiletry for donations to The Broomfield FISH Organization. This food bank has stated more food is leaving their building than coming in, and we want to make sure we continue to support them in every way possible. We are also seeing prospects wanting to tryout Karate lessons at our Martial Arts studio bring canned goods, which is great! These people will receive 1 FREE week of lessons in exchange for 3 canned goods. That means they can choose from four different programs - Traditional Karate, Fitness Kick Boxing, Modern Self-Defense, & Fitness ....

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  • November Martial Arts Newsletter

    Wow… It’s already November and Turkey Day is right around the corner. We’ve had our first snow day last week, and the mountains are beginning to get their trademark look – snow caps. November is an exciting time of the year. I’ve always enjoyed it because it meant that the mountains are starting to get covered with snow and snowboard season is right around the corner. Others enjoy it because of the fall festivities and Thanksgiving – an opportunity to spend time together as a family. For The Dojo of Karate this is our chance to start a tradition. For the entire month of November, we would like to begin a Food Drive for a local food bank called FISH ....

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  • Food Drive For Broomfield FISH

    It's now November, and The Dojo of Karate is ready to begin their 1st annual Food Drive. After doing some research, we are probably going to work with the Broomfield FISH Food Bank since they are local Community Service organization that is in desperate need of more food for the Holidays. Check out this article posted a couple of weeks ago in the Broomfield Enterprise. I will have more information to come in our newsletter, but just wanted to give you guys a heads up. ....

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  • Halloween Safety Tips

    The Dojo of Karate is all about safety... especially for our kids. This is why The Dojo of Karate decided to give out safety tips to prospects interested learning about Karate at our school, as well as getting more information about Martial Arts lessons. Our Halloween Safety Tips has some helpful information for families with kids, giving them suggestions on what they should keep an out for and how to be aware of their surroundings. Than we also have tips for parents. If you would like a copy of our Halloween Safety Tips, please signup for our Monthly Newsletter. I promise, you won't regret it because in our monthly A Cup of DoJoe, we have some great information we share with our ....

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  • New Self-Defense Black Belt Program Launched In Westminster

    New Self-Defense Program That Anyone Can Do!
    Learn To Defend Yourself In 3 Months. Earn A Black Belt In 3 Years. The Dojo of Karate is proud to be the first Martial Arts School in Colorado to launch the new Self-Defense Black Belt Program to residents of Westminster, Broomfield, and Thornton, Colorado. The Self-Defense Black Belt Program (SDBBP) was created for common people wanting to learn applicable self-protection moves and techniques that are easy to perform, while getting fast and useful results. When you join the SDBBP, you can develop your self-defense skills in 3 months, and earn a Black Belt in 3 years. Here Is What You Will Learn
    Ever wanted to know how to defend ....

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  • October 2009 Newsletter

    Email Newsletter - We Want To Be GREEN!!!
    If you have an email address, please send your email to The Dojo of Karate so we can communicate any type of updates to our school, closures, and our monthly Newsletter - A Cup of DoJoe. This will also ensure that we become a more GREEN company by not wasting paper. We all gotta do our part! You can email us at: We will put you on our newsletter campaign, so make sure you approve the campaign. With the technology we have accessible to us, as a business we need to take advantage of this. Self-Defense Black Belt Program
    Starting Tuesday, October 6th from 7pm-8pm our new adult self-defense program will begin. If you ....

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  • September 2009 Newsletter

    Dear Parents and Students, First, I want to say thank you to our “small” community of martial artists. Your support, positive thoughts, and desire to help The Dojo of Karate grow has been amazing! We are now in the final stretch of reaching our school goal of 100 students by October. After several conversations with my family and close friends, I am proud to say that by the 2nd week of September I will officially be leaving my current day job as a Sales Consultant and dedicating myself 100% to my students at The Dojo of Karate. This has been about 1 year in the makings, but the timing is just right. I have quickly realized that in order to make the final push to 100 active ....

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  • Former Football Michael Westbrook Star Tries Karate

    [caption id="attachment_3896" align="alignleft" width="175"] Michael Westbrook went from staring in the NFL to staring in the Octagon.[/caption] I enjoy reading in the mornings, as I'm a huge sports fanatic. I am partial to football, but truly enjoy all sports... minus cricket and curling . I just don't find much excitement... Anyways, I happen to come across a really cool article in the NFL section. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and we sorta have a football tradition. Though lately the tradition has been to get in trouble and loose important games. But, that's beside the point. Well, there was this football player that played for the golden ....

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  • Things are just weird right now

    Seriously... I still don't have a permit issued! :-( The city hasn't even reviewed it... I called my property manager to see if we can re-evaluate my lease, since it's taking WAY longer to have my permit approved and I am nearing the date my lease will take full effect - as far as rent. Let's hope they'll be willing to push my first months rent forward one month, or give me two additional months of half rent. Either way, this is becoming a thorn in my side. There is a reason for all of this, and I need to stop worrying about it, but I can only do so much marketing with my school. I can't enroll students yet, since there really isn't a place for them to train, go over my membership ....

