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Spartan Strong!

Javier Lozano Jr - Spartan Race Military Sprint

Sensei Javier Lozano Jr “flexing” during a chilly morning for the Spartan Race Military Sprint.

As a teenager and young adult, I use to compete professionally on a national circuit, traveling to various Karate tournaments throughout the United States.

On occasion, I’ve had a student or parent ask why I don’t compete anymore.

My answer, usually — I’ve lost the interest to compete at that level.

Here’s the main issue.  When you compete at a high level, where the competition is VERY difficult, and you NEED to be training regularly, something has to give.  When I was young, I had no commitments to anyone.  No steady girlfriend, no job that DEPENDED on me, etc.  Yea, I taught Karate for a friend, but again, it was part-time.  My money made went to my tournament competitions.  Now, I’ve got a Karate and fitness school to operate, students to teach, an employee to mentor & monitor, responsibilities to my community, and a beautiful wife that I’m in love with.

When I competed, I trained at all hours of the day because I didn’t like to loose.  I wanted to achieve success.  And success was winning my fighting divisions.  So, I got a bit crazy…  When you were sleeping, I was training.  When you celebrated a Holiday, I was running outside.  I trained before AND after Karate classes.  I knew, every time I stepped into the ring I was more prepared then the person across from me.  Granted, there were times I lost, but at the end of the day, I gave it my all.

See, when I competed, it was an obsession.  I wanted to win and succee more then anything else.  When I removed myself away from competition, I tried to comeback a few times, but things weren’t the same.  I just couldn’t get back into the swing of things.  My calling had shifted.

Now, fast forward to today…

I enjoy supporting my students when they compete in tournaments.  Coaching them.  Helping them.  Inspiring them.  All of that.  Being a leader for my students, and shaping their lives is a big motivator for me.

So, where am I going with all of this???

Well, I never said that I’m not competitive… I just don’t have the same desires for Karate competitions when I was younger.

Reebok Spartan Race Military Sprint

On Saturday May 4th 2013, a bunch of our fitness clients at Summit Fit Dojo all signed up for an Obstacle Course Race called the Reebok Spartan Race.  I ran this race last year with my wife and a bunch of our fitness clients, and so we did it again this year.  It has now become an annual event for Summit Fit Dojo members.  This is a great way to dig down, deep inside of you, and see what you’re made of.  Not the same as a Karate tournament, but the mental toughness training that I get from it is an adrenaline rush.

The Spartan Military Sprint, hosted in Ft. Carson, CO and created by the amazing soldiers stationed at that base, created this course, with the Spartan Race team putting their twist of obstacles too.

This was a 4.5 mile “mud run” that had nearly 30 obstacles, which included unorthodox obstacles, such as the famous spear throw, army crawling through mud – under barbwire, climbing over 8 foot walls, flipping tires, and carrying a ruck sack weighing about 150 lbs up and down a mountain.

Yes, I paid for this event, and really enjoyed it — minus the burpees.


See, Spartan Race has a rule if you don’t accomplish an obstacle, you have to do 30 burpees.  No joke.  30 burpees, then you move on.  So, if you’re not physically strong or mentally strong, this race can be draining.

Last year, as a rookie to obstacle course racing, I completed the course in 2 hours and 38 minutes.  I did it with my wife, and many other Summit Fit Dojo members.  We ran as a team and finished as a team.  Sorta.  Some people were ahead of us, and some behind, but we tried to finish strong — together.

This year though… I had a personal goal.  I wanted to finish the race in under 2 hours.

When I got through the Gladiator Pit (Spartans trying to hit you with large gladiator sticks), I finished my race in 1 hour and 44 minutes.

Not bad for being sick too!

Anyways, where I’m trying to take this is that, though I no longer enjoy the high level of competition from Karate tournaments, I still enjoy personal competition that pushes me physically and mentally.  I’m a competitor and truly enjoy the achievements of success.

