Martial Arts Summer Camps -- Now Enrolling!!!

The Lil’ Ninjas Program are for kids between the ages of 4-6 years old, and has been specifically designed to keep your child engaged the entire class by switching up the lesson plans regularly and disguising repetition. These classes will help develop your child’s motor skills, focus, and discipline, while learning some fundamental Martial Arts in a fun environment.

In order to keep your child interested and not overwhelmed, we essentially made their curriculum an abbreviated version of our regular Children's Karate Program. Basically, your child will be learning at a slower pace which allows them to develop accordingly and to become more successful in classes.

Your child will go through an easy warm up and stretching routine, in order to get them loose and ready to perform Karate. From there we begin to teach them some basic kicks, punches, and blocks, in order to develop their skills, self-defense, and confidence.

Your child will also begin to learn a pattern of sequenced movements which involves blocks and punches. This is designed to help them practice correctly at home, increase their mind and muscle memorization of techniques, and showcase the grandparents their new learned skill of Martial Arts.

Are you ready for your child to get started today?

The Dojo of Karate has a great Introdcutory Karate Program which allows your child to try out the Lil' Ninjas program - Risk Free!

To learn more about this program, simply click here.

But hurry. We only limit our class sizes to 12 students and right now we are almost at capacity.

Mr. Lozano Helps A Student How To Block

Lil Ninja Student Shows His Punching Skills