Broomfield Adult Self-Defense, part 1

The Dojo of Karate offers one of the best Adult Self-Defense programs in Colorado because it is a reality based self-protection training that is extremely easy to learn and execute. Below we are going to explain to you a few ways our program can help your confidence, fitness, conditioning, and knowledge.

Self Defense Black Belt Program Develops Confidence

That's right, our Self-Defense Black Belt Program will give you confidence. How? Well, we'll teach you the fundamentals on how to punch correctly, where to strike, how a pressure point will affect your opponents, and which techniques will be more effective. You may not become a lethal weapon in our training, but you'll have the swagger needed to defend yourself in any given situation.

Self Defense Black Belt Program Is Reality Based Training

Also, with our reality based self-defense all students are required to give their best effort, and not be a good attacker.  Instead of punching away from your targeted area, we concentrate on striking at all targeted areas with precision and control. For instance, when we work partnered self-defense moves, the simulated attacker will execute techniques in a way that will allow the defender the opportunity to defend correctly.  If the defender somehow forgets, or misses the punch or kick, they will not be injured due to our "fighters distance". This is our operating distance where techniques could potentially hit you, however, the distance established allows you to be safe. Once you get more comfortable, the designated attacker will move at a faster pace, which than requires you to react faster.  Simulating reality training. Without making actual full contact, as a beginner, you are getting the necessary training to react for certain attacks. Next time we'll talk about fitness & conditioning when training in the Self-Defense Black Belt Program. To learn more about Self-Defense Black Belt Program call 303.920.4500 or email us at:

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