Fall Classic Karate Tournament Results

Students At The Dojo of Karate Fall Classic Karate Tournament

On Saturday, October 5th The Dojo of Karate hosted their second tournament of the year for 2013 called the Fall Classic Karate Tournament. We had a ton of kids competing in kata, sparring, obstacle courses and best junzuki. The result... A bunch of medals and trophies were awarded, kids displayed some amazing confidence and focus, a few tears were shed, but everyone left with huge smiles! But, before we go any further, I need to thank all of our volunteers, including parents and students, for helping this karate tournament a success.  Without your help we wouldn't have been able to host this tournament or allow our students see how deep their perseverance really goes.

Lil' Ninjas Obstacle Course

Lil' Ninjas Karate StudentsThe Dojo of Karate has been doing an Obstacle Course Race for students in the Lil' Ninjas Karate Students as a way to help develop their coordination, motor skills, balance, reaction, focus, and confidence.  The best part about the Obstacle Course Race -- parents cheering their kid, and all of the other kids when running through the course.  Their support really helps with their confidence and focus. We ended up doing a couple of different courses during the Obstacle Course Race, with one of them taking the format of the old TV show American Gladiator.  If you recall some 2o years ago, one obstacle required the participants to run from station to station shooting various weapons at a Gladiator, while the Gladiators were shooting tennis balls with a gun.  Probably one of my favorite events... Anyways, we have something similar... minus all the danger! Kids loved it.  Parents loved.  Everyone loved it! Here's a picture of all the students after the Obstacle Course Race.


Winner For Best Junzuki - Beginners

This division was for all students that have been training in our beginners Karate program at The Dojo of Karate.  Basically, anyone that has been training for approximately 1 to 9 months. We broke students up into groups of 3 or 4 students and had them perform 5 junzukis down the floor in one direction, turn with a block, do 5 more junzukis, and turn with another block. From there, I chose the person that had the best junzuki for each group.  And, some groups were very challenging to select winners because our students really took their training to the next level! After the smoke settled, there were two students battling it out for the coveted 2 foot trophy.  It was between Lara L. and Madeline W. This was a VERY difficult decision to make between these two amazing students, but in the end Madeline W. was able to slightly edge Lara L. for Best Junzuki in the Beginners program. Congratulations Madeline!

Winner For Best Junzuki - Intermediate / Advanced

Now, for best Junzuki in the Intermediate and Advanced students, was even tougher to make the decisions. I approached the format the same, separate students into groups of 3 or 4 per group and have them perform 5 junzuki's in one direction and 5 in the other direction. After all groups performed, the winners of each group were as followed:
  • Tyler V.
  • Lauren W.
  • Madeline P.
  • Ethan Wa.
  • Anna S.
  • Ethan S.
  • Sydney S.
  • Asha S.
  • Frial K.
  • Hawk S.
The final competition was between Frial K. and Madeline P., and honestly, Frial could have taken this from Madeline.  But, in the end Madeline was able to keep her title as Best Junzuki for an Advanced Student.  The best thing about this was that Frial took a 3 month break to heal her back, and she's doing better now then she's ever had before.

Kata Divisions

Junior Beginners Karate Tournament Competitors All students competed in kata, performing their most advanced form that has been taught in classes. Students needed to do a presentation to the judges by stating their name, what kata they will be performing, and permission to begin.  This is the first step to grading and evaluating a competitor. After they had been granted permission, the begin to perform their kata, with yells in various spots of the kata. Students are graded on their focus, confidence, power, speed, stances, and precision.  In the end, the are awarded a score that hopefully holds up to give them 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.  But, ultimately, the competition is designed to help students build their self confidence. In the Junior Advanced Division the top 3 finishers were as followed: 1st Place - Ethan We. 2nd Place - Ethan Wa. 3rd Place - Tyler V. In the Teens and Adult Division the top 3 finishers were as followed: 1st Place - Madeline P. 2nd Place - Tim M. 3rd Place - Connor M. In the Junior Intermediate 10 years old and up, the top 3 finishers were as followed: 1st Place - Anna S. 2nd Place - Sydney S. 3rd Place - Trevor M. In the Junior Intermediate 7 to 9 years old, the top 3 finishers were as followed: 1st Place - Hawk S. 2nd Place - Connor M. 3rd Place - Tom A. Now, some of you may be asking who placed for our beginners and lil' ninjas divisions, but for some reason I have misplaced those results.  Nonetheless, the winners looked great!

Spar-A-Thon Winner

As many of you know, our Spar-A-Thon is the format we take for our Karate Tournaments.  This gives students the opportunity to fight as many matches as they wish, score as many points as they wish, and set a goal to get a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal -- depending how many points they score at the end of the day. The winner for our Spar-A-Thon for scoring nearly 60 points was Tim M.  I think Tim M did a great job sparring with various students, including his two kids -- Connor and Ryan M.  The Dojo of Karate is proud of Tim M. and how his family performed at the Fall Classic Karate Tournament. If you missed this Karate Tournament, don't worry, as we will be hosting another tournament in February or March next year.  So stay tuned! Again congratulations to all of our winners and competitors. [gallery ids="4579,4578,4577,4575,4574,4573,4572,4571,4570,4569,4566,4565,4563,4562,4561,4558,4556,4555,4554,4553,4552,4551"]

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