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Classes For Both Kids And Adults

We are now offering gift certificates for the Holidays starting at only $49! We have a wide variety of programs to select from, so click here to learn more.

We understand everyone has different interest levels and learning curves. Since we prefer to focus on delivering premium lessons, The Dojo of Karate has created distinctive Martial Arts and Fitness programs that will help you meet you and your child's goals. This allows students to receive the best training possible in a comfortable environment with peers they can relate to.

We teach fun and exciting, quality Karate, Self-Defense, and Fitness lessons at a high energy, so when you show up to class, you’re excited to be here! Our structured Karate program allow kids to learn leadership skills, improve their grades in school, and increase their confidence. While our Adult programs will help you get back into shape, release some stress, meet new people, and learn real self-defense.

All martial art classes are taught by Sensei Javier Lozano, Jr. - a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Wado Karat, with 20 years of Martial Arts experience. He is also a Sport Karate World Champion, certified Self-Defense instructor and Certified Fitness Boot Camp instructor.

Family Discounts

“A family that kicks together, sticks together”. We believe a Karate family will not only benefit from the quality time spent together, but also learn how to motivate one another when training. This is why The Dojo of Karate has added a Family Discount of 25% off monthly tuition for the 2nd member and 50% for the 3rd member or more.

Our Karate And Fitness Programs

Lil' Ninjas

This program has been specifically designed for kids between the ages of 4 and 6. These classes will help develop your child’s motor skills, focus, and discipline, while learning the fundamentals of Martial Arts in a fun environment.


We specialize in providing a safe, creative, and exciting learning environment for all ages.



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Children's Karate

At The Dojo of Karate we want to set your child up for success by teaching them a winning attitude for life’s challenges. This is why our Children’s Program has been uniquely designed to increase your child’s confidence, develop self-discipline, demonstrate respect to adults, improve their grades in school, teach them how to set goals in life, all while learning the traditional art of Wado Karate. Classes have a structured format, however, they are very motivating and exciting - allowing your child to have fun and see progress in their training!

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Adult Traditional Karate

This Traditional Martial Arts Program cas been created for students looking to gain strength and flexibility by using their tools of kicks and punches, while learning self-defense. You will learn the traditional Japanese art called Wado-Ryu Karate Do, a proven combative art of self-defense in Japan. You will begin to gain confidence in your skills, develop lean muscles, release stress, and have fun in your training.

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Women Self-Defense Course

We are now offering an intensive 8 Week Women Self-Defense course. This program will take you through some serious training, and teach you how to defend yourself against an attacker. During the 8 week course you will learn proper striking methods with your hands and feet, including how you should block & cover yourself, as well as ways to escape grabs, chokes, and other vulnerable positions.

Most importantly, though, you'll gain the necessary confidence to defend yourself against an attacker.


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Fitness Boot Camp

Lose weight and get in shape... FAST!!! You don't need to have all the bumps and cruises to have the body of a fighter. All you need is a great workout plan, a nutrition guide, and a motivating instructor to help you trim your waist line. Our Fitgness Boot Camps are small semi private group workouts designed to help you reach your goal and improve your lifestyle.

Classes are now filling, so dont' wait too long, or you could miss out in potentially being in the best shape of your life!



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Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness Kickboxing is our new group kick boxing class that is VERY different than your normal aerobic classes. These sessions will teach you the fundamentals of Karate and Kickboxing, while combining it with cardio exercises and punching a free standing bag. And, you don’t need to have previous Martial Arts experience! We’ll teach you everything you need to know.


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The Dojo of Karate is now offering Yoga classes over the weekends. Click below to learn more about this program.


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Private Instruction

We are now offering Private Self-Defense Instruction and/or Personal Training to clients wanting more 1-on-1 attention, better physical conditioning, and improvement in their healthy habits. Clients will also follow a proven weight loss nutrition guide that has been created to help you burn calories and zap fat.

Classes are taught by Certified Fitness and Self-Defense Instructor, Javier Lozano, Jr.


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"A teacher affects eternity: he can never tell where his influence stops." Henry Adams

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