New Fall 2013 T-Shirts

After several requests, and a little thinking -- The Dojo of Karate has decided to release some Fall 2013 T-shirts this year. Now, these new t-shirt designs CAN NOT be worn in Karate classes since September 30th is the last day to wear our Summer T-shirts in classes.  However, we'd love to have you guys wear them everywhere else -- including school, church, public events, or just your normal, daily lives. There is something cool about t-shirts... especially if they are catchy, different, unique, and just plan awesome. One summer, The Dojo of Karate had a t-shirt that had a silhouette image of myself doing a jump front kick and the slogan below it saying: "Let's Just Assume I know Karate". That was a WIDELY popular t-shirt, to the point where if I had it in public, people would stop, read my shirt, laugh, and comment on it. So, I figured that it would be a cool idea to bring it back, but a bit different. Below are samples of the t-shirts that we plan on having made by our awesome vendor Tik Tok Ink in Broomfield, CO. We will be accepting orders immediately, so place your order by no later then September 15th so we can get them in soon!

Keep Calm And Dojo On

As many of you may have seen, there is a trend of t-shirts out there with the "keep calm" saying, and then something that says to keep going.  Some that you may have seen are:
  • Keep Calm and Chive On
  • Keep Calm and Carry On
  • Keep Calm and Be Yourself
  • Etc...
The Dojo of Karate decided to create their version with a Keep Calm and Dojo On.  This t-shirt will be available to anyone (student, parent, fitness client, etc).  So if you're interested in ordering this t-shirt, we suggest you place an order NOW, and we can have one made for you. The price of this t-shirt will be $20 and that will include tax.

The Dojo of Karate | Keep Calm And Dojo On T-shirt

Let's Just Assume I Know Karate

There was an older version of this design a few summers ago, in black, and it had a sun in the back ground.  The idea was to take the concept of original "The Karate Kid" movie where Daniel Son is doing a crane kick. So, instead of having the sun in the back ground, I decided to have the t-shirt in red, with the jump flying kick and slogan in black. Trust me, if you're wearing this t-shirt in public, you'll get quite a bit of attention.  It's funny, catchy, and just plain cool. The price of this t-shirt will be $20 and that will include tax.

Let's Just Assume I Know KarateLet us know what you guys think of the new t-shirts for the Fall 2013.

And, keep in mind that The Dojo of Karate has several pieces of apparel, such as new gear bags, hats, t-shirts, and COMING SOON -- new TDOK Hoodies.

We'll keep you posted!

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