If you, or anyone else is interested in trying one of these fun and exciting Obstacle Course Races, I’d recommend getting in touch with Summit Fit Dojo’s Fitness Program Director – Lynn Voorhees.  We have been able to create an amazing fitness program that will help you achieve any of your fitness goals — including races.

We will be going as a team to Copper Mountain in August to run the Warrior Dash, so get your shoes on and start running!

Martial Arts Fitness & Conditioning Tip – Suicide Kicks

World Champion fighter and Head Karate Instructor Javier Lozano at The Dojo of Karate shows you another drill that will help develop your conditioning, endurance, strength, and flexibility with your kicks by showing you Suicide Kicks.

Remember in gym class when you were trying out for the basketball team and you had to run up to each line, and come back to the start position, than run to a line that was further away….?

Yea, it’s basically the same thing!

Basically, you need to setup cones that are spaced apart about 4-5 feet from each other, all the way down your training floor.

Than, have your child / students kick with one leg to the 1st cone, than back down to the beginning cone with the opposite leg. They continue to go to each cone, kicking with both legs.

Do this 3-4 times, as well as doing the Zig Zag Kicks drill, and your kicks will to look better then everyone else.


Framing In Our New Location

The Dojo of Karate New Westminster Location

This is the permit and address of The Dojo of Karate’s new location: 1975 W. 120th Ave.  Suites 400, 300, & 200.

OK, so we’ve been getting quite a bit of questions from students regarding our new location…

When will the space be ready?

Where is it located?

How big is it gonna be?

And, everything else in between.

Well, this past Sunday, my wife and I went by our new location, and we were amazed to see that the framing was already setup, and the HVAC system was already installed.

Today, Lynn (Summit Fit Dojo’s Fitness Program Director)  and I went to the space, so we can ACTUALLY walk-in and see the space for ourselves.  It’s definitely different to see it when you walk in, verses looking  at it from the window.

Anyways, when we walked in, they were working on the electrical, such as installing the lights.

The bathroom rough-in plumbing seems to be finished, so once the framing and electrical is approved by the city, they will begin to do drywall and installing the bathroom stuff.

We’ll going back again over the next week or so, to give our students the updates.

Tentatively, we are hoping to be officially moved in by June 1st, which is a Saturday.  So, technically, the goal is to have our first classes by Monday, June 3rd.  Now, keep this in mind, but this is NOT set in stone, as there can be several things that hold this process back.  So, please make sure to stay updated by either listening to school announcements at The Dojo, reading our blog, or following Facebook.

Enjoy the pictures!


Martial Arts Fitness & Conditioning Tip – Zig Zag Kicks

The Dojo of Karate has a variety of drills and training regimens that will help develop your fitness, conditioning, strength, and flexibility.

Below, Head Karate Instructor and World Champion fighter, Javier Lozano Jr takes you through a drill he uses for students to not only develop better kicking skills, but also coordination.

These kicks are called ‘Zig Zag Kicks’. You basically setup as many cones as you desire, usually the distance of the entire training floor, and stagger them about 3-4 feet apart, going down the floor.

If you remember Drivers Ed, going around the cones, than you’ll remember what we’re talking about.

Than you have your child / students go around each cone until they reach the end. Once all students have reached the end of the cones, have them perform the same drill, but with the opposite leg. This way they will develop both legs.

Feel free to perform this drill as many time as you like, but usually 2-3 trips will wear a kid out.

Caleb Just Can’t Get Enough Karate

Caleb was one of our first students when The Dojo of Karate first opened, and he’s been training just as hard now, as when he started.

He has developed self-confidence, discipline, perseverance, goal setting, strength & flexibility, and many more attributes students gain from training in the Martial Arts.

If you would like your child to get the same results, we highly suggest you enroll them in our Children’s Beginners Karate Program.  We are currently offering an Introductory Karate Package which includes 1 private lesson, 2 group karate classes, and a free uniform for only $19.95.

Come check us out!

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