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  • The Dojo of Karate Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

    Westminster--August 1, 2009
    – Locally owned martial arts business ignites passion for Karate and celebrates successful first year as student numbers continue to grow. Inspiring a new generation to reap the benefits of Martial Arts in the Westminster and Broomfield areas, Javier Lozano, Jr., Owner and Head Instructor of The Dojo of Karate, is enthusiastic about reaching the first year milestone of opening the doors to his independent small business. “My dream of starting a Karate school has finally materialized as the business is thriving after a year since we first opened and my students are realizing the great benefits of Martial Arts, both in the Karate school and in ....

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  • R.A.G.E. Karate Championship

    I never had the chance to post the results of my students competing at the R.A.G.E. Karate Championship in May, so now I'm gonna take a few minutes and let everyone know how they did. We had a few students compete for the first time, and they did great for their 1st tourney. I hope to see them go at it more often!! Before we go on, some of my students were bumped up to the intermediate division, which is obviously a more challenging division, but for the most part, they did great.
    Cody R. competed for the 1st time and he got 3rd in forms and 4th in sparring. He won his first fight, but seemed winded when he fought his 2nd and 3rd fights.
    Colby B. competed in his 2nd tournament of the ....

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  • Summer Karate Course

    So, we have a new promotion going on for the Summer 2009. 6 Weeks of Karate Lessons and a FREE uniform for ONLY $129... This is a REALLY good deal, given that families will probably be on vacation, so this allows them to try out Karate lessons, see if it's a fit, than enroll in our Beginners Program. Anyways... to help spread the word out, The Dojo of Karate got a bunch of students together the past two weekends to pass out flyers to some of our neighborhoods around the community. This is a great way to get our students involved in growing the Martial Arts School and feel like they are apart of our small community. Plus, I gave all students who participated a free movie pass. Well, ....

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  • New Referral Program

    Ok... so, I've spent A LOT of money in print marketing to get a VERY small ROI. Almost to the point where I would have to keep students for the life of their agreement to make a reasonable return. Now, that is a horrible way to run a business. But, since The Dojo of Karate is soooo new, I can't just negate print marketing and say it does not work too soon. You have to test the waters before making a decision on whether a business investment is worth it. At the same time, you need to know when to walk away, swallow your pride, and say: "that was dumb on my behalf". Well, I think I've swallowed my pride quite a bit recently with print marketing. Now, I'm a pretty bright guy that is ....

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  • Snow And Karate

    Last week, on Friday, it was snowing in the Denver/FrontRange area of Colorado... It was your typical Spring storm... sorta slushy with a snow/rain mix. Anyways, I had planned to stay open that day because the snow hit hard in different areas, and most students are less than 2 miles away... if that. Well, we had our normal mixed kids & adults class at 5:45pm, and than at 6:45pm we had our Black Belt Club class for all of my BBC members. The snow was coming down the entire evening during class... Students were calling asking if classes were cancelled, and I was telling them "no, class will be at the normal time." After class, as usual, some of the parents stuck around to chat with ....

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  • Students Compete In First Karate Tournament

    So last weekend, my students had the privledge of competing in their first Karate Tournament in Parker, CO -- called the CKA Season Opener. It was a great turnout, I had about 10 plus students compete in the Colorado Karate Association season opener, and my kids all had a blast. We ended up meeting at The Dojo before all leaving to the tournament site. So here is the list of competitors that represented The Dojo of Karate, with their placings in each division.
    Mollee Hanson - 4th in Forms, Finalist in Fighting
    Andrew Settergren - 1st in Forms, 1st inf Fighting, competed for Grand Champion Forms
    Caleb Demaray - 7th in Forms, 4th in Fighting
    Colby Bird - 3rd in Forms, 3rd in Fighting ....

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  • Small Business Thriving In Tough Economy

    Starting a new business is probably one of the most difficult tasks one can face in their life. But, starting a new venture in what is considered the worst economical recession in over 30 years… now that’s a challenge! The Dojo of Karate is a new Martial Arts school next to Safeway on the Northeast corner of 128th and Zuni St. in Broomfield/Westminster. It has only been open for 6 months, however it is growing at a steady rate with over 50 new Karate and Fitness Kickboxing students. So how are they doing it? Creativity! Founder and Head Instructor of The Dojo of Karate, Javier Lozano, Jr. is simply making Karate so much fun that students can’t resist to invite their ....

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  • Karate Fight of The Week # 5

    This is the 2003 5,280 Challenge Karate Championship hosted in Denver, Colorado. I believe this is my 2nd fight for the 18-34 year old Black Belt Men Heavy Weights. I don't know who I was fighting, but I am the white fighter closest to the camera. This fighting style you see from 2003 probably resembles my current style right now. And probably my most effective to be quite honest. I don't do a whole lot of hand moving, rather pick my points by moving the body, and beating my opponents with speed. Enjoy the fight! BTW, I ended up winning. ;) ....

