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Karate Belt Promotions – February 2013

Below is a list and pictures of our newly promoted karate students at The Dojo of Karate.  When you get a chance, congratulate them for their success and achievement.

Also, not pictured, but newly promoted Karate students are: Leighla R. promoted to Gold Belt.  Frial K. promoted to Low Green Belt.

Lil’ Ninjas Karate Belt Promotions

Ben H. promoted to Gold Belt and Iris K. promoted to Junior Gold Belt.

Jameson L. promoted to Gold Belt and Ava S. promoted to Gold Belt.

Junior Kids Beginners Karate Belt Promotions

Junior C. promoted to Gold Belt and Ashley M. promoted to Orange Belt.

Felipe T. promoted to Orange Belt and Lexi J. promoted to Orange Belt.

Junior Kids Intermediate Karate Belt Promotions

Ethan D. promoted to Purple Belt, John I. promoted to Blue Belt, and Dakota G. promoted to High Green Belt.

Adult Karate & Self Defense Karate Belt Promotion

Tim M. promoted to Gold Belt and Garrett N. promoted to Gold Belt.

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