Fitness Kickboxing

Has your daily workout routine become exactly that - a routine?

Are you looking to have fun, while you workout?

Better yet, wouldn’t it be great to feel more confident AND learn some self-defense after a workout?

Than you need to try Karate Pump!

Karate Pump is our new group fitness kickboxing class that is a little different than your normal aerobic classes.  These sessions will teach you the fundamentals of Karate and Kickboxing, while combining it with cardio exercises and bag work.  And, you don’t need to have previous Martial Arts experience!  We’ll teach you everything you need to know.

You will train for 25-30 minutes of Kickboxing moves on a free standing bag.  This is your opportunity to practice and apply real self-defense moves and control your pace.  This type of training is performed by several professional Sport Karate and Kickboxing athletes all over the world.  Minus the bruises!  Plus, this sort of workout delivers the best results, while learning how to defend yourself.

We than will do about 10 minutes of interval training, where you will focus on developing and exercising different parts of the body.

Finally, we end the class with 10 minutes of abs and stretching - giving you the best total-body workout in under one hour.  And trust us… you’ll be sweating.

Karate Pump is performed to upbeat, modern music heard on the radio, so you’ll be motivated.  The classes are taught by Sport Karate World Champion Javier Lozano, Jr. - who will encourage you to work hard the entire class.  And, you will train in a clean and professional, 1,800 square foot facility with mirrors, padded floors, and necessary equipment.

For class schedules, click here.

So what do you need?

A friend. It’s always fun to train with friends.  Plus, when the first class is FREE, you have nothing to lose!

Water. You’ll be sweating, and need something to hydrate yourself.

Towel. Did we mention you’ll be sweating?

We work on the ‘Punch Card’ system.  So, if you miss a class, you won’t feel guilty.

Currently we have a Spring Special.  It includes 12 classes and a FREE set of hand wraps all for the low price of $99!  Call now to take advantage of this limited time offer.  303-920-4500