Give Me 8 Weeks And I'll Make You Less Of A Victim

That's right, if you give me exactly 8 weeks of your time, I will make you less of a victim in today's hectic and crazy society.

Our intensive 8 Week Women Self-Defense Course will take you through a series of training methods which has been created and used by law enforcement officers and military personel.

Reality-Based Self-Defense Training

This training method used in our women only self-defense course uses what's called reality-based training, meaning we train you like a professional fighter by using real scenarios with partners and teaching you simple, easy, effective, and intunitive techniques, such as strike, breaks, and escapes that just work.

None of that "hidden strike" stuff that you need to be training for 5 years before you know how it works. You won't remeber that stuff anyways!

Real Techniques That Acutally Work!

We will teach you the proper ways to strike an opponent with your hands and feet, including techniques that are designed to slow down or stop an attacker.

You will also learn how and when to throw defensive counter strikes at your attacker, but blocking & covering and then executing punches and kicks to vulnerable, targeted areas of an attacker.

In addition, you will gain knowledge on how to escape from an attacker grabbing your arm or hair, placing you in various holds and chokes, as well as putting you submissive positions.

Again, our reality-based training method just work.

So, if you're interested in actually learning real, tangible, and effective self-defense skills that can possibly save your life and make you less of a victim, then reserve your spot for our 8 Week Women Self-Defense Course.

You can only attend the beginning of each 8 Week Women Self-Defense Course, that way you won't miss out on important material taught throughout the course. Each class will build off the previous class, making your training easy to remember.

When Are The Classes?

The first 8 Week Women Self-Defense Course will begin on Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 and continue for 8 continuous weeks.

Classes will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:10 PM to 7:55 PM.

Participants will receive 16 intensive classes that are 45 minutes long.

At the conclusion of your 8 Week Course, you will receive a certificate of completion in the Women Self-Defense Program..

We only have 20 spots available. Once we reach 20 participants, you will need to wait until the next 8 week course.

So what's the cost of this 8 Week Women Self-Defense Course?

What Does It Cost?

Something like this, that includes so much intensive training would typically run over $400 per participant for the 8 week training session.

However, currently we are offering a 2 for 1 special, meaning you will be able to split the cost of your training with a friend. That way, you'll both be able to benefit from this self-defense program.

Our special rate is $299 for the 8 Week Women Self-Defense Course, with a one-time $39 enrollment fee. But if you bring a friend, then you'll only need to pay $149.50 per person, and then both of you will just pay the one-time $39 enrollment fee apiece.

With your enrollment fee, you'll guarantee your spot for the following 8 week course, and receive the necessary training equipment as followed:

  • Self-Defense Gloves - $60 Value
  • Self-Defense Shin Guards - $20 Value
  • Self-Defense Mouth Piece - $10 Value

Again, we do not make offers like this in our school.

We mainly want to kickoff this program to the community of Broomfield and Westminster with a jump start. After the 1st two 8 week self-defense courses, we will no longer be offering this special.

So, to guarnatee your spot below select your preferred 8 Week Women Self-Defense Course start date, and pay today. You'll need to pay your remaining balance at the beginning of your course start date.

Reserve Your Spot!


Javier Lozano, Jr.
Chief Self-DefenseInstructor
3rd Degree Black Belt
World Champion Fighter
20 Years Experience

P.S. - But don't wait too long... We are limiting this program to only the first 20 students. This guarantees the quality of our instruction.

P.S.S. - Remember, we're offering this 2 for 1 special until the end of April... so invite a friend and both of you can become less of a victim!

Broomfield Self Defense Instructor - Javier Lozano Jr

Chief Self-Defense Instructor - Javier Lozano Jr

Woman Self-Defense Training - Westminster & Broomfield, CO

Learn reality-based self-defense skills that are easy, effective, intuitive to execute. Woman Self Defense Instruction in Broomfield, Westminster, Denver, COReceive expert self-defense training in just 8 weeks!