Classical Japanese Wado Karate Meets Modern Day Training

Traditional Japanese Wado Karate

These classes are designated for students’ 13 year olds and above, as it provides the best learning environment for this age group.

Students will be learning the traditional Japanese art of Wado Karate, which is one of the four major styles that Japan has officially recognized at true Karate.

Classes work on developing Karate moves, such as kicks, punches, blocks, and strikes.

In addition, students also learn a pattern of moves known as Katas in Japanese, or forms in English. These katas will assist in enhancing your technique and developing a solid foundation of Wado Karate. Kata is like a sequence of fighting moves performed individually, and become more complex as you move up the belt ranks.

Gain Confidence and Learn Self-Defense Skills

After a few months of training, we also allow students to apply their learned techniques of kicks, blocks, and punches into use by sparring with a partner. This is a great way to learn how to combine your techniques with basic body movement, such as dodging, weaving, and counter attacks.

Sparring is performed in a controlled manner and all students are required to wear protective equipment, which can be purchased at our dojo.

You will also learn applicable self-defense moves that can be used in this modern world. These moves can consist of strikes to pressure points, breaks and locks to joints.

Better Strength And Endurance Training

We also incorporate modern training exercises to help develop and tone the muscles for a total body workout. Sometimes these workouts can consist of plyometrics and isometrics, by working certain muscle groups. Other times, classes will strictly work on endurance and repetition by working on free-standing bags.

By combining all of these moves, techniques, and exercises, you are guaranteed to get a great, all round, total body workout, and knowledge about Martial Arts.

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Javier Lozano, Jr.
Master Instructor
3rd Degree Black Belt
World Champion Fighter
20 Years Experience

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