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  • Karate Fight of The Week # 4

    This is the 5,280 Challenge Karate Championship, but in August 2003. I had been out of national tournament competition for a couple of years because college took a priority. I still competed randomly in local tournaments, and would train at Denver Karate Academy during my free time, but I didn't have time to do serious training like before... which sucked... Anyways, this fight is part of our Team Fights. A few days before, we just had a seminar with a friend of ours, World Champion Jadi Tention - one of the nations best fighters from NYC. We put together a team which he anchored as the last fighter, and I was the 2nd fighter. Our 1st fighter was a student named Dan who didn't have ....

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  • A Great Man Left Our World...

    As I wrote a few days ago, Jason N. Bird left us on MLK Day due to a car accident on I-70 near Limon, CO. I would like for you guys to please read his obituary which was published in the Daily Camera - a Boulder newspaper. I didn't know Jason personally (other than him bringing Colby to Karate classes), but he seemed like a wonderful man, who was very family oriented & supportive of Colby's passion in the Martial Arts. Both of his kids are great too. Logan is this sweet little boy with such great energy who looks up to his big brother. Colby is one of my students at The Dojo of Karate, and has become an amazing Gold Belt. Anyways, click here , to read his obituary. Thanks, ....

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  • Fatal Car Wreck On I-70

    I don't know if many of you heard about the fatal car wreck on Martin Luther King Day, Monday January 19th, 2009. If not, click here , to get the full news article. Basically, there was a 15 car pile up on I-70 EB in Limon, CO. Apparently the wind was blowing sooo hard that there was a "brown-out" and drivers couldn't see in front of them. It was so bad that a State Patrol Officer said he couldn't see his hand at arms length... that's crazy! Anyways, one of the two victims in the accident was a person I knew. He was actually the father of Colby B. - one of my first students at The Dojo of Karate... I found out about the accident from Amber (Colby's mom) via email on Tuesday and ....

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  • Karate Fight of The Week #3

    So this is the 5280 Challenge Karate Championships. Denver Karate Academy use to host this annual tournament in Denver, Colorado -- but after a few years and all the stress, they decided to stop hosting it. Anyways, I believe this is August 2001, and I was at my prime. Though, I still think I'm at my prime!! I'm the white fighter closet to the camera. My fighting style had slightly changed in this tournament, and I'm not sure if I'm a big fan... either way, it worked because I won the match. ....

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  • SEO, Web-Marketing, & Karate

    So, I'm using a company called Untouchable Marketing to help market and optimize my Martial Arts school in my regions - Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, and now Denver. I was trying to get some SEO done myself by writing articles and getting link backs, however that is way too time consuming. I need to focus on running my business, teaching classes, and enrolling new students that inquire about Martial Arts. The owner of Untouchable Marketing, Ryan Bell, is a former co-worker who was in charge of web marketing. He took his skills & marketing concepts and applied those practices to his company for customers to reap the same benefits of high PageRanks, more traffic, and better ....

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  • Karate Fight of The Week # 2

    If you have been keeping up with my posts, this is the 2nd Karate Fight of The Week. I've decided to change it up a bit, and not necessarily keep the same tournaments, rather jump around to different tournamnets and matches. This next fight was a hearbreaker... The Karate school I use to teach at, Denver Karate Academy, put together a 3 Man Fighting Team. I was the only Black Belt at the school, and therefore anchored our team. Meaning I was the last fighter, and needed to pick up all points that we were behind. Unfortunately, my studetns were underbelts and they fought Black Belts. I felt confident they could hang with ANYONE... and they did. But sometimes, the head game plays a role ....

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  • Karate Fight of The Week #1

    From what I remember, this is my first tournament in Colorado. I had moved from Tennessee in 1999 and started teaching at Denver Karate Academy. I was only 19 years old at the time and beginning to figure out how the Adult Heavy Weight division worked because it is completely different when you are 17 and fighting as a Junior. And, it typically takes about 1 year to make a fair transition. I am the fighter with the black uniform and yellow helmet - furthest from the camera. ....

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  • Karate Tournament Videos

    So, recently I had a students' dad convert most of my fighting videos from back in the day into QuickTimes. I guess they were looking for videos of me fighting all over the net and couldn't find anything. So, he approached me and asked if I had some. Obviously I do, but I they were sitting in a box, untouched. I haven't seen some of those videos for about 5 years... He offered to help compress them, and eventually make a movie real -- which would be AWESOME!!! Anyways, I have a bunch of fights from tournaments in Colorado and around the U.S. Some of the matches I would win, while others I lost. But that's sports, right? Look at the Yankees... ;-) With that said, I plan on having a ....

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  • Happy Thanksgiving!!

