KF Wado Kai Masters Karate Seminar

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Colorado is VERY fortunate to announce the arrival of some well recognized Wado Kai Black Belt Instructors.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday -- September 26th, 27th, & 28th the JKF Wado Kai will have 9th Dan Black Belt - Arakawa Sensei, 8th Dan Black Belt - Yanagida Sensei, and 7th Dan Black Belt - Shimura Sensei to do a Masters' Wado Kai Karate Seminar.

What does this mean...?

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Well, first of all having the caliber of martial arts instruction all in one state... let alone in one room is an opportunity of a lifetime for some karate practitioners.  In addition, these high ranking sensei's do not make frequent trips to North America, so any chance that a Wado Kai Karateka has to train with one, two or all three of them (in one weekend), should be taken advantage of.

Arakawa Sensei currently holds the rank of 9th degree black belt in the Japanese Karate Federation.  He is also a chairman of the Wado Kai Technical Committee -- meaning he, and other Technical Committee members, evaluate the level of technical execution in the style of Wado Kai Karate.  His understanding on how to execute Wado techniques and movements, and ability to teach it, is sometimes considered as second to none.

[caption id="attachment_4838" align="alignleft" width="192"]shimura_senseiShimura Sensei - 7th Dan[/caption]

Yanagida Sensei is a 8th degree black belt in the JKF Wado Kai and was the former Head Coach of the Japanese National Team in Kumite (sparring).  Japan has been well recognized to have some of the best fighters in the world, and some of the best World Champions fighters come from the style of Wado Kai Karate.  So, if you're looking to improve your sparring skills, you don't want to miss his session.

Shimura Sensei is a 7th degree black in the JKF Wado Kai, is the student of Arakawa Sensei, and currently holds the position as Secretary of the JKF Wado Kai.  Shimura Sensei has some amazing athletic abilities that most 20 and 30 year olds wish they possessed.

The seminar's training schedule is as followed:

Wado Karate Seminar A

Friday, September 26th
5:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Shudokan Dojo
Longmont, CO

Material to be covered:

Kihon (basics)
Kihon Kumite 1-5 (basic sparring)
Kata's: Pinan Godan, Wanshu, & Seishan

Wado Karate Seminar B

Saturday, September 27th
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Creighton Middle School
Lakewood, CO

Material to be covered:

Kihon (basics)
Kihon Kumite 1-5 (basic sparring)
Kata's: Pinan Godan & Seishan

Wado Karate Seminar C

Saturday, September 27th
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Creighton Middle School
Lakewood, CO

Material to be covered:

Kata's: Jion & Niseishi
Kumite: Sparring Techniques

Wado Karate Seminar D

Wado Qualified Students (it may only be Black Belts or Brown and Black Belts.  I will need to get clarification)

Sunday, September 28th
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Creighton Middle School
Lakewood, CO

Material to be covered:

Kihon Kumite 1-5 (basic sparring)
Kihon Kumite 6-10 (basic sparring)
Katas: Chinto & Seishan

You can also download a flyer for a schedule of events that weekend by clicking here.

There will also be a Black Belt Exam on on Sunday afternoon from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Creighton Middle School.  So, if you would like to stick around and see what a Dan Exam looks like, with JKF Wado Kai committee members leading the show, you should stick around.

To learn more about the seminar you can also visit the Karate Denver website: http://karatedenver.com/jkf-wado-kai-masters-seminar/

Wado Kai Karate Seminar Cost

The cost to attend this event is as followed:

1 Seminar - $60
2 Seminars - $100
3 Seminars - $130
4 Seminars - $150 (best deal)

How To Register

To register for this Wado Kai Karate Seminar, you'll need to download this application and mail it to:

Denwakan Martial Arts Center
7909 W. 16th Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80241

And, if you have questions, feel free to call or email them at: 303-237-9236 or wado@karatedenver.com

Final Note...

Sensei Lozano will unfortunately not be attending this Wado Kai Masters Karate Seminar because he has a prior commitment to enter an Obstacle Course Race in Chicago, which he has been training all year for.  However, Sensei Lozano has appointed at least 1 black belt as the "go to person" during the seminar, which will be Ms. Luana Lee.  She is one of our senior black belts in our dojo.

If you have questions about the seminar, feel free to ask anytime.

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