Family Appreciation Month

The Dojo of Karate | Family Appreciation MonthTwice a year, The Dojo of Karate offers a great promotion to parents and immediate family members in the same house hold.  We call this Family Appreciation Month, and this is YOUR opportunity to take advantage of one of our Karate programs through The Dojo of Karate or Fitness programs through Summit Fit Dojo. The Dojo of Karate greatly appreciates your support for a local, family owned, business in Westminster, CO and this is one of the ways we can say "Thank You" -- by allowing you to test drive one of our programs, with no obligation. So, even if you and / or a family member doesn't continue to train in one of our programs, you'll at least be able to say that you've experienced it, and can let people know how AWESOME the classes were and how much FUN you had during your free month of training. Remember we offer the following Karate & Fitness Programs:

And... if you decide to actually continue your training with The Dojo of Karate or Summit Fit Dojo, then we'll make sure to apply our Family Discount, which is 50% off our normal programs!  That's HUGE!!!  And, if you have a 3rd person join, it's 50% off, while the 4th person is a WHOPPING 75% off!! Why the steep discounts? The Dojo of Karate & Summit Fit Dojo is a Family Fitness Training Center.  We want to allow our clients the opportunity to train in our facility as a family.  The model is to have karate students and fitness students train at the same time and finish relatively close, so the family can go home and have a life. Take advantage of Family Appreciation Month.  It's only offered twice per year, and it's only during the entire month of September, so if you try us out on September 28th, well, you get a solid 2 days! We look forward to having you guys check out our programs.

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