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Testimonial Contest

The Dojo of Karate Testimonial Contest

The Dojo of Karate appreciates all of your kind testimonials about our programs.

The Dojo of Karate will be promoting a Testimonial Contest within the school, as a form of internal marketing that will allow other families the opportunity to hear about your enjoyable experience in our Karate program.

As we’ve mentioned before in the past, testimonials are like GOLD to us, and we greatly appreciate them.

With that said, our testimonial contest isn’t about who can give the best testimonial, rather who can give the most variety of testimonials.

For each type of testimonial a family gives, your child’s name will be placed in a fish bowl where we will do a drawing for various prizes.

Even if you have 2+ kids taking Karate, it’s going to be for the entire family, as it’s sorta unfair for the families that only have 1 child in Karate lessons.

The Testimonial Contest will run from May 1st to May 15th.  Any testimonials turned in AFTER May 15th will not be accepted.

So, this is how our Testimonial Contest will work.

  1. Written Testimonial = 1 name in fish bowl.  You will need to write a testimonial, preferably emailed to Sensei Lozano about your amazing experience at The Dojo of Karate.
  2. Non-Parent Questionnaire = 2 names in fish bowl- There will ONLY be 3 questions asked that a NON-Parent will need to answer about the training student.  This can be answered by a grandparent, teacher, neighbor or babysitter.  These need to be turned in to Sensei Lozano.
  3. Video Testimonial = 3 names in fish bowl.  You will need to do a quick 60 second or less video testimonial about The Dojo of Karate, with your kid(s) (if you’re an adult, just you is fine).  We’ll come up with EASY questions to ask you, we just ask you say something cool about your experience.

Google Plus Testimonial

As many of you know, Google is taking over the internet world, and as they continue to grow their market, it is becoming more difficult for small businesses to compete with large organizations.

Google has created a product called, Google Plus - a spin off of the Facebook social media platform.  With the Google Plus product, Google has made it a bit more difficult for normal users and clients to review local businesses because the client would need a Google Plus account.

Typically speaking, if you have a Gmail Account, then you can create a FREE Google Plus account, and then start enjoying the various benefits of Google Plus.

Go to The Dojo of Karate’s Google Plus Business Page. There, you’ll find on the right side a button that says “write review”.

If you are logged into Gmail / Google Plus, you can write a review easily.  If you are not, then you’ll need to create a Google Plus Account.

Once it’s been created, then you can write your review online.

Bonus Testimonial

If you have a Google Plus account and write a positive review, along with a high star rating, about The Dojo of Karate, we’ll give you 3 extra names in the fish bowl, which can increase your odds of winning 1 of 3 prizes.

NOTE: We ask that you do a review on Google Plus and not Yelp or other review sites, as some of the other sites filter their reviews if you are not a regular user.

Testimonial Contest Prizes

There will be 3 types of prizes for our Testimonial Contest participants, so here are the following:

  • 2nd Runner Up – This winner will get an official embroidered hat, with The Dojo of Karate logo.
  • 1st Runner Up – This winner will get an official gear bag, with The Dojo of Karate logo.
  • Grand Prize Winner – This winner will get a NEW set of sparring gear with The Dojo of Karate logo’s on the gear.

Please keep in mind that none of these items have been offered or sold to anyone before, so the winners will be receiving unique prizes.

These items will be made available down the road, but our winners will be the first to receive them.

We Plan On Using These Testimonials…

As a way of sharing one’s experience at The Dojo of Karate to prospects and families along one of our walls, so that parents and kids can read about the various success one has enjoyed while training here.  In addition, we would love to use the video testimonials as a form of marketing on our website, so that other prospects can see that The Dojo of Karate is really a community of families.

Download Testimonial Forms!

Below are 2 sets of testimonial forms that we ask parents and students to fill out.  There is a Witness Testimonial Form and a Student Testimonial Form.  Please download each one so you can increase your opportunity to win a prize!

Witness Testimonial Form – This needs to be filled out by a non-parent and/or non-student, such as a babysitter, grandparent, relative, or school teacher.

Student Testimonial Form – This needs to be filled out by the parent or Adult Karate Student.

Please turn in these forms to The Dojo of Karate so we can put you name into the fish bowl!

Broomfield Adult Karate School

Karate isn’t just for kids, but also for adults. Our adult karate lessons are a great way to release stress.

