Holiday Karate Special

All offers expire December 31st, 2008, so call today to pickup your gift!  303.920.4500


Promotion: 6 Weeks of Karate Lessons, FREE uniform, and belt - all gift wrapped in a Holiday Box - ONLY $119!!!

This Karate Holiday Promotion is valued at over $275!  That is nearly a 60% savings from our regular Beginners Program, which does not include a free uniform, priced at $35.

Why are we discounting our price so much?  We are so confident that you will not only enjoy our Karate lessons, but also benefit from them… So we are willing to make an offer you can’t refuse!

Students will learn the traditional Japanese art called Wado Karate, one of 4 major Karate styles recognized by Japan.  Our curriculum focuses in developing life skills such as: self-confidence, respect, fitness, self-discipline, goal setting, inner peace, as well as learning proper self-defense.

Our Children Beginners Martial Arts Program has been designed to challenge students to succeed in all areas of life and at the Karate school, while working on the physical conditioning for a healthy lifestyle.  New students begin in a group class with other beginners, as this allows them to feel more comfortable.

As for our Adult Beginners Martial Arts Program, we have created these classes to help students with some of their personal goals, such as fitness, strength, and flexibility.  But, we also encompass the ancient teachings of Wado Karate, as this will allow the student to learn more about the art and not just self-defense.

We are conveniently located next to Safeway on 128th and Zuni St. in the Willow Run Shopping Center.  Feel free to drop by anytime, or call for more information: 303.920.4500