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Westminster Hyper Martial Arts Classes

Beginner Hyper Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In September



Martial Arts is a great way to teach your child the importance of respect, discipline, self-control, perseverance, dedication and the warrior spirit.

And, even though The Dojo of Karate teaches these fundamental characteristics during every karate session, which is known as our traditional core values with modern day training, some students want to take their training to the next level.

Martial Arts in Westminster

Martial Arts in Westminster

Martial Arts in Westminster

They want to become a Martial Arts Athlete…

What does it mean to be a Martial Arts Athlete?

First, a Martial Arts Athlete has a solid foundation of the core basics of martial arts training, such what is taught in our Karate programs. This includes solid punches, strong kicks, deep stances, focus during every training session, leaderships skills to lead by example every day, and many more characteristics.

Second, a Martial Arts Athlete also has the motivation and goals to be a champion. Not necessarily a sports karate champion, but a champion mindset of always climbing the ladder of success.

They always want to improve their karate skills, get better at their craft, and master martial arts techniques — taking their training to the next level.

In addition a Martial Arts Athlete has a team of individuals all training with the same purpose & goal — to become the best black belt possible and encourage each other to strive higher.

With that said, our Martial Arts Athletes are normal students that have decided to take their training to the next level by joining our elite training program — Hyper Pro Training Martial Arts.

The Dojo of Karate’s Hyper Pro Training Martial Arts program has been created to allow students to train with their friends (like other team sports), in a safe, fun, and motivating environment that encourages everyone to strive for excellence. Not just in the karate school, but also in life.

During every Hyper Pro Training Martial Arts classes, students will learn:

  • More explosive kicking techniques
  • Better stretching moves to improve kicks
  • How to increase your power on every punch
  • New acrobatic techniques that defy the laws of gravity
  • The best ways to improve your blocks & stances
  • How to use new weapons with a modern flair
  • Team challenges that pushes everyone to perform better
  • Kicking battles that allows kids to be creative
  • And much more!

Every student, no matter their experience, is eligible to become apart of the Hyper Pro Training Martial Arts Program, however, a student needs to be invited to the team in order to join this elite group of Martial Arts Athletes.

When a student is invited into the Hyper Martial Arts Program, they will gain exclusive access to special training sessions every week that will improve their overall martial arts skills.

More importantly, they will be apart of a team of Martial Arts Athletes that will inspire others to have perseverance throughout their martial arts training career.


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