The Dojo of Karate teaches traditional Karate and combines it with modern training to help develop with your conditioning, endurance, self-defense, strength, and flexibility.

On top of that… training at our Martial Arts school is just plain fun.

Our Adult Karate Program is will give you a great workout.  Probably something better than your boring routine of hitting the weight room after work.

We combine our traditional Karate classes with sparring too.  This is a great way to develop your kicking and punching skills, in a controlled format, by working with a partner.

Any adult interested in trying out our Karate program gets 2 FREE weeks of Karate classes, so you can make sure our program is a fit.

Adult Self-Defense Workshop – Saturday, November 6th

You hear it all the time…

“Woman gets attacked while walking to car in Wal-Mart parking lot.”  Or “man gets assaulted while jogging down biking path in suburban neighborhood, in broad daylight.”

Normal people are starting to become victims in everyday situations.

Everyone Is Now A Potential Victim

Well, there could be several reasons.  Was it late at night?  Were you walking / running by yourself?  Were you on your cell phone or distracted when this happened?

The list can simply go on…

And, there’s no way that you won’t ever become a victim.  Seriously.

That’s why self-defense training is more imperative today, then ever before, and the reasons are obvious.  We see those reasons everyday on the news.

On Saturday, November 6th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Chief Instructor – Javier Lozano, Jr. will be hosting a free adult self-defense workshop at his training facility located in Westminster, Colorado.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about awareness  of your surrounding and what to look for in possible attackers.

In addition, Javier will be teaching students proper self-protection techniques, such as strikes, kicks, blocks, and escapes.  His techniques taught during this seminar are very easy to learn, yet extremely effective.

“Some people always ask me, ‘don’t you need to know some sort of secret move to disable your attacker?’  And, my response always is, ‘NO’.  Let’s face it, you probably won’t remember all of those fancy moves that work great for lifelong practitioners.  During the heat of the moment, when your adrenaline is rushing, and you practically freeze because of anxiety, are you going to remember all of those fancy moves?”

Here’s what is important to understand when learning self-defense skills during a workshop or short training course.

The moves need to be simple to learn and understand.  If they are too complicated, your chances of retaining that information are slimmer then none.

In addition, they need to be effective and to the point.  None of that extra, unnecessary movement that can kill precious time when escaping from an attacker.

How do you know whether the stuff you will be learning during this adult self-defense workshop is actually valuable??

Checkout our last free seminar we hosted a few months ago

How Good Is This Self-Defense Instructor?

Chief Instructor Javier Lozano, Jr. has been training in the martial arts for over 20 years, with 17 years of teaching experience.  He is a certified 3rd Degree Black Belt in Wado Karate, a Japanese combative art.  He is also a former professional athlete, winning a NASKA World Championship fighting title and a CKA Colorado State Championship fighting title.

Javier is also a certified self-defense instructor and free style grappling instructor through MASAI, one of the nations leading martial arts black belt instructor certification organizations.

With his vast experience and knowledge in the martial arts and self-defense, Javier will give you a solid understanding on how to defend yourself in almost any given situation.  More importantly, though, he will restore your confidence and teach you awareness skills that are taught nation wide by professional officers in major metropolitan areas.

When Is The Free Adult Self-Defense Seminar?

Again, the seminar will be hosted on Saturday, November 6th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at The Dojo of Karate in Westminster, CO.  They are located on the northeast corner of 128th Ave. and Zuni St. in the Safeway Shopping Center.

Please contact them at 303-920-4500 to reserve your spot, or go to their website at: http://www.AdultSelfDefense.com.

June Martial Arts Newsletter – 2010

Summer is here!

This is a very exciting time of year for The Dojo of Karate, as it allows for all of our students to enjoy outdoor activities as a school.

Checkout what we’ve got going on this month.

Pink Karate Belts

As many of you know, we are hosting a fundraising event for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

The Dojo of Karate will be selling Pink Karate Belts for $15 per belt.  Students will be allowed to wear the Pink Belts in class starting next week, when the belts come in.  So, make sure you put your order in, or your child may not have a Pink Belt!

From June 7th to June 11th, we will have Breast Cancer Awareness Week, and this is officially when students can begin to wear their Pink Karate Belts in all of their Karate classes.

And, $10 of the proceeds will go towards the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Our goal is to raise $3,000 as a school.

