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Martial Arts Fitness & Conditioning Tip – Suicide Kicks

World Champion fighter and Head Karate Instructor Javier Lozano at The Dojo of Karate shows you another drill that will help develop your conditioning, endurance, strength, and flexibility with your kicks by showing you Suicide Kicks.

Remember in gym class when you were trying out for the basketball team and you had to run up to each line, and come back to the start position, than run to a line that was further away….?

Yea, it’s basically the same thing!

Basically, you need to setup cones that are spaced apart about 4-5 feet from each other, all the way down your training floor.

Than, have your child / students kick with one leg to the 1st cone, than back down to the beginning cone with the opposite leg. They continue to go to each cone, kicking with both legs.

Do this 3-4 times, as well as doing the Zig Zag Kicks drill, and your kicks will to look better then everyone else.


Caleb Just Can’t Get Enough Karate

Caleb was one of our first students when The Dojo of Karate first opened, and he’s been training just as hard now, as when he started.

He has developed self-confidence, discipline, perseverance, goal setting, strength & flexibility, and many more attributes students gain from training in the Martial Arts.

If you would like your child to get the same results, we highly suggest you enroll them in our Children’s Beginners Karate Program.  We are currently offering an Introductory Karate Package which includes 1 private lesson, 2 group karate classes, and a free uniform for only $19.95.

Come check us out!

Harlem Shake – Karate Dojo Style

The Harlem Shake is taking the Internet by storm… and also our Karate students, by doing the Harlem Shake – Karate Dojo Style

The Harlem Shake has been the new internet sensation that has been sweeping YouTube and other online video websites all over the world.

This Internet Meme gained popularity in February 2013, with various groups, organizations, and friends creating their version of the Harlem Shake, using a clip of electro-trap artist Baeer’s Harlem Shake.

From major sports teams, universities, and groups of friends, the Harlem Shake has been recreated numerous times on the internet, with each video trying to out perform the previous video.

So, what’s the purpose of the Harlem Shake…?

Absolutely nothing.

It’s just an easy video to create, edit, and place on YouTube, Viemo, and other video websites.

Sensei Javier Lozano Jr — Owner and Head Karate Instructor at The Dojo of Karate started to get wave of the Harlem Shake staying up late at night, watching ESPN Sports Center, with various sports teams putting together their version of the Harlem Shake.

So, Sensei Lozano went online to see if there were any martial arts schools doing the Harlem Shake, and well, there were a few… but not many.

The next day, he approached his Karate Students in Black Belt Club (an elite Karate group of students) and asked if they would be interested in doing the Harlem Shake – Karate Dojo Style!

The overwhelming response was YES!!

Sensei Lozano gave them a few ideas of things they could use during the making of Harlem Shake – Karate Dojo Style, and left the rest up to them and their parents.

A few of them didn’t know what the Harlem Shake was, so we showed them a few family approved versions so they could get an idea.

The following week, on Friday March 8th at 5:30pm, Karate students in the Black Belt Club began to create the internet meme Harlem Shake – Karate Dojo Style and Sensei Lozano playing the director.

Below is the end result The Dojo of Karate student’s putting in their hard work, effort, and enjoyment of just being kids.

Oh, and if you’re wondering which one is Sensei Lozano… he’s the tall “kid”.


Thornton Martial Arts School | Harvest Fest Demonstration, Part 2

Below is the 2nd video of the Martial Arts Demonstration at the Thornton Harvest Fest on September 12th, 2009.

Below you will see a fight scene against Bruce Lee (played by Vira B.) and Kareem Abdul Jabar (played by Javier Lozano Jr). They are coping a scene from Bruce Lee’s final movie, Game of Death.

Is Knowing Self-Defense Important?

If you are like most people, you are not quite familiar with basic self-defense skills.

Most of us live our lives without the slightest concern of learning how to protect you and your family because we live in a safe neighborhood, or your spouse can protect you.

In A Perfect World, We Don’t Need To Know Self-Defense

But, we don’t live in a perfect world…

This is why we believe it is important that everyone has an understanding and basic training in self-defense.

It’s not uncommon to experience a mugging at your local grocery store, an assault in your neighborhood, or  feel threatened by an unusual person while going to the gym.  These are all common locations that one may need to defend themselves.

All it takes is being off your guard.  Not being aware of your surrounding.  And being too scared and freezing to be a victim.

Many of us will say “well, that won’t ever happen to me.”

Are you willing to bet those words on Vegas odds?  I think not because you don’t know.

Here’s the point.  There is no guarantee you and your family will always be safe.  However, learning Self-Defense will give you a fighting chance to not only protect yourself, but also the necessary confidence that comes with it.

The Dojo of Karate is the best Martial Arts school in Colorado that teaches Adult Karate & Self-Defense — combining the two most effective self-protection methods..  Meaning, this is an elite program that is designed for the common, working man, or stay-at-home mom.

It is reality-based self-defense, with traditional Japanese fighting methods that will teach you proper striking techniques, pressure points, and confidence to do whatever it takes to fight back.  It’s easy to learn, and almost anyone can learn our curriculum in 3-4 months.

Are you interested in actually learning how to protect yourself?

The longer you wait, the more likely you can become another statistic.

One last note… The Dojo of Karate is conveniently located in Westminster. We service residents in the Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, and Denver area.

Call 303.920.4500 to learn more about our Adult Karate and Self-Defense Program.

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