Belt Test & Stripe Test

Stripe Test & Belt Test Week: October 20th to 24th

The Dojo of Karate Belt TestThis month, The Dojo of Karate will be moving Stripe Week and Belt Test 1 week early, due to Halloween falling on a Friday this year.

And, as most of you know, kids will choose candy over Karate most days of the week.

Trust me, I’m not offended.

With that said, October’s Stripe Week will take place from the 20th to 23rd, while the Belt Test will be on Friday, October 24th at 5:00 PM.

Parents, please keep in mind that in order for your child to belt test, they will need to have 3 FULL stripes on their belt.  When they are invited to take the belt test, they will be given a permission slip that will need to be signed by their teachers and parents — then turned in on the day of the test.

As always, Stripe Week is simply when students will be reviewed on the material we’ve been working on for that entire month — so in our case, October.  If they do well, they will receive a full stripe.  If there are areas they need to improve in they will potentially receive a half stripe.  And, if they have some major struggles or work to be done, they may not receive a stripe.

Good luck to all the potential testers!

Wado Kai Karate Videos

So, in the past we’ve had students ask for our katas to be posted online so that they can refer to it as a guide.

I’ve been hesitant on this for many reasons.

The most obvious one is that students should take the time to practice what is taught to them, in order for them to actually KNOW the kata.  Not just go through the movement of the kata and say you “know” the kata.

The other reasons have to do with requirements at certain levels.  The kata is not the same as it is for an Orange belt as it is for a Brown belt.  There are certain movements that need to be executed, and usually it can’t be explained in a video — because it makes no sense unless you’ve been training in our dojo for a regular basis.

The thing to understand is that Wado Kai Karate is a never ending learning process.  You learn one move, then you learn a better way to execute that particular move.  From there you then refine the movement to make it even better.  Sometimes you add other body parts to do the actual movement and that helps a certain move go faster, smoother, with more power.

Then, you continue to train, and learn something else while you’re practicing your kata and you realize there’s a more efficient way to perform the kata or a certain move in the kata (hopefully you’re lead by your sensei before you start doing this).  So, you remove what you learned previously and start using the “new” version.

See, Wado, when it became what it is, never really had a “finished product”.  Things were always changing and continue to change.

Why do they change?

Half the time I have no idea…

While other times is the actual time spent in the kata that one needs to search and start mining for more information.  And, the only way to figure that out is by simply spending time in kata.  Spending time in actually learning what the kata means.

Since Wado is sort of like a living, breathing organism, it continues to grow and improve.  While other styles of martial arts are “pre-packaged”.  Thus, they don’t change what was in the book that was written 25 years ago, because it’s their “bible” for training.

The dojo (where you train) is where you make the changes and adaptations that is being taught to the sensei.

What is taught to one student will not necessarily be the same for another student.

Wado has a way of making everyone the same, yet different at the same time, while other styles — everyone looks the same.

So, instead of having me do a video of wado kata’s, I decided to actually use video from Otsuka Sensei – our Grandmaster of Wado Kai Karate.  Keep in mind that this was filled in the mid 60’s with a 8mm video camera.  So, it’s rough.  And what he is doing is different from what we do — at times because he’s older and may have been “hiding” movements that he didn’t want other outsiders to learn and know.

Finally, every time I go train with my sensei, I learn new things, which then makes me change my basics and katas — specifically my 5 pinan katas.  I tell my adult students to learn to adapt and accept that there are always going to be a “system” update.

Again, my main hesitation when it comes to placing videos online of our kata.

Anyways, enjoy the Wado Katas from Otsuka Sensei.

Stripe Test & Belt Test Week: April 21st – 25th

The Dojo of Karate Belt TestThough this message is a bit delayed, The Dojo of Karate will host their Stripe Week from April 21st to April 24th and Belt Test on Friday, April 25th @ 5:00 PM.

All eligible students need to make sure they earn their 3rd and final stripe (below green belts) and get their permission slips signed by their parents & teachers.

We are looking forward to a successful belt test at The Dojo of Karate!

Stripe Test And Belt Test Week: March 17th – 21st

The Dojo of Karate Belt Test

The Dojo of Karate holds monthly belt tests to help students achieve their goals — Black Belt

The Dojo of Karate will have their Stripe Test and Belt Test the week before Spring Break, just in case you are out of town.  This will be the week of March 17th to the 21st, with the Belt Test taking place on Friday, March 21st at 5:00 PM.

Please make sure you mark your calendars, as this month the stripe testing week is one week earlier then the normally designated slot of the last week of the month.

And, as always, make sure your kids have their permission slips filled out and signed so they are eligible to test and participate for the exam.

Finally, all results will be given AFTER Spring Break.  Yes, we know it’s a long time to wait but if your child is desperately waiting to know their results, please email Sensei Lozano at javier @ thedojoofkarate (dot) com.  There may be a delay in the reply, but it’s because we try to avoid decompress too.


Stripe Test And Belt Test Week: January 27th – 31st

The Dojo of Karate Belt Test

The Dojo of Karate holds monthly belt tests to help students achieve their goals — Black Belt

The Dojo of Karate will be hosting it’s first belt test for 2014 on Friday, January 2014 at 5:00 PM.  If your child is scheduled to belt test, the will receive a permission slip that needs to be signed by their teachers and parents, and then returned on the belt testing day.

Also, the week of January 27th to January 30th, will be Stripe Testing Week, which means students will be able to earn a stripe for their work during the month of January.

Looking forward to seeing a new group of belt tests and growth in our dojo!

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