    I just want to take a minute to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a wonderful time spending it with your family and loved ones -- and realize what we should all be thankful for. I would also like to share with all of you on what I am thankful for... I am thankful for this great opportunity I have been given to not only teach Karate, but to teach Martial Arts to such a great community in Colorado. I am thankful that there are so many people out there interested in the Martial Arts, and I am excited to teach everyone the amazing art of Wado Karate. More importantly, I am thankful for the the responsibility I have inherited as a Karate Instructor. There will be some ....

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  • Halloween Party

    Last week, one of my students hosted a Halloween Party at The Dojo of Karate, and it went GREAT! Everyone was dressed up with some pretty amazing costumes. Some very simple while others were quite creative. To say the least, it was awesome to see all the kids here in their Halloween Costumes. Even some of the parents dressed up too! We played some games, ate some pizza, played more games, ate cake, than broke a couple of pinatas - without a stick. They had to use their hands and legs as their weapon! I took some pictures, and so did the parents, so I'm hoping to get them posted soon. The party went on for about 1 1/2 hours, which was perfect because it was enough for them to have fun. I'm ....

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  • Belt Test

    So today we had our first belt test. It was actually really exciting too! There were 13 total that tested for the Gold Belt, and everyone did AWESOME! Before the test, I prepped them a bit so that they would feel comfortable. I wanted them to succeed, obviously, so I just told them it's like any other class we take during the week... but with grades. I also let them know that this is the first step to becoming a Black Belt, and that I would love to see EVERY single one of them test for their Black Belt at The Dojo of Karate. Since they were basically my first students who enrolled, I really want to see these guys stick around for the long haul - 3 years. I think they can all do it, but ....

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  • After School Karate Program

    So a few weeks ago, I decided to send an email to all of the elementary schools, or actually some of them, in my area. Adam and I found all of the P.E. teachers contact name and email addresses in Adams 12 School District. You gotta love The Google. I then put together an email that went over the structure of an After School Karate Program and how it can benefit the P.E. Department. This is a pretty popular way for Martial Arts Schools to get new students because it's a win-win situation for both parties... if the school does it right. Basically the P.E. Dept. is the only department with the loosest budget for school supplies. I've heard some teachers only get about $200-300 for the ....

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  • Buddy Day

    So 1 1/2 weeks ago, on Thursday October 9th, I hosted our first Buddy Day. Now for those of you that don't remember reading in my newsletter, A Cup of DoJoe , it's basically a day that every student is allowed to bring one or two of their friends to Karate class! It was a huge hit! I had about 25 people. Not everyone brought a friend, but some people brought two guests. It was somewhat choatic, but at the same time kinda organized. I had a couple of my friends, Adam and Mike, help assist me during the class. They basically would walk around and correct kids to make sure they were doing their techniques with the right hand, or help out during games. The format was as followed:
    We ....

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  • A Cup Of DoJoe - October Newsletter, Vol. 1

    Delivering A Full Cup of News With Kicks & Punches
    First, I want to say thanks to all of you for joining The Dojo of Karate and training at this amazing school. Your enthusiasm & positive thoughts have been greatly appreciated . We plan to continue to grow this studio so that our community has the opportunity to learn a great martial art, but more importantly - learn life skills such as goal setting and self-confidence. We are going to attempt to publish this newsletter for the student body about every 2-3 months, so that everyone is aware of any updates within our school, the progress we are making to grow, and for you to share this entertaining newsletter with your ....

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  • Things Are Moving Right Along

    I couldn't be happier right now! Well, I could, but for only officially being open for less than two months The Dojo of Karate will be at 28 students by the end of the week. My goal was 30 students, in 30 days - which is a lofty goal, so I'm extremely proud of my accomplishment. As always, I would like more, but I also need to be patient about the situation. Most of my students have simply come from walk-ins, a few from my marketing, and a couple from my website. It's the old saying - location, location, location. Otherwise, classes have been awesome! I typically go into my quasi-job from 7am to 3:30pm Monday - Thursday, than go to the Karate school from 4pm to about 10ish... Granted ....

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  • Martial Arts Sportmanship

    What does sportsmanship mean to you? Displaying a great attitude to the sport you compete in, whether you win or lose? defines sportsmanship as: conduct and attitude considered as befitting participants in sports, especially fair play, courtesy, striving spirit, and grace in losing. It looks like we both have similar definitions about Sportsmanship. The reason why I am brining this up is because of what took place in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing during the Tae Kwon Do Bronze medal match. Angel Matos , one of Cuba's athletes displayed an act that is quite disappointing to the spirit of martial arts, but more importantly - the spirit of the Olympics. Matos ....

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  • Grand Opening Day

    It's been awhile since I last posted on my blog, and I'm sorry if you have been checking back for new content... but now that things are finally starting to smooth out, you can expect to see read about the progress I have been making. Where do I start... As many of you know, The Dojo of Karate opened on August 11th 2008, and had about 6 students present for the first day of class. The week of my Grand Opening Day, my dad flew out early to help get the school ready for my Open House. I can not express how much his work, contribution and support meant to me. The fact that he took some time off of his busy schedule for this special day speaks volume. But he even helped with some of the ....

