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Great News To Share!

Javier kissing his wife’s belly after the Spartan Military Sprint in Ft. Carson, CO

OK, so if you saw the previous article about being Spartan Strong, and you read the entire article, watched the video, and viewed the picture gallery at the bottom of the page… you may have noticed something.  Or you just figured it out by looking at the picture in this post…

Now some people already know, but not our entire student body.

My wife and I will be expecting our first child on August 22nd — if things go to plan.  And, we all know they don’t.

We are expecting to have baby boy!

Susan and I are very excited and can’t wait to meet the little guy.  He’s been kicking and moving quite a bit in the mornings and evenings, so it’s really cool to come home and feel this.

I know most of you already have kids, so I’m hoping that my training as a Karate instructor will assist me in being a good dad… but we will see.

We have a few names picked out, but we’ll probably keep the names to ourselves until he’s born… just in case he doesn’t look like the name we chose…

Susan’s pregnancy has been going great.  She is now at 6 months, and we are seeing our Doctor once a month.  She’s been tired more often, but she’s a trooper, and tries to get some exercise in with the dogs, or going to the gym.

So, if you see Susan on a random evening or Friday night, you may notice a basketball in her belly, so feel free to congratulate her… as it’s no longer a beer belly

Lastly, as Susan gets closer to deliver, I will be on “baby call”, so I will have my phone on me the last month, just in case we expect him to exit the womb early.  If that happens, I’ll obviously need to leave and attend to her.  And, with that said, I’ll more then likely take 1 week off when our new son enters this world, just so I can help with any issues, and I can get to know him more.  I typically take a 1 week summer vacation during the 4th of July, but this year will be a bit different, so I’ll push my vacation time back until our son is born…




Martial Arts Fitness & Conditioning Tip – Suicide Kicks

World Champion fighter and Head Karate Instructor Javier Lozano at The Dojo of Karate shows you another drill that will help develop your conditioning, endurance, strength, and flexibility with your kicks by showing you Suicide Kicks.

Remember in gym class when you were trying out for the basketball team and you had to run up to each line, and come back to the start position, than run to a line that was further away….?

Yea, it’s basically the same thing!

Basically, you need to setup cones that are spaced apart about 4-5 feet from each other, all the way down your training floor.

Than, have your child / students kick with one leg to the 1st cone, than back down to the beginning cone with the opposite leg. They continue to go to each cone, kicking with both legs.

Do this 3-4 times, as well as doing the Zig Zag Kicks drill, and your kicks will to look better then everyone else.


Martial Arts Fitness & Conditioning Tip – Zig Zag Kicks

The Dojo of Karate has a variety of drills and training regimens that will help develop your fitness, conditioning, strength, and flexibility.

Below, Head Karate Instructor and World Champion fighter, Javier Lozano Jr takes you through a drill he uses for students to not only develop better kicking skills, but also coordination.

These kicks are called ‘Zig Zag Kicks’. You basically setup as many cones as you desire, usually the distance of the entire training floor, and stagger them about 3-4 feet apart, going down the floor.

If you remember Drivers Ed, going around the cones, than you’ll remember what we’re talking about.

Than you have your child / students go around each cone until they reach the end. Once all students have reached the end of the cones, have them perform the same drill, but with the opposite leg. This way they will develop both legs.

Feel free to perform this drill as many time as you like, but usually 2-3 trips will wear a kid out.

Kids Karate Classes

Karate classes for kids will teach your child the necessary confidence and discipline to succeed in life.

So The Dojo of Karate has one of the best Kids Martial Arts Programs in Broomfield and Westminster, Colorado.  Hands down.

You’re probably thinking I’m making one BOLD statement…. maybe…

Is it because I’m the Head Karate Instructor??


It’s because I do 3 important things to get the best out of my Karate students.  These three key tools  that I use while teaching Karate sets The Dojo of Karate apart from all other Martial Arts schools in Colorado.

The other reason I know The Dojo of Karate offers one of the best Children Karate Programs is that our kids walk away sweating and smiling and our parents enjoy the Life Skills our kids learn in class.

So, here are the 3 things The Dojo of Karate does to make our Martial Arts school offer the best kids program in the Westminster / Broomfield / Thornton area.