Breast Cancer Boot Camp

In addition, we will be hosting the 1st Annual Breast Cancer Boot Camp on June 12th from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

This will be a 1 hour fitness boot camp that takes all participants through a training session of our regular boot camps.  Exercises would include the use of kettlebells, resistance bands, sandbags, medicine balls, and much, much more!

And, after the workout, there will be a 30 minute consultation class from Dr. Mike Cartwright from Countryside Health & Wellness.  He will be giving a short lecture about health, fitness, and nutrition — and how it can help prevent breast cancer.

To signup for the Breast Cancer Boot Camp, please visit the link below, and fill out the form.


Again, our goal is to raise $3,000 as a school for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  The more participants we get, the closer we can get to achieving our goal.  So feel free to pass on the information to friends, family members, and colleagues.

Karate Tournament

The next Karate Tournament that Black Belt Club members can compete in is the CKA Summer Jam in Parker, CO.  This tournament will be hosted on Saturday, June 26th.

If you are interested in competing, please make sure you get permission from Mr. Lozano, unless it has already been approved.

To learn more about this upcoming tournament, go to: http://coloradokarateassociation.org/

And, last month, Madeline P. and Mollee H. competed in the R.A.G.E. Karate Tournament.

Mollee H. got 5th place in Traditional Forms and a finalist in sparring.

Madeline P. got a 5th place in Sparring, 2nd place in Creative Forms, and 1st place in Traditional Forms.  She also had an opportunity to represent The Dojo of Karate for Forms Grand Champion.

Make sure when you see these two, you congratulate them!

Great job girls!

The Karate Kid

As many of you know, we had a successful Buddy Night / Movie Night last week.  And, the new Karate Kid movie comes out on Friday, June 11th.

We have decided to go as a school to watch The Karate Kid on Sunday, June 13th to a matinee, since it will possibly be less crowded and less expensive tickets for a family.

If you are interested in participating, we will have more information when it nears.

Martial Arts Summer Camp

Many parents have shown interest in the Martial Arts Summer Camp this year that we will be hosting.

Please keep in mind that we need for all parents to make a reservation by next week, in order to save their spot.  We have had interest from all sorts of families.

The cost for students training at The Dojo of Karate is $229 for 2 half-day camps on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

The camp will start on June 7th and run through June 30th.

This is a sports camp / martial arts camp, so your child will be working on all sorts of skills.  Not just Karate.

FaceBook Fan Page

Are you on Facebook?  If not, it’s a great way to reconnect with old and new friends.  Social networking is becoming the new way of communicating on a viral level.

If you’re a student at The Dojo of Karate, become a fan of The Dojo of Karate.  That way, we can still update you about any activities we may be hosting.

And, get your friends to become fans too.  They will be informed about free seminars we may be hosting, fundraisers, and special events.

Go to: http://www.FaceBook.com/TheDojoOfKarate

New Karate Schedule

Remember, the new Summer Martial Arts Schedule will start on June 7th.  We made extra copies of the schedule, so feel free to grab one.

New Faces…

The Dojo of Karate will be hiring an Office Manager to help handle administrative tasks for the school.  This will also alleviate Mr. Lozano from other projects, so he can continue to focus on teaching classes, and growing our school.

This person is very familiar with the culture of The Dojo of Karate, and many of you are good friends with her.

They will be starting within the next couple of weeks.

In addition, as our school continues to grow, we will be looking for potential assistant instructors working as an apprentice, as well as, requiring our senior students to assist in Karate classes on a weekly basis.

This is how students will begin to gain better leadership skills, perfect their technique, and take pride in their training.

Until next time…

Mr. Lozano

Martial Arts Tournament – Southern American, Fight 3

This is the last fight I had at the 2001 Southern American Nationals in Nashville, TN.

I was fighting for 1st and 2nd place against World Champion Brian Ruth.

When I was a young teen, coming up in the national circuit of competition, I always looked up to Brian, as he was a great fighter.

Anyways, at the time, in 2001, I was 20 years old and had a couple of years under me in the Adult Black Belt Heavy weight division.

During this fight, I started off pretty well, but Brian was than able to find some good openings.

At the end, Brian Ruth got a very good shot, on my chin. Next thing you know, I’m falling like a tree. The funny thing is, Brian didn’t hit me that hard. It was just a clean hit to the chin. Props to him.

I ended up having to bow out and getting 2nd place.

Even though, I lost, I still had a good showing at the Southern American. Unfortunately, though, I was unable to defend my Grand Champion title from the previous year.

Enjoy the video.

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