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  • Building Permit Finally Issued

    I probably got the best phone call in the entire world... This morning, when I was getting ready to pack for my flight to New Hampshire, I received a call from the City of Westminster. Tom, one of the Assistant Plan Reviewers, called to let me know that the permit had been approved and I can come by to pick it up. Well, I was excited because it took them FOREVER to review it, but I was also in a dilemma. I needed to catch a flight! Well, I had no choice but to pick it up since I was going to be gone until July 7th. So I did a crash course of getting all of my stuff together, drove down to City Hall, paid for the permit, than drove to the RTD Park-n-Ride in Westminster to catch a bus to ....

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  • Karate Electrical Sign

    My outdoor electrical sign is now up! It says, "Karate"... Very simple because the signage is EXTREMELY expensive, and my unit seems to be one of the "elbows" of the shopping center. Basically where the center bends, so it's tough to see anything on the left side. Ether way, it looks great! :-) It took the sign company about 1 hour to install it. I need to remember to show you guys a picture of it, but I keep forgetting to bring my camera. I'm going to drop by Signs By Tomorrow on Monday to go over any final details on the window signage too. At least this will give me some great foot traffic advertising. Also, today, after my camping trip this weekend, my buddy Adam and I went ....

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  • Someone throw me a bone!

    Honestly! I'm sure I jinxed myself from one of my posts in May - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down ... Things were moving right along. I was getting my sub-contractors lined up, so that when my permit was going to be issued in early June, I'd be right on track. I'm far from that right now. I finally got my plans reviewed by the City of Westminster, but they did not issue a permit because they are requesting some more clarifications regarding the electrical. I don't know why either... The changes made to the unit are so minor, that it should had been an easy review because the majority of the stuff is staying/existing. I even talked to my architect about the City's comments - he was livid! ....

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  • Still No Building Permit

    It's been 3 1/2 weeks since I turned in my plans to the City, and they have not reviewed my plans yet... I even had them expedited! Apparently there are 4 other plans ahead of me. I'm beginning to get frustrated because my goal was to start construction this past week, and possibly be open by the 2nd or 3rd week of June. It's not looking good... I expected these type of delays, set-backs, etc., but not this close to being open. :-( Well, there's not much I can do other then continue to market my school by any means possible. My 2nd round of direct mailers through Val-U-Ads for North Metro go out this week, which I'm hoping to get more inquiries. I'm also creating a flyer to put ....

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  • First Inbound Call

    On Thursday my direct marketing piece with Val-U-Ads went out to Broomfield, Colorado. Since I haven't setup a main phone line quite yet, I had to change the voice mail message on my cell phone. Anyways, I got my first inbound prospect call on Thursday. It was a woman calling about Karate lessons for her daughter and 10 year old grand daughter. Apparently her grand daughter does not have a bunch of confidence and thought that Martial arts lessons would help with her self-confidence. Plus, it allows the mother-daughter to share time together too! I called back the prospect the same day to discuss her needs. I Told her when I was younger, I too did not have a bunch of self-confidence, ....

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  • Can't nobody hold me down

    Remember that song by Puff Daddy, now known as P.Diddy? I think it came out around the mid 90's. That's how I feel right now. :-) Granted that can probably all change tomorrow, but things have been moving right along. And it's exciting!!
    I met with the plumber Bob had referred me - his name is Carl. He came by The Dojo of Monday to take a look at the place and see what needs to be done. Basically he needs to know where the main sewage line goes through under the concrete so he can find out where to break the concrete and tap into the line to add a toilet. He had an idea where it can be located, but apparently construction workers charge $25/sqft when breaking concrete! So, ....

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  • City of Westminster

    My architectural drawings were finished last week and I submitted them to the City of Westminster yesterday, after getting them stamped and signed on Monday. I had to get them expedited, so I can get rolling. Bob, my architect, gave me some referrals to do sub-contracting work for the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical. I called them yesterday, and they were all very helpful and willing to do the work. The plumber, Carl, had already spoken with Bob and is aware of the project, which shouldn't be too tough to finish. I'm also going to Niwot tomorrow to drop off some plans to the electrician, so he can get an idea of the project. I'm really getting excited! :-D Also this week I've ....

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  • Happy Cinco De Mayo

    Wow! It's been awhile... I remember last year on this day, I was dreaming of opening my Karate school for the late summer, early fall. I had finished my business plan completely, moved into a new condo I just bought, and had plans on seeking business loans for the school. One year later... I'm not open... yet. ;-) I guess I should catch you guys up with what's been going on lately, since it's been awhile. A couple of weeks ago myself and a few friends, the same from the last demo group, finished taking down all the walls and throwing it in the dumpster I had rented. We basically were able to finish everything in about 3 hours. Luckily though, my buddy Brent had showed up on Friday ....

