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2013 Summer T-Shirts

The Dojo of Karate 2013 Summer T-Shirts will be available for pre-order, starting today!

If you are not aware, every Summer, The Dojo of Karate comes up with a new Summer T-Shirt design for students and families to purchase and wear.  These t-shirts can be worn throughout the Summer, starting June 1st and ending August 31st.  Sometimes we even extend it past September, as Colorado Summer’s can be erratic.

Basically, students willy replace their Gi Tops with the Summer T-Shirts, and simply wear their Gi Bottoms and Obi (belt).

As many of you know, Colorado Summer’s can be brutal, and wearing t-shirts is a more comfortable attire to train in, then heavy Karate gi’s.  Plus, it’s a cool way to get people to see wear you take Karate, and show your “dojo pride” to the public.

In addition, if you have previous versions of t-shirts and designs, we ask that you please only wear our current one, so that every student is in uniform.

Below is an image of what the design will look like.  The front will have our new logo design, the same bird/phoenix, but his head turned around, the rising sun in the background, and a fist — which replaces the “wa” kanji sign.

We will have the t-shirts on a sports gray and offer the following sizes.



We ask that you please pre-order your t-shirt size, as this makes it VERY easy to do the sale, distribute the Summer T-shirts, and put in an accurate order to our vendor.

The Dojo of Karate Summer T-Shirt

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