Learn Self-Defense With Just 4 Easy Tips

[caption id="attachment_3782" align="alignleft" width="200"]adult karate lessons Karate and Self-Defense can be easy, but the mastering of techniques takes time.[/caption] The Dojo of Karate teaches Karate and self-defense to kids and adults in the Broomfield, Westminster, and Thornton area of Colorado. The Head Instructor is Javier Lozano, Jr. -- a 3rd degree black belt in the Japanese combat art of Wado Karate, World Champion fighter, and nearly 19 years of Martial Arts experience... so I knows a thing or two about self-defense. When you train at The Dojo of Karate, your safety is my biggest concern.  About 50% of my students train in the Martial Arts to learn self-defense, therefore making sure my students have the confidence to defend themselves is pretty crucial. We have 4 EASY tips to offer you about Self-Defense.  Now, will you be able to disarm an attacker with a weapon with these 4 tips...? probably not because training and building skill, develops your technique...  and you need to develop self-protection skills. But, what it will do is teach you the fundamentals my adult self-defense  students learn when they train in our Adult Karate Program.

  1. Awareness Of Your Surroundings - This is probably the number one reason why people become victims to crimes in large cities or small towns -- they are not aware of their surroundings.  This means you need to know what is around you at all times.  Especially late at night.  And, if your friend is texting you the latest gossip about your friend, but your iPhone back in your purse and leave it alone until you get into your car.  If it is dark outside, make sure walk outside knowing what is around you by constantly keeping your head up and seeing who passes you or who may be behind you at all times... until you get to your final SAFE destination.
  2. Confidence - Believe it or not, if you walk around with your head down, shoulders slouched forward, and never make eye contact, attackers tend to find these victims as "easy targets".  Why??? Because you are not displaying the confidence that an attacker does not want to approach.  Think of it like this... Lions go after prey that they  KNOW they can kill in order to eat.  A lion will never go after a Cheetah...  So, the next time you're walking to your car after a night of fun in town, keep your head-up, shoulders pulled back, and always look around you.  Strut your stuff like you know are the last person someone wants to mess with.
  3. Throw Them Bows - Remember that Ludacris song "Throw Them Bow"?  That exactly what you want to do when someone tries to assault you.  If someone comes to attack you, use your elbows because its one of the hardest parts of your body.  Plus, it's practically impossible to break the elbow when you are driving it into at attackers nose.  When you "throw them bows" keep your hands in strike vertically (up and down motion) or horizontally (across motion).  This gives you a few different strikes you can use when you get attacked.  Next time, I will show you how to properly execute a bow strike.
  4. Kick For Fences - So after you've struck your attacker with a few bows to the face, you need to finish off your assaulter.  I do not typically agree with kicks to the groin, merely because they can sometimes be ineffective to most large attackers... But, if you kick with the instep of your foot and aim to kick your attacker at the head, merely through the crotch... than it's an effective kick. :)  Why? Because you're driving your kick to target that is further way, and need to develop 'momentum'... you just so happen to be going through the groin to get to your target.
That's it... You've got 4 EASY Self-Defense Tips you can apply to your everyday living. Now if you would actually like to learn HOW to defend yourself in less than 3 months and potentially earn a Black Belt in 3 to 4 years, than you need to check out our Adult Karate & Self-Defense Program.  This is a reality based self-defense class and traditional Japanese Karate that is no non-sense, to the point, and easy to perform.  It's a 'thinkers' art of self-protection combat. We promise you that you'll enjoy our Adult Karate & Self-Defense that w would like to offer you 2 FREE weeks of training with no obligation.  We want to make sure you are so confident in yourself, that the 1st two tips are just a given and the second two tips are just a piece of your wide arsenal self-defense techniques.

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