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Broomfield Adult Karate School

Karate isn’t just for kids, but also for adults. Our adult karate lessons are a great way to release stress.

The Dojo of Karate teaches traditional Karate and combines it with modern training to help develop with your conditioning, endurance, self-defense, strength, and flexibility.

On top of that… training at our Martial Arts school is just plain fun.

Our Adult Karate Program is will give you a great workout.  Probably something better than your boring routine of hitting the weight room after work.

We combine our traditional Karate classes with sparring too.  This is a great way to develop your kicking and punching skills, in a controlled format, by working with a partner.

Any adult interested in trying out our Karate program gets 2 FREE weeks of Karate classes, so you can make sure our program is a fit.

Coming Soon! New Karate Dojo Location

Coming Soon! The Dojo of Karate

Coming Soon! The Dojo of Karate’s new home in Westminster, CO

As many of you may know, The Dojo of Karate plans to move to it’s new home in Westminster, CO within the next 30 to 60 days — with the hope to move no later then June 1st.

And, if you haven’t heard, The Dojo of Karate is moving to a LARGER space, which will nearly be doubling our square footage to approximately 3,500 square feet.

Our new home will be in Park Centre on 120th Avenue and Tejon Street.  It’s right across the street of the Ranch Country Club, behind Vectra Bank, where the new Snarf’s Sandwich shop is located.

There are many reason why The Dojo of Karate has chosen a new home, but the most important thing to keep into consideration is that nothing is changing.  We have simply out grown our current location and there are far greater opportunities for The Dojo of Karate to grow and share the knowledge of martial arts, self-defense, fitness, and nutrition to our community.

This has been a long process, as I began to see what was available in the market almost 14 months ago, with negotiations at our new home beginning around July 2012 and finalized in December 2012.  These things take time to workout, but in the long run it’s worth the effort.

I believe our new location is VERY family friendly, with great businesses that compliment The Dojo of Karate.  As I

The Dojo of Karate's New Location

We’ll be moving to the Park Centre Shopping Center next to Snarf’s Sandwich, behind Vectra Bank, in Westminster, CO

mentioned, there is a Snarf’s Sandwich shop, a Kumon Tutoring, a hair salon, a Mediterranean Restaurant, a sports bar called Club Level, a travel agency, an investment / retirement planning place, a Cort Furniture, and a couple of other businesses.  Not to mention the other businesses, child care centers, and schools around that area.

Today, when Lynn and I went to our new location to put up the Coming Soon banners, they were working on doing the plumbing.  Keep in mind, we will be the first business in this new unit, so the landlord needs to put in bathrooms, walls, carpet, offices, and everything in between.

So before you come asking “when is the new spot opening?” come checkout our blog postings and get the updates yourself.

I’ll try to post a weekly or bi-weekly update of our progress, including pictures, and you’ll obviously know when we open our new doors.

And, if you haven’t “liked” us on Facebook, please do so!


Karate Belt Promotions – February 2013

Below is a list and pictures of our newly promoted karate students at The Dojo of Karate.  When you get a chance, congratulate them for their success and achievement.

Also, not pictured, but newly promoted Karate students are: Leighla R. promoted to Gold Belt.  Frial K. promoted to Low Green Belt.

Lil’ Ninjas Karate Belt Promotions

Ben H. promoted to Gold Belt and Iris K. promoted to Junior Gold Belt.

Jameson L. promoted to Gold Belt and Ava S. promoted to Gold Belt.

Junior Kids Beginners Karate Belt Promotions

Junior C. promoted to Gold Belt and Ashley M. promoted to Orange Belt.

Felipe T. promoted to Orange Belt and Lexi J. promoted to Orange Belt.

Junior Kids Intermediate Karate Belt Promotions

Ethan D. promoted to Purple Belt, John I. promoted to Blue Belt, and Dakota G. promoted to High Green Belt.

Adult Karate & Self Defense Karate Belt Promotion

Tim M. promoted to Gold Belt and Garrett N. promoted to Gold Belt.

This Is Karate – Part 2 Video

Could the ancient art of Karate still be the most lethal form of self-defense?

So, this video was shared with me by Sensei Bob Nash.

It’s a 5 minute Karate video of short blurbs and clips of Karate-kas doing Karate… From training to fighting in competitions.  Really awesome.

In my opinion, it shows the endless possibilities of the human body by dedicating yourself to actual Karate training.  Makes me wonder if some of these Karate-kas could rival some of the fighters in the UFC and MMA arena.

Who knows…

Enjoy the video!

Thornton Martial Arts School | Harvest Fest Demonstration, Part 1

The Dojo of Karate was contacted by The City of Thornton in August 2009 about performing at their annual Thornton Harvest Fest on September 12, 2009 to celebrate Multi-Cultural Month and teaching kids about Japan.

The Dojo of Karate is a traditional Japanese Martial Arts school, so it made complete sense for our students to put on a demonstration at the Thornton Harvest Fest.

Nearly 36 students got together over the next 6 weeks to practice and train on Saturday mornings.

Our theme for the Martial Arts Demonstration was “The History of Japanese Karate”.

We took the audience through the beginnings of Karate, and how it was introduced to the people of Okinawa through the Chinese Tang Dynasty.

Than we go through how Martial Arts became main stream in the 60s and 70s due to overseas training, movies, and Martial Arts Super Star sensation, Bruce Lee.

Finally, we take the audience to how Martial Arts has become a household sport or activity, and that many schools, including The Dojo of Karate, teaches students about life skills, confidence, and self-defense.

Below is the 1st part of a 3 part series.

Enjoy, because our kids worked hard and had a blast performing.

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