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Martial Arts Tournament – Southern American, Fight 3

This is the last fight I had at the 2001 Southern American Nationals in Nashville, TN.

I was fighting for 1st and 2nd place against World Champion Brian Ruth.

When I was a young teen, coming up in the national circuit of competition, I always looked up to Brian, as he was a great fighter.

Anyways, at the time, in 2001, I was 20 years old and had a couple of years under me in the Adult Black Belt Heavy weight division.

During this fight, I started off pretty well, but Brian was than able to find some good openings.

At the end, Brian Ruth got a very good shot, on my chin. Next thing you know, I’m falling like a tree. The funny thing is, Brian didn’t hit me that hard. It was just a clean hit to the chin. Props to him.

I ended up having to bow out and getting 2nd place.

Even though, I lost, I still had a good showing at the Southern American. Unfortunately, though, I was unable to defend my Grand Champion title from the previous year.

Enjoy the video.

Martial Arts Tournaments – Southern American, Fight 2

This next fight is again from the 2001 Southern American Nationals in Nashville, TN.

I am fighting former World Champion Brian Plempel from South Carolina.

He’s a legit fighter that knows his stuff, very well experienced, with great skills.

But sometimes, every fighter has their day.  Today was mine.

I ended up beating Brian in my 2nd round fight 5-4, which was a very close, yet good match.

Martial Arts Tournaments – Southern American, Fight 1

I’ve had quite a bit of videos uploaded recently of Karate tournaments I competed in back in my professional fighting days.

These next series of fights are from the Southern American 2001 in Nashville, TN.  I was a product of the David Deaton Karate Studios in Hermitage, TN and the previous year, I had actually won my division and the Grand Champion title, which was a big deal.

The Southern American Nationals was one of the biggest tournaments in the south that was hosted by World Champion David Deaton.

Going back to Tennessee to compete in this tournament was always fun because I was able to catch up with friends, but more importantly, show that my training and skills have gone to the next level.

In my opinion, in order to get better and grow, we must leave our small pond and venture into the ocean.  I did exactly that by moving to Colorado and training with other, world caliber martial artists.

Anyways, below is one of my first fights at the 2001 Southern American.

Selectig a Fitness Boot Camp in Broomfield & Westminster – Part 2

Last time we discussed the importance of having a well educated and certified Fitness Boot Camp instructor, as well as a professional facility.

Today we are going to venture even further into selecting the best Fitness Boot Camp in Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, Erie, or Denver Colorado.

Below are some other tips that you should for when choosing boot camp program.

Do They Offer Various Exercise Equipment?

Now this is probably just as important as the actual Boot Camp Instructor’s credentials.

What type of equipment do they use? Is it enough to make the exercises different during each session? Is the exercise equipment well maintained and free of damage where you could get injured?

A good, organized, and challenging boot camp will offer several types of training equipment for various exercises, allowing you to learn new training methods and making every session different.  Let’s face it.  Variety is the spice of life.  Fitness is no different.

At the Broomfield and Westminster Boot Camp, participants will train with the following tools.

  • body weight exercises
  • resistant bands
  • medicine balls
  • kettlebells
  • sandbags
  • just to name a few of their exercise equipment.

Why so many options?  Muscle confusion.  If you confuse the muscles by using so many different tools, but doing the same “type” of exercise, than you begin to build lean muscle faster because the muscles are not having the opportunity to adapt to an exercise.

Typically, your body will reach a point where it plateaus and no longer develops because it has adapted.

Is Cardio Training Apart of Their Sessions?

First of all, let’s clear something up.

Cardio does NOT help you lose weight.

Cardio simply builds a healthier heart by getting oxygen into the biggest muscles in your body, the legs (quads, hamstrings, and cavs).  Oxygen is needed in order to live.  If your muscles do not get enough oxygen through exercise (the heart pumps it for you) than you can almost guarantee yourself a shorter and unhealthy life.

In order to get oxygen into your legs, you need to jog / run.  Walking is good too, but remember, we are in a fitness boot camp, not walking the dog!

Our Fitness Boot Camps builds in a 15-20 minute window for cardio.  However, we do cardio VERY different.  We implement Interval Training, which is considered the best type of training for professional athletes in practically ANY sport.

Interval Training is basically short, bursts of exercises, for a short period of time, with a high recovery period.

Why is Interval Training so important?

After the training session, you will continue to burn calories 24-36 hours AFTER your workout.  You don’t get that during a normal 2 mile run.  Unless you incorporate interval training.

Now, we also offer other types of cardio training, such as kickboxing, but that is only because we are also a professional martial arts school.  Other boot camps don’t offer that.

