The Dojo of Karate Sponsors Legacy High School

The Dojo of Karate has been offered a great opportunity to become a sponsor for Legacy High School by helping pay for a state-of-the-arty scoreboard in their gymnasium. The Dojo is one of a handful of corporate sponsors who will have exclusivity as the only business in their respected industry. Not only doe the Legacy Lighting benefit from this partnership by subsidizing their costs, but the sponsors will have the chance to promote their product and/or service to students and spectators that attend sporting events and tournaments.

The Legacy Lightning host several basketball and volleyball games, as well as wrestling matches during the Fall and Spring semesters. There are also cheerleading tournaments and band competitions, including Summer basketball camps. All of these events will bring in between 200 to 1,000 spectators throughout the year.

Spectators will feel like they are at a professional event with these amazing looking scoreboards and corporate sponsors on display. Scores will be very prominent and easy to find when games are taking place – which is essential when the score is close!

The Dojo of Karate, including other sponsors, will have specifically designated nights where they will be allowed to display a booth and promote their product and service to all attendees and members of the community.

The Dojo of Karate offers martial arts lessons and modern self-defense in Westminster and Broomfield to all ages and experience levels. Classes are fun and very motivating while students learn the benefits of training such as self-confidence, perseverance, fitness, and better grades. Even better, The Dojo will be offering a 10% discount to all students who mention the ad in the gym or go to

Side Effects, Inc. is the company responsible contacting sponsors, designing their corporate logos and ads, and installing the scoreboard for Legacy High School, and other schools nation wide. The Dojo of Karate will be on scoreboard # 1 on the bottom right hand corner. Other sponsors include, Huntington Learning Center, (add two more companies).

Legacy High School is located on 136th and Zuni, just north of The Dojo of Karate in the Willow Shopping Center at 128th and Zuni. They will be celebrating their Grand Opening Day on July 19th from 11am to 2pm. Please feel free to come by and meet the founder and head instructor during this special event. We will have some food, free Karate lessons, and an All Star Karate Demonstration for all to watch and enjoy. This is your chance to meet the new guy in the neighborhood.

We look forward to being apart of the Broomfield community, but more importantly apart of the Legacy High School Lighting.

Go Lightning!!!