Earn Your Next Karate Belt In Just 1 Week!

The Dojo of Karate Belt CampDid you cringe when you first read the title of this post. So did I! Well, I actually cringed more when I saw that a martial arts school (I have no idea where) actually ran this promotion in their dojo about earning a new karate belt in just 1 week. Seriously, this is a promotion that was actually ran in a dojo! Trust me, I've seen other similar approaches.  I've heard of the "guaranteed black belt in 2 years" or "belt factories where no one ever fails."  And, those are just the one's off of the top of my head. All this made me stop and wonder about a few things...

  • How could a sensei actually do this?
  • How could a parent go along with this?
  • How could a student buy into this?
  • How did all of this ACTUALLY happen?
But, the common denominator is that something was missing. First, the sensei lost (or never had) his / her moral compass in delivering quality martial arts instruction. Second, the integrity to martial arts has been removed from their dojo, the standards in achieving a new belt or goal has been lowered, the opportunity to succeed OR fail has been abolished, the true sense of accomplishment has been manipulated, and the necessary journey to succeeding has been shorten. All of these issues exist today, and I'm sure it's a dojo that you've seen while shopping at the grocery store, or surfing the internet.  They are everywhere! How can this be!?  Somebody stop the madness!  A new karate belt rank in just week!  What!?! Well, how do you know that YOUR dojo is not that?  There are a lot of signs that make The Dojo of Karate so different from other dojos in Colorado, but more importantly, there are things we embrace and expect every student experience. We will provide a series of articles that make The Dojo of Karate different from other dojos, so stay tuned for the next article. And, to make things clear, we do not plan on hosting a "Belt Camp" where you can earn a belt in 1 week.  That's just weird.

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