Karate Award Banquet Results

2013 Award Banquet Winners at The Dojo of KarateFor all the families that attended The Dojo of Karate's POST Holiday Party and Award Banquet, we greatly appreciate it! It was awesome to see SOOOO many families attend this banquet, new and old, and to see how our Karate school as grown over the past 5 plus years.  I am looking forward to the next 5 years! If you missed our Holiday Party and Karate Award Banquet, then let's just fill you in really quick! The event was hosted at the Good News Church in Broomfield, CO.  They were kind enough to let us rent their space for a nominal fee, which was awesome! We had Qdoba Mexican Grill cater our event by providing a variety of options, such as Taco Bar, Naked Burrito Bar, and chips and salsa. Ms. Luana Lee, as always, provided Wontons for everyone, and they were, as always, delicious! And, we had plenty of cake and refreshments. My son, Gabriel, was passed around to quite a few families, and we were a bit concerned that we were not going to be leaving with him, but fortunately he made it back to my wife and I! Finally we had our Karate Award Banquet, and this is the part of the event that so many students look forward to.  We did our presentation a bit different, with certificates at the event, and plaques presented at The Dojo of Karate.  That way, if you or your child missed the event, they could be recognized in front of their peers. Over the years, I have created a variety of categories that will recognize students for their hard work, dedication, perseverance, and focus while training at The Dojo of Karate.  And, I want to continue to have students that are wanting to achieve the goal of a Black Belt! The categories for awards and winners are below.  Feel free to TAG yourself to this post if you would like to have your son or daughter showcased in your Facebook feed.

  1. Best Beginners Karate Student – Peter D.
  2. Best Intermediate Karate Student – Anna S.
  3. Best Advanced Karate Student – Tyler V.
  4. Best Lil’ Ninjas Karate Student – Luka R.
  5. Best Teen & Adult Karate Student – Garret N.
  6. Best All Round Male – Hawk S.
  7. Best All Round Female – Asha S.
  8. Best Tournament Competitor – Jack B.
  9. Best In Katas – Iris K.
  10. Best In Kumite – Sam C.
  11. Best Black Belt Attitude – Jackson P.
  12. Best Martial Arts Family – Hailey & Sydney S.
  13. Most Improved Karate Student – Owen C.
  14. Most Dedicated Karate Student – Maci P.
  15. Best Black Belt Perseverance – Frial K.
  16. Best Leadership Team Member – Caleb D. & Madeline P.
During the Karate Award Banquet, I have a story, or example of why each person won the award, which is always fun to put a little spotlight on the students, as they usually don't expect it.  Right now, we don't have time, but at the very least, congratulate your friends and classmates for their hard work.  And, if you want to win something next year, put in twice as much work.  I will see it. Until next time, Sensei Lozano [gallery ids="4649,4648,4647,4646,4645,4644,4643,4642"]

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