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June Martial Arts Newsletter – 2011


Here’s the latest updates for our June Martial Arts Newsletter — A Cup of DoJoe.

Summer Camp Classes

As I’ve mentioned in our previous emails and during classes, we are currently offering our morning Kids Summer Camp classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10:00 AM.

They are still 45 minute long sessions, but it’s a great way to make up classes for families that go out of town during the summer OR use it as your new time slot to train, instead of the evenings.

This class time will run through the middle of August.

Keep in mind that we are currently offering our 6 Week Summer Camp Special to new clients interested in trying out Karate classes at The Dojo of Karate.  If you invite a friend and they enroll in our Karate Summer Camp program, you or your child will receive a $25 gift card.

Belt Test This Month

We will be doing our Belt Test this month on Thursday, June 30th from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM since we believe many families may be out of town for the 4th of July long weekend.

This will interrupt classes for the 5:30 PM beginners class and 6:15 PM intermediate class.  Please make up your classes accordingly.

Students eligible to test will find out the week of stripe test week, which begins on the 27th of June.

New Black Belt Club Members

The Dojo of Karate is proud to announce that we have NEW Black Belt Club members!

These students have demonstrated dedication in their martial arts training, including a good attitude in class and hard work during every session.

Please welcome the following students to Black Belt Club.

  • Jackson M.
  • Ethan Wa.
  • Kyle B.

If you, or your child, are interested in becoming apart of our Black Belt Club, please get in touch with Sensei Lozano to discuss the benefits and commitment needed to achieve this goal.

Not every child is eligible, but the only way to find out is to ask!

If you’re curious to know more about Black Belt Club… in a nutshell, it’s the path we’ve created to help students achieve their goal of becoming a Black Belt at The Dojo of Karate.

GroupOn Daily Deal

When you probably read this email, we will either be A) be featured on GroupOn.com as one of the Daily Deals of the Day, or B) already experienced the craziness of being featured as a GroupOn.com Daily Deal…

Either way, we wanted to inform you about it.

We are fortunate enough to be featured on GroupOn.com as one of their daily deals.  They have so many business they can represent, that our getting featured is a big deal.

What’s the deal?

Well, if you buy the special via GroupOn.com, then you’ll receive 6 Weeks of Fitness Boot Camp training for only $49…  I know.  It’s a smoking deal.  But, it deal expires at the end of the day.  So, my suggestion is that you buy one for you and a friend so both of you can work out.  However, you can use the deal up until December 16th, 2011… so you have time to take advantage of it.

What’s involved in our Fitness Boot Camps…?

Checkout our other website:


Here, you’ll find some really good information about our program.

School Closures

Here is a list of days that we plan on being closed in July.

Monday, July 4th – Independence Day

Monday – Friday, July 18th – 22nd – Sensei Lozano’s personal vacation.

Please make up classes before and/or after these days we plan on closing so that students stay on track…

Summer T-Shirts

We got to a late start in getting our T-shirts made and sold at The Dojo of Karate.

Every year, The Dojo of Karate sells t-shirts for students to wear during classes from the months of June through about mid September.  Since it’s so hot outside, we allow students to wear these t-shirts as a replacement to their gi tops.

We ask that all students that wear an official t-shirt please tuck their shirts in, wear their gi pants, and bring their belts to every class.

This year we will be selling Red T-shirts with our school logo on the front, and the slogan “Black Belt Training Starts Here!” on the back with our phone number and website.

The cost of the shirts will be $25 and that includes tax.

Why do we sell new and different t-shirts every summer?

Well, many students practically live in their shirts, so families need to wash them regularly because they get dirty.  Shirts then begin to fade, get nasty, and the graphics begin to crack.  Instead of singling out certain kids, we simply ask that students purchase a new t-shirt design for the Summer.

Plus, it gives you a collection of t-shirts to showcase your dedication to training at The Dojo of Karate.  Something that you should be proud of…

Personal Home Chef — Lisa Givens

Recently I got in touch with a personal chef located in Westminster that prepares meals for families that may always be on the run, short on time, or simply want to take some time off from preparing meals.

She is now a colleague of mine, that I personally trust, Chef Lisa Givens and she operates her own business called Gourmet Away.

She can prepare meals for the entire family or a select few, with a WIDE variety of food options that can be frozen, refrigerated or fresh when you come home, so that you can pull them out at your convenience or have a nice hot plate when you get home.

She’s prepared meals for clients that are healthy with dietary restrictions or simply great comfort food.  You name it, she’s probably done it.

If you are interested in getting more information, contact Chef Lisa and let her know that Javier sent you.

If you would like your business to be featured on our newsletter, please send me an email with some information about your company, and I’d be happy to put up some information about your company and the product/services that you may offer.

Until Next Time,

Sensei Lozano

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