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  • Ultimate Karate Training

    Finally! You may ask, "why finally"? I finally came up with a pretty cool name for my private lessons that I am trying to promote - Ultimate Karate Training
    . These lessons are will be geared to those wanting one-on-one private instruction on martial arts training and fitness. Sessions are more customizable to the client seeking certain goals and interested in learning modern self-defense techniques. I have not come up with a complete description of the program and it's structure, but that will be coming soon! If you would like some basic info, please go to our page ....

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  • Karate Pump

    Karate Pump. The new cardio-karate class offered by The Dojo of Karate. After many days of pondering, and numerous discussions with female friends and family - I have decided to implement a new program to offer the 20+ crowd looking for a high-intensity workout. Karate Pump is going to be a 1-hour class that combines aerobic exercise and martial art basics such as:
    Kicks, punches, and strikes
    Interval training
    Weight and resistant training
    Plyometrics and Isometrics
    Deep stretching All while moving to the beats of modern, top 40 music. None of that "sweating to the oldies"... Feel free to go to our Karate Pump page to learn more about the program and what it has to offer. I ....

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  • What's cracking this week

    As many of you may recall, I had an architect come over last week to do some measurements of the place. The guy was very helpful because he understands that I'm on a tight budget, and was willing to offer sub-contractors for me to contact for the plumbing and electrical. City code is requiring that I add another bathroom because of load occupancy. You know when you go into a restaurant and the "load occupancy" says 204... that's what I need to do too. So I'll have two bathrooms, a small area where students can place their bags and personal belongings, and a small office for parent/student conferences. I guess he had to draw up EVERYTHING in the place. Even to the point where the ....

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  • Hired An Architect

    A co-worker of mine has a husband that is a General Contractor, who knows an architect. Sounds complicated right now, but bare with me. Well, I met with him on Monday (the architect), so he can take a look at my school and see what type of work is entailed to get some drawings up, see if I will need an extra bathroom, and the layout I have envisioned. See, the City of Westminster (and most other cities) require that all commercial properties be drawn and stamped by an Architect. Once approved, you are then awarded a permit to do tenant improvements and such. With that said, after my architect walked round the mess I left behind, he kept telling me this should be a fairly easy project ....

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  • Demo

    So Saturday a few of my friends and I got together to do some demo at the school, and I have to say... it was fun! :-D I got there around 8am and bought some Starbucks, since I need coffee to function at times. Most people showed up around 8:30am. Anyways, we definitely got a bunch of stuff done. My friend Brent brought his Skil Saw to cut the walls in half/sections, which we would then just push it over. Way too much fun actually! But before we could do any of tearing down and destroying, we had to take care of the electrical in certain walls, so that no one would be burnt to a crisp. In particular Brent. After that though, it was fare game... After about 2 hours of tearing down ....

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  • Bittersweet

    You guys remember that song called "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve? That's exactly what last week entailed. Not to go off on a tangent, but some interesting things have been going on at my current job, leaving me to wonder about my future. However, on Tuesday I received probably one of the best phone calls in awhile. My property manager called to tell me that State Farm had finally moved... And, I can come by the new State Farm to pick up the keys from Larry. That's right... I did not stutter. The space was finally available for me to take! :-) I was pretty excited. I went by Larry's office to pick up the keys on Wednesday. He walked through the place with me really quick ....

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  • Karate instructor takes down would-be burglar

    Here's a really cool story about a Karate instructor in Highlands Ranch, Colorado stepping up his community service and taking down a would-be burglar. Talking about practicing what you preach! ....

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  • talked to state farm

    I got off of work a bit early on Friday, since I had to take Bo (my dog) to the vet. He's fine, just needed a checkup. Anyways, after the visit, I decided to drop by State Farm and talk to the owner. We had a great chat, and I'm glad I stopped by 'cause I wanted to see if I could get some answers from him, rather then trying to get it from my property manager. It looks to be a bunch of miscommunication from the Landlord's part, as myself and State Farm haven't been given any clear answers. ....

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  • Maybe April?

    I decided to drop by the shopping center on Friday after work, and I come to find out that the contractors are far from being finished in building-out the new space for State Farm. The have some dry walls up, but I don't believe they've mudded yet. And then they will have to texturize the walls, lay carpet down, and get all of the data wires re-routed into the new space. So, my guess-timation is April 1st for the space to be delivered?... Which is fine with me now. Gives me the entire summer to come up with a great marketing plan, maybe start working on a little PR or do a press release with a local newspaper. Either way, the timing is probably working out better as we speak. I'm now ....

