Give me 30 days, and I'll make you LESS of a Victim

About The Adult Self Defense Program

The Dojo of Karate is proud to be the ONLY licensed facility in Colorado to introduce the new Self-Defense Black Belt Program.

This is an adult only program geared to train you how to use practical and efficient self-defense moves and techniques, guaranteed to teach you how to properly defend yourself within 3 to 4 months.

A typical class will take you through skill work and fighting combinations performed on pad with partners to advanced tactical moves. Each class will build off of each other, allowing you to get comfortable with each technique before progressing to new material. And, the nice thing about our program, you can join at any time because we teach based on a Rotating Curriculum.

What It's Not

The Self-Defense Black Belt Program ™ is NOT “mixed martial arts” – rather it is Integrative Martial Arts. You can easily apply these technqiues in close combative fighting quarters, or mesh with traditional Karate.

And, the Self-Defense Black Belt Program is NOT a “tough guy” approach to learning self-protection skills – rather it is a “thinking person’s approach” to practical training.

How You Train

You will learn how to execute basic to advanced kicks, punches, and strikes to targeted areas and pressure points, as well as learn how to cover, block and protect yourself when being attacked. In addition, we structure our lessons to teach you to use properly controlled contact in order to avoid injury. This format develops your skill faster, as well as assist you in learning how to react accordingly.

Did you know in Tailand, professional Muay Tai fighters only perform their fighting techniques at about 30-40% full strength while training with partners?

This is because these athletes need to stay injury free to continue their career in training and competitions. The SDBBP takes the same approach because with repetition you build skill. And with skill you build knowledge and power.

No-Risk 30-Day Fitness Guarantee

We are so confident in our Adult Self-Defesne Program that we would like to make you a 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee.

If, during your first 30 days of training in the Self-Defense Black Belt Program, you are not 100% satisfied with the material you are learning, the skills you are acquiring, and the confidence you will gain, than you may cancel your membership with no further obligation.

Now that's an offer you can't refuse!

Get Started Today

So what are you waiting for?!?! Signup today and we'll let you try out 2 FREE Self-Defense classes on us. And, if you bring in a friend to train with you, we'll give both of you a 10% discount on your membership!


Javier Lozano, Jr.
Master Instructor
3rd Degree Black Belt
World Champion Fighter
20 Years Experience

P.S. - But don't wait too long... We are limiting this program to only the first 20 students. This guarantees the quality of our instruction.

P.S.S. - And, the longer you wait the higher chance you have of becoming a victim... Don't become a statistic! Signup today by filling out the form.

Broomfield Self Defense Instructor - Javier Lozano Jr

World Champion Fighter - Javier Lozano Jr

Westminster Self Defense Instructor - Javier Lozano Jr

Self Defense Instructor - Javier Lozano Jr

Denver Self Defense Instructor - Javier Lozano Jr

Javier Lozano Jr Performing Knee Strike