Only Black Belts Can Defend Themselves

[caption id="attachment_3526" align="alignleft" width="200"]Karate and Self-Defense Black Belts aren't the only one's that can defend themselves...[/caption] This is a common misconception that novices make when wanting to learn self-defense. Some of this came about because we only see pictures of Black Belts perform self-defense moves.  Or we see all of those movies with fighting scenes, which are performed by a Black Belt. From there we begin to build in our head, that learning to defend yourself will require a Black Belt, and it takes FOREVER to earn a Black Belt... right. Fortunately for you, this is no longer the case. Self-Defense is for anyone.  That's right.  If you have the want or feel the urgency to learn how to protect you and your family, than you need to join one of our Karate and Self-Defense programs. You will learn how to defend yourself in about 3-4 months.  That's how efficient our self-defense system is designed.  And, if you decide to continue your training, which we highly encourage, than you can potentially earn an official Black Belt in Self-Defense in about 3 years, hence the name of our program. When you join our Adult Self-Defense Program, this is what you will gain from it

  1. Confidence - You will begin to believe in yourself and know that you can protect yourself because of the way we teach you the various skills necessary to progress.  Our drills are designed to get the best out of you, by giving you various ways of repeating certain techniques.
  2. Knowledge - You will start to know how an attacker thinks, and what they are trying to do.  All attackers have a common goal, and typically go after the weakest people.  By gaining knowledge on how an attacker plucks its pray, you will alter even the way you walk down the street.
  3. Strength & Conditioning - This isn't the most important attribute you will gain from our program, but it can play a factor.  By executing kicks, punches, strikes, & blocks at various tempos and in different formats, your power will increase because you are using different muscles.  And, by performing some techniques at a high pace, you will begin to condition yourself to go the extra mile.
Our Karate and Self-Defense program has been tested over the course of time, but simplified for you to learn.  Why?  Because the ultimate goal is to get you to learn how to use real world self-protection techniques in a manner that makes sense.  If you need to think more about what you will do next, than your attacker will gain control.  But, if you learn tactics and moves that get the job done, your attacker will realize they made a mistake. We highly encourage you come to The Dojo of Karate and try 2 FREE weeks of Karate classes.  You will realize how efficient our system is and enjoy learning self-defense.

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