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  • Milking it

    That's right... I said milking it. I got off the phone today with Scott, a really good friend of mine, that owns a karate school down in Lakewood, CO called Denver Karate Academy. He's basically been a father figure in my life, as well as a great mentor in starting up my business. Gwen, his wife, initially called me to see if I'd be interested in buying their karate mats, since they are going to be moving to a new location. They'd obviously cut me a deal, $5/mat, which is a steal! Buying those things from a whole seller would cost a fortune. Anyways, I decided I'd take them up on the offer. I then started to talk to Scott, who's a real big numbers guy. No joke. He doesn't even ....

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  • Are we there yet?

    You know when you were a kid, and you took a road trip with the 'rents, and all you would say was "are we there yet?". Well, that's basically what I've been asking the past few weeks. Last Friday I received a portion of my SBA loan. I feel like I had to sign my life away! All these rules... I don't do well with rules. :-) Anyways, things went well, and I believe some of the funds were deposited in my account today. The remainder will be distributed as I make purchases for equipment. I guess I need to send my lender an invoice, and then they will make the payment. Insurance is probably one of the delays nows. The leasing agent says I am missing some information and that Josh ....

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  • Starting to buy equipment

    There was a karate school in Boulder that went out of business a few months ago, and had left all of their equipment in the vacant unit. I decided to call the broker, who got me in touch with the contractor to see if they were willing to sell some of the equipment. I decided to make an offer for 7 mirrors, 6 wavemasters (punching bags), a couple of file cabinets, a table, and some benches. My biggest interest were the mirrors because it would basically cost me about $2000 to have custom mirrors installed in my school. This is saving me a TON of money - so I went ahead and dropped off a deposit today and I will pick up the equipment on Wednesday. A buddy of mine in Englewood offered to ....

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  • Finally... but!...

    A lot has happen since my last post, but at the same time not a lot. Yes, I know. You're probably thinking, "how's that possible?" Well, my landlord has already received the check for my space, which covers my first month's rent and a deposit - which I can probably kiss goodbye 'cause how often do you ever get your deposit back? Anyways, I do not have full access to the place because, A) State Farm is still in there, and probably won't be out until March 1st, and B) Blockbuster needs to approve my business with a written statement. A verbal "yes" isn't gonna work. This is just killing me! I just found out about this two weeks ago. Yeah, this is beginning to get VERY annoying. ....

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  • It's been awhile

    It's been a couple of weeks or so since my last post, plus I figured that I should update everyone about the latest and greatest news. First off, the issues that I was experiencing at the beginning of the year with one of my lenders decreasing my line-of-credit - well that couldn't be resolved due to the school not making any money. It's kinda tough to generate revenue when YOU'RE A START UP. But, the banks don't want to hear that... as it's no excuse in their eyes. Whatever the case is, this hasn't stopped me from what I'm suppose to be doing. With that said, I sent my leasing agent a check to secure the location, so I should be golden. All I'm waiting for now is to get insurance ....

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  • Paper work

    Well, I've got good news as far as the lease is concerned. The landlord has accepted my changes/additions to the lease and sent me an executable copy of the lease on Monday. I've signed my life away, or it at least seems that way, then made copies of required documents they requested, and put them in a file. I'm hoping to send the leasing agent everything by the end of the week, if not, maybe early next week. They wanted to have everything signed by the end of the month, but that ain't happening, especially with the problems that I had to go through (and still going through) the past couple of weeks. I then went through my checklist of documents the SBA loan department requires, and ....

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  • Not a fan of legal language

    In order to save some money for hiring an attorney to look over my lease, a buddy of mine at work talked to one of his friends that is a 3rd year law student. He was willing to read through the lease, break down the legal stuff, and tell me what some of wording really meant. Anyways, I sent it back to my broker for him to pass on to the Landlord. I know this may be to optimistic this late in the game, but hopefully they can make the changes and get back to me by the end of the week. We'll see... As for the issues that took place at the turn of the year. I'm making an attempt to remedy the situation by reapplying for the business loan, as suggested by the bank. I haven't heard ....

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  • Legal mumbo-jumbo

    I forgot to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope everybody had a wonderful Holiday season. I sure did, and enjoyed my mini vacation. Probably my last for a very long time. So I finally got the lease in my hands on Friday. I guess it was ready on the 18th of December, but with the Holidays and stuff, things got a bit delayed. Anyways, I need to take the time to look over the terms and make sure they seem fair and legit. I'm debating on having a lawyer take a look at it too. Don't wanna pay the money, but it may not be a bad idea. There have been some... set backs on my end that I just found out the other day. I can't go into detail about this, but a portion of ....

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  • How hard is it to write up a lease?

    So... I've been waiting for this lease to be typed up and ready for some Herbie Hancock's, but nothing. I got a phone call from the firm that is writing the lease terms. They had some questions, and what not, and were hoping to get me the lease by the end of Tuesday. It's Wednesday night now. Out! ....

