3 Key Self-Defense Concepts

  [caption id="attachment_3671" align="alignleft" width="200"]Adult Karate & Self-Defense Learning reality based self-defense skills is important in every Karate class.[/caption] The Dojo of Karate is proud to be one of the only schools in Colorado that teaches traditional Japanese Wado Karate and Modern Day Self-Defense. Our Karate & Self-Defense classes teaches students 3 Key Self-Defense Concepts when protecting themselves.  These concepts aren't difficult to apply, rather, makes sense when you begin your training.

  1. Proximity Negates Skill - What this means is once someone enters your "bubble" than your skills can diminish.  This holds true with many women.  When you are defending yourself, you need to make sure your attacker stays at a distance of about a legs length.  This allows you to see their every move and make calculated decisions.  Now, this does not mean our students can not defend themselves once an attacker has entered their bubble, rather, your strategy needs to change.  We teach students how to defend themselves with close-combat techniques, and distant techniques.
  2. Forward Aggression Wins - This isn't new to wars and battles.  Usually, the troops that use 'Forward Aggression' will walk out victorious.  The same applies with people trying to defend themselves.  If you are being attacked, and you continue to move backwards, you will eventually run into something, i.e. - wall, ledge, table, etc.  But, if you put on the determination of attacking your attacker, they will not know what hit them.  By using forceful, and focused techniques such as stomp kicks and jabs & crosses, while moving forward, your attacker will need to backoff, or continue to take blows from you.
  3. Punches In Bunches - This is an old Boxers term that many boxers are taught when learning how to fight.  When you punch, don't just throw one punch, throw multiple punches.  Why...? Because it's easier to block one punch, but it's harder to defend 4 punches and 2 kicks.  So, when you learn a self-defense move in our school, usually your finishing moves are 3-4 punches to the chin or face.  We even teach our females to use palm heel strikes instead of punches because their hands are typically smaller and could easily break an a males face if they do not punch correctly.
There you have it -- 3 Key Self-Defense Concepts our students at The Dojo of Karate learn when training in our school.  They are not difficult to memorize because we teach these concepts by applying them with drills. If you're interested in learning a proven art of self-protection, come by our school and try our program..  We're sure you'll walk away with some great knowledge and a good workout.

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