1) Lead By Example - Why is this so important?  So many kids have false role models that they begin to display poor actions, demonstrate bad attitudes, and act VERY inappropriate.  In order for students to perform at their best, as a Martial Arts instructor, I need to lead by example AND ask my students to do the same for others.  We are all responsible for our own actions.  But, by acting like a leader our actions can be good ones.  All of my current Karate students are required to help a new students in class by being their partner for the day.  This teaches our new students the ropes about our school and my current students to be LEADERS in our school.  I than lead by example by demonstrating what I need to see as an instructor.  For instance, if I want kids to be nice to their parents, I am always polite to the parents in our school by always saying “yes sir”, “yes ma’am”, “no sir”, “no ma’am”.  Why?  Because I want the kids to hear it too.  If Mr. Lozano does it, it must be cool!

2) Build Confidence – If you ever want the best out of someone, build their confidence.  And, if you ever want the WORST of someone, break their confidence.  Confidence plays a huge role in performing well in life.   As a Martial Arts instructor that is looking for the best of my students, I need to be building their confidence.  The more confidence my students demonstrate the better they do AND the more they want to shine in Karate class, at home, and at school.  The Dojo of Karate builds your childs character by developing their confidence.

3) Mat Chats – OK, you’re probably thinking this is weird.  But, it’s not… Did you know as a parent, if you spend about 10-15 minutes weekly with them talking about various topics from respect, to goals, to humility that you can influence them even more?  It’s true.  As parents you have more influence in your child’s life than you can imagine.  At The Dojo of Karate we understand that.  This is why we have daily Mat Chats in EVERY class to discuss different topics for the week.  This reinforces what you’ve been talking about with your kids at home.  This week has been about Timing.  How is timing important in Karate, at home, and in the classroom…?

There you have it.  These are the 3 main reasons The Dojo of Karate is the best Martial Arts school in Colorado.  It’s not because I’ve been training in Karate for over 22 years, teaching kids for nearly 19 years, and hold numerous awards.  Nope.  We like to focus on the Life Skills, but we happen to relate to them through Karate… that simple.

Don’t believe us about being the best Karate studio in the Westminster and Broomfield area.  Take me up on my word and try out our program.  I’m sure your kid will be leaving with a smile too :)

Javier Lozano, Jr.
Owner / Head Instructor

NASKA World Champion
Certified Personal Trainer
Child Safety Instructor
3rd Degree Black Belt

Dyslexia In A Karate Instructor

Karate has a tendency to help people with learning disorders, including dyslexia.

Is your child Dyslexic or ADHD? Does he have a hard time learning in a classroom setting or staying focused the entire time?

No need to worry…

As a child I always had difficulty comprehending basic to advanced material in Reading, Writing, and English. These subjects, by far, were my most challenging ones because the rules to Writing and English never made sense to me. And, in Reading, I couldn’t retain the information.

This presented a major problem for me as a child because I began to fall behind in those subjects. I always knew I was “different” but I didn’t realize why I was different.
As I got older, and started to research my dilemma, I found out that I was Dyslexic. I researched all the causes, symptoms, and cures to dyslexia and learned that people with this type of learning disorder find alternative ways to be successful.

Some of the most well known CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Athletes, and Entertainers are gifted with Dyslexia – but that didn’t stop them from being successful…

My 18 + years of training in the Martial Arts has helped focus my mind and body in every subject matter I spearhead, or obstacle I encounter. I also discovered new methods of learning by making things more visual and envisioning it in my head. I am a visual person – meaning I tend to comprehend material when I see it in front of me, rather than reading a book and taking a test. So, I had to always change my approach. Plus, I would set mini goals that were attainable to help me get small victories and encourage me to move forward.

I know for a fact that my training in Karate has helped me surpass the challenges some face with Dyslexia and ADHD.

If you would like to help your child become more focus in school and life, sign them up for Karate lessons.  It will be the best investment you’ve ever made.

I guarantee it.


Javier Lozano, Jr.
Owner / Head Karate Instructor
NASKA World Champion
University of Colorado – Boulder Graduate
3rd Degree Black Belt

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