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  • Conference call went well

    As you know, I had a conference call, but it actually took place today. I think the call went well, and we both agreed on a reasonable lease term that will benefit both parties. Obviously I won't go into detail on the terms, but it appears as though the Landlord is also looking into my best interest, as he understands that if I am successful then they are successful. I can realistically say that the school can be open by February or March. Again, I did not anticipate to start around that time, but things always happen for a reason. I believe the current tenant can be completely out by the end of January, giving me plenty of time to build out the unit, and start accepting students ....

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  • What's a few more days...

    ... of waiting gonna do anyways? Well, I showed up on Tuesday, but apparently the Landlord and his broker didn't get the memo. He flew into town from California and took a look at the shopping center to refresh his mind, as there are several investors involved with the location. It was a waste of my time, but I got to meet my broker in person finally, so we just talked a bit more about the space. Anyways, we're shooting for a conference call on Friday morning. I'll keep you guys posted... ....

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  • Meeting tomorrow

    That's what was in the subject line of my business email address, "Meeting Tomorrow". My broker emailed me saying the landlord (don't know his/her name yet) wants to get together tomorrow at the site at 11am. If all goes well, I will be in an even deeper amount of debt. Who would have thought being in debt was a good thing...? :-) Anyways, I'm hoping I can take a good look at the place, make some final changes to the LOI, and possibly start drawing up the lease for me to sign. Hey, I even get to meet my broker face-to-face for the first time too. Well, you guys will be the third or forth... maybe even fifth or sixth - depending who I tell first - to know if all went well. Keep ....

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  • I'm baaacckkk!...

    I know, I know, it's been awhile since I've posted an update on the progress of my school and finding a location. But trust me, there hasn't been anything new, until recently. It's mid-night right now, I can't sleep, and something in me is calling for this new post tonight... errr this morning. Well, here's the lowdown. Safeway, the anchor store for the location I have been trying to get into, has finally approved my business. They were obviously not motivated to move any quicker, but I guess I can't complain 'cause I feel it's working out for the best. Once I found out about the approval, the Landlord submited a counter offer from my previous Letter Of Intent - but it was ....

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  • Oh so close

    So I've got some really good news. Better yet, I'm glad I had to wait for this opportunity to present itself. The landlord of the shopping center I'm looking to start my business has been going back-and-forth with Safeway in allowing him to split the 3400 sf unit. From my understanding, Safeway would prefer to not split the unit, and keep it for a larger tenant. Hence the delay in getting back to me. Well... there is another tenant (State Farm) that wants to move to a smaller space, which is great. That means, I can take over the space that is occupied by State Farm, which is perfect. It's less then 1900 sf, and the location is PRIME! I'm looking over the letter of intent, ....

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  • New Post

    I think I've always had the entrepreneurial itch in me, but it came out more these past few years. Especially with a few of my college classes. After a 3 month trip to Europe, I finally realized what I needed to do when I returned. I got some things aligned in my life, landed a job for an Internet company, and began to brainstorm some ideas. A few things came up along the way, including a website stint a friend and I created. Some of you know the company, but I will save that for another time, as it currently is on the back-burner. I started to seriously write my business plan around December 2006, since my other attempts were simply that... attempts. Even before the 'attempts' I ....

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  • Still waiting...

    Well, I haven't heard any news yet about the vacant spot, and I'm getting a bit antsy. I was suppose to hear back from them last week, but nothing. I'm hoping to get an answer this week, so i can start my marketing, and get the ball rolling with the layout of the school - i.e. order mats, mirrors, ....

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  • Why Karate?

    Why not?!... Honestly though, 'cause it's really the only thing that I'm truly passionate about. Of course I enjoy other things and activities, but nothing really compares to the love I have for the art. And with that passion, I decided at a young age that I wanted to own a Karate school. So I went to college to prepare myself for what I am doing today. And yet sometimes I feel like I'm still unprepared, but from what I hear everyone else taking a leap-of-faith like me does too. ....

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  • One step closer to opening!

    Well, I received a great phone call today. Let me paint the scene first before I explain the great news I received today. I've been searching for a location for almost three months now with no luck... so far. I thought getting a business loan would be more difficult, but apparently not. Anyways, I found a place close to where I live in Westminster, CO - but the space was WAY too big. I was getting desperate, so I decided to start making some interesting requests. Like split the unit. Not that this is out of the ordinary, but I'm not familiar with the industry - hence why I have a commercial broker. ....

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  • The Dojo of Karate goes blogging!

    So, this blogging thing is a bit new for The Dojo, but from what I hear, it's necessary to have a blog for your business. Especially, if you are a smaller company that is trying to add a personal touch. Plus, it's free marketing! With that said, I do not want to focus so much on how friendly and professional my martial arts school is and how training at The Dojo can help improve your confidence, discipline, self-defense, fitness, etc. All of this is extremely important to The Dojo of Karate, and you will learn these characteristics, in addition to others, by training here. But, there's just more to blogging then naming my features and benefits. This is more for the readers (or ....

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