Stripe Test and Belt Test Week: October 28th - November 1st

[caption id="attachment_3513" align="alignleft" width="261"]Martial Arts at The Dojo of Karate has proven to help students improve their grades. Martial Arts at The Dojo of Karate has proven to help students improve their grades.[/caption] Is your child struggling in school? This is a common concern and problem that parents share with us at The Dojo of Karate. "My son is struggling in school because he won't turn in his homework". Or "my daughter is having a hard time focusing in class, thus making it difficult for her to learn". Most school teachers recommend putting your child into Martial Arts lessons. A child training in Karate has proven to help students improve their academics in the short term, as well as, the long term -- such as preparing them for college and beyond.


How can Martial Arts classes improve your child's grades? For starters, accountability.  The Dojo of Karate has created an accountability system where students will learn to be accountable for their grades in school.  In other words, if your child is doing poorly in their academics, than progressing up our belt ranking system to achieve a Black Belt will take longer. However, they will also be rewarded for bringing in good grades. All students at The Dojo of Karate are required to show their report card to their Karate teacher - Sensei Lozano.  This way we can keep tabs on how they are doing, and encourage them to do better. We believe if your child can focus and concentrate in our Kids Martial Arts Classes, than you can apply those same skills to school. Another reason Martial Arts will help improve your child's grades is confidence.  Children in our Karate program will begin to develop the confidence in themselves because our instructors are always encouraging.  We pull the best out of your child, which in turn, they apply in school.  Your child will start to believe in themselves and continue to give their best efforts towards their academics. So do you think your child is falling short of their academic potential? Call The Dojo of Karate at: 303.920.4500 or simply fill out the form at the top right of the page, and we'll be more than happy to setup an evaluation to see which Martial Arts program will be best for them. The Dojo of Karate serves residents in the Broomfield, Westminster, and Thornton area.

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