Student Resources

Welcome to The Dojo of Karate’s Student Resources Page.  In our growing efforts to make our school a ‘green friendly’ business, we are attempting to have all necessary documents available online for students to download, rather than printing a mass quantity.

Below you will find necessary documents, such as our Student Handbook, Permission Slip Testing forms, and instructions on how to perform your Katas — to name a few.

You will, also have access to our calendar where you can get updates on school closures, belt tests, and stripe test weeks.

Please feel free to pass this information to anyone else you may know that are interested in Martial Arts lessons, as this is a great tool to show prospects how our school is organized.

If there are things that you would like to see available on this Student Resource Page, please feel free to let Mr. Lozano know at anytime.

Student Handbook

About The Dojo of Karate | The Dojo Etiquette | Sparring Rules | Counting In Japanese | Student Creed & Black Belt Principals | Required Equipment | Promotions | Karate Memberships | Other Activities | Referral Program | FAQ’s

You can also download this entire PDF document to have it available on your computer at anytime.

Belt Requirements

White Belt | Gold Belt | Orange Belt | Blue Belt | Purple Belt | Low Green Belt | High Green Belt | Low Brown Belt | High Brown Belt | Conditional Black Belt | Black Belt


First Basic Kata | Pinan Nidan | Pinan Shodan | Pinan Sandan | Pinan Yandan| Pinan Godan |