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Making progress…

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted on here…  Sorry for the delay, but I’ve had quite a bit on my plate lately.  You can almost say things are getting a bit smoother… but I really don’t wanna jinx myself – as I feel like I already have…

Anyways, this is what has been going on.

  • Framing – The framing of my office and bathroom has been finished, and it looks great!  My GC did a good job.
  • Bathroom – My plumber added a “side-mount” toilet, instead of cutting the concrete, which didn’t necessarily save me money, but did save on a ton of time.  I’m surprised the city allowed him to do that instead, as they have been quite a pain in my behind.
  • Electrical – So all of the rough electrical has already been installed, and looks ready to go!
  • Signage – My outdoor siganage is installed and connected with the electrical now.  I also added a banner outside of the school that says “Grand Opening Now Enrolling”.  It definitely has been brining in some traffic because every day/night I’m there, I get someone that stops.  I also put some flyers on the window for people to grab when I’m not there.
  • Carpet – I got an estimate last week, and it wasn’t too bad.  Once the dry wall is up, they will come by and do the carpet.

That’s pretty much it…  My inspection is tomorrow… And I’m freakin out!!  I really hope I pass too ’cause I need to open soon.  I’ve been getting quite a bit of calls, emails, and drop-in’s lately, and need to start operating.

Oh yeah, one last note.  Probably one of best good news so far…  So, as you may know, I’m about 1 month behind schedule, which is such a bummer, right.  Well, I tried to get my property manager to talk to the landlord to renegotiate my lease by extending my commencement date by 30 days, since I’m not open yet.  My property manager hasn’t been much help, which is very disappointing…  Anyways, she suggested I contact my broker and see if he can contact the other broker involved in the deal.  Well, I got word from  my broker today that there is a really good chance that they will push my commencement rent date to September – which would be FABULOUS!!!!    This would help me soooo much financially.

Anyways… here’s shooting for an August 1st opening date!!!



So Saturday a few of my friends and I got together to do some demo at the school, and I have to say… it was fun!

I got there around 8am and bought some Starbucks, since I need coffee to function at times. Most people showed up around 8:30am. Anyways, we definitely got a bunch of stuff done. My friend Brent brought his Skil Saw to cut the walls in half/sections, which we would then just push it over. Way too much fun actually! Read the rest of this entry »

talked to state farm

I got off of work a bit early on Friday, since I had to take Bo (my dog) to the vet. He's fine, just needed a checkup. Anyways, after the visit, I decided to drop by State Farm and talk to the owner. We had a great chat, and I'm glad I stopped by 'cause I wanted to see if I could get some answers Read the rest of this entry »

Finally… but!…

A lot has happen since my last post, but at the same time not a lot.

Yes, I know. You’re probably thinking, “how’s that possible?” Well, my landlord has already received the check for my space, which covers my first month’s rent and a deposit – which I can probably kiss goodbye ’cause how often do you ever get your deposit back?

Anyways, I do not have full access to the place because, A) State Farm is still in there, and probably won’t be out until March 1st, and B) Blockbuster needs to approve my business with a written statement. Read the rest of this entry »

It's been awhile

It’s been a couple of weeks or so since my last post, plus I figured that I should update everyone about the latest and greatest news.

First off, the issues that I was experiencing at the beginning of the year with one of my lenders decreasing my line-of-credit – well that couldn’t be resolved due to the school not making any money. It’s kinda tough to generate revenue when YOU’RE A START UP. Read the rest of this entry »

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