Broomfield Adult Self-Defense, part 2

Last time we talked how The Dojo of Karate's Adult Self-Defense program can give you the necessary confidence in order to protect yourself in practically any given situation. Now, we move on to a different topic.

Self-Defense Black Belt Program Will Increase Your Fitness & Conditioning

We get this all the time...
"I want to learn real self-defense, but also get a great workout so I can increase fitness & conditioning."
"Staying physically active is really important to me, so doing activities as a cross-training exercise would be ideal."
"Well, you've come to the right!" is what we typically reply with. See, in our Self Defense Black Belt Program, you will not only learn reality based self protection moves, techniques, and training, but also increase your fitness level.  It's inevitable... When you begin to learn a certain series of attacking moves and strikes, we than increase the intensity when you work on a free standing bag, or focus mitts.  This not only trains you to go hard, but also to push yourself because in every self-defense situation, you will have to fight harder. In addition, we do "burnout" during each class.  This basically requires you to execute a certain drill as fast and hard as you can for small bursts of time.  This will really increase you conditioning. Finally, all Adult Self-Defense students have free, full access, to our Fitness KickBoxing to compliment their training and practice certain techniques they use in their self-defense class. So what are you waiting for? Join the Self-Defense Black Belt Program and build a better you!  We are servicing residents in the Broomfield, Westminster, and Thornton area, so it's an easy drive from Denver or Boulder. Call 303.920.4500 or email us at: to setup an appointment.

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