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[caption id="attachment_3785" align="alignleft" width="300"]karate trophy and medals Being able to win an event is impressive... being able to win a world class event regularly -- takes skills.[/caption] Want to know why training at a Martial Arts school with a World Champion Instructor will make you and your child better? Now, this isn't about tooting my own horn, rather a way to look at things differently when you select a Karate studio for your training. Think of it like this... The New England Patriots are considered one of the best NFL teams this decade.  They've won 3 Super Bowls, went undefeated during an entire regular season, and broke all sorts of records in 2007.  If you had a chance to "train" with Tom Brady, don't you think that would make you a better quarterback, and you would learn some pretty insightful stuff? Exactly... So here are my Top 3 Reasons Training With A World Champion Will Make You Better.

  1. Dedication - Training in the Martial Arts is a ton of fun.  You'll get in great shape, learn self-defense, meet some cool friends, just to name a few.  And, if you stick with it long enough, you can potentially earn a Black Belt in a given art.  To be a World Champion takes a lot of time and dedication in your training, but also in preparing your mind and spirit.  Being a Black Belt in Karate isn't for everyone.  Neither is being a Champion.  But, if you want to achieve your goals, you need to have dedication.  At The Dojo of Karate we teach our students how set attainable goals, but also stay dedicated in continuing to strive and move forward up our ranks.  Many people have a tendency to walk away from difficult challenges, but a good instructor can instill good practices to help their students reach for the stars.
  2. Leadership - This a trait that many people will NEVER have the chance to learn or experience.  Leadership skills are tough to learn and more importantly tough to walk the path.  As a Leader, you need to always 'Lead By Example'.  People are always looking at you when you are a Champion, therefore one may mimic or copy your every move.  At The Dojo of Karate, we teach our kids Leadership Skills by letting them lead a small group of students to learn certain techniques.  Why is this important?  Students need to understand that helping others achieve their goals and improving their peers in Martial Arts will make them a better Martial Artist and a respectable leader.  As a World Champion, I always made sure I exhibited good sportsmanship and respect to others because you never know who may be watching...  Plus, this was important to me in becoming a leader because if I learned how to be a leader, than I can teach others how to be leaders too.
  3. Will Power - Now this is a bit different than dedication.  Will Power is a spiritual thing that you need to dig down deep into your soul.  We all have Will Power, but it's different for everyone.  An example of using your Will Power is when we fall down in life or fall short in something we attempt to go after.  It takes a lot of Will Power to pull yourself up and say "I can do this" and try again.  As a World Champion, I NEEDED Will Power everyday.  There were times where I felt I was in the trenches... Whether it was putting together a bad string of matches, or coming short in a close match - those sometimes hit your ego pretty hard. I pulled out of those "slumps" and made them a positive part of my life.  My students at The Dojo of Karate all need to demonstrate Will Power because they will have tough days in class or life.  But, if they can dig deep, and they will, they will come out ahead of the pack.
Notice that training with a World Champion isn't always about technique or athletic skills.  It is the intangibles you can not put a price tag on, however they carry more value  in developing your Life Skills.  Anyone can be a World Champion... but there is more to being a Champion than simply being better than the rest. If you would like to experience some great Martial Arts training, join us at The Dojo of Karate, where we will teach you about yourself, and how you can unleash your inner strengths to become a Champion in life.

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