Do They Offer A Nutrition Guide?

Most trainers do not understand this, unless they were a certified fitness and personal trainer.

Nutrition is the key to weight loss.  Exercise simply helps keep the weight off during and after you reach your fitness goals.

If a Fitness Boot Camp offers the nutrition portion of their training at an additional cost, move on.  They should understand that nutrition is actually MORE important to their client at the beginning than anything else.

The Broomfield and Westminster Boot Camp requires their boot campers to participate in the nutrition portion of the boot camp sessions because they are trying to teach healthy eating habits, and how watching what you put into your temple (your body) will directly effect the results you will plan on achieving.

And, they do not charge extra for it.  It’s part of your membership.

If a trainer does not put you on a nutrition plan, not only do they not care about your goals, but they are not very sure how to help you meet your fitness and weight loss goals.

Our unique and powerful nutrition plan is extremely simple to follow, yet it delivers the results we all desire.  All it takes some dedication, perseverance, determination, and a trainer that wants to help you succeed.

Now that you know what you should look for in a Fitness Boot Camp, call The Dojo of Karate and Fitness.  They are a professional martial arts and fitness school that specializes in helping people achieve their goals.  They offer the best fitness program in Broomfield, Westminster, and Thornton Colorado called Fighting Fit2 Boot Camp Fitness Program.

If you have the goal to lose weight, build lean muscles, zap the fat, burn calories, develop a healthier lifestyle, and have more energy throughout your day, than call us at: 303.920.4500 or visit: or

A representative will be happy to assist you.

Selecting a Fitness Boot Camp in Broomfield & Westminster – Part 1

Fitness Boot Camps have been the latest craze in the fitness industry over the past couple of years, and has been steamrolling with even more momentum recently.

People are always talking about the latest exercises, workouts, and how many boot camp sessions they’ve completed, as though they have done multiple tours through a war zone.

So why is everyone jumping on this new fitness fad bandwagon?

Well, probably one of the most obvious reasons is wanting to be accepted.  Most people join a new, trendy, activity that others are doing because they don’t want to be left behind.

In the 70s and 80s it was aerobic classes.  The 90s brought TaeBo.  And now, it’s muscle confusion and boot camp training

But, probably one of the main reasons is you here and see the results from participants joining these fitness boot camps.

Let’s face it, why would you join a fitness program if you were not hearing and seeing the results of inches lost, fat burned, and energy gained…

Now that we know you plan on joining a fitness boot camp, your next question should be, “which boot camp should I join?”

This is like trying to find a sedan with all your options, when there are 5 other companies that provide the same service.

There are plenty of exercise and weight lose type boot camps on the market that claims to give you results.  Some are great, while others simply fall short of the hype.

So, here’s what to look for when you are selecting a fitness boot camp in your area.

Are They A Certified Boot Camp Instructor?

Is the Boot Camp Instructor a certified group instructor?  Are they a Certified Personal Trainer with an accredited organization that is well respected?  Do they actually fit the mold of a boot camp instructor, or is this simply their “extra cash” job? All of this matters because if you find a boot camp instructor that is not certified, doesn’t take fitness seriously to the point they do not lead by example, and are not dedicated to helping you meet your fitness goals, what’s the point of training at their facility.

The Broomfield and Westminster Boot Camp is a professional Martial Arts and Fitness school that takes health and exercise seriously, yet knows how to make sure training is fun.  Their Boot Camp Instructor, Javier Lozano Jr has been in the Martial Arts and Fitness industry for 20 years and he is a certified Boot Camp Instructor with MASAI and a Certified Personal Trainer with AFAA.  Javier has trained at a professional level, and understands the dedication, health, and training needed to achieve personal goals.

Is Their Training Facility Professional?

Some boot camps are taught outdoors, while others are strictly indoors.  A boot camp should have the option of being indoors and outdoors, depending on the whether.  In Broomfield, Colorado, the whether can change in 10 minutes… so having both options is ideal.  Plus, training outdoors is just a nice change of scenery.

You also want to make sure the facility is safe, clean, and welcoming.  Do they offer mirrors to help you check on your posture and technique, which is crucial when you are a novice.

The Broomfield and Westminster Boot Camp has a state-of-the-art training facility, that provides matted floors, 40 feet worth of mirrors, heated and cooled room, and located in a safe neighborhood next to a Safeway Shopping Center.

Next time we’ll talk about two other important features to look for when selecting a Fitness Boot Camp in Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, Erie, Thornton, or Denver Colorado.

Until Next Time!

Javier Lozano
Fitness Instructor