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Testimonial Contest

The Dojo of Karate Testimonial Contest

The Dojo of Karate appreciates all of your kind testimonials about our programs.

The Dojo of Karate will be promoting a Testimonial Contest within the school, as a form of internal marketing that will allow other families the opportunity to hear about your enjoyable experience in our Karate program.

As we’ve mentioned before in the past, testimonials are like GOLD to us, and we greatly appreciate them.

With that said, our testimonial contest isn’t about who can give the best testimonial, rather who can give the most variety of testimonials.

For each type of testimonial a family gives, your child’s name will be placed in a fish bowl where we will do a drawing for various prizes.

Even if you have 2+ kids taking Karate, it’s going to be for the entire family, as it’s sorta unfair for the families that only have 1 child in Karate lessons.

The Testimonial Contest will run from May 1st to May 15th.  Any testimonials turned in AFTER May 15th will not be accepted.

So, this is how our Testimonial Contest will work.

  1. Written Testimonial = 1 name in fish bowl.  You will need to write a testimonial, preferably emailed to Sensei Lozano about your amazing experience at The Dojo of Karate.
  2. Non-Parent Questionnaire = 2 names in fish bowl- There will ONLY be 3 questions asked that a NON-Parent will need to answer about the training student.  This can be answered by a grandparent, teacher, neighbor or babysitter.  These need to be turned in to Sensei Lozano.
  3. Video Testimonial = 3 names in fish bowl.  You will need to do a quick 60 second or less video testimonial about The Dojo of Karate, with your kid(s) (if you’re an adult, just you is fine).  We’ll come up with EASY questions to ask you, we just ask you say something cool about your experience.

Google Plus Testimonial

As many of you know, Google is taking over the internet world, and as they continue to grow their market, it is becoming more difficult for small businesses to compete with large organizations.

Google has created a product called, Google Plus - a spin off of the Facebook social media platform.  With the Google Plus product, Google has made it a bit more difficult for normal users and clients to review local businesses because the client would need a Google Plus account.

Typically speaking, if you have a Gmail Account, then you can create a FREE Google Plus account, and then start enjoying the various benefits of Google Plus.

Go to The Dojo of Karate’s Google Plus Business Page. There, you’ll find on the right side a button that says “write review”.

If you are logged into Gmail / Google Plus, you can write a review easily.  If you are not, then you’ll need to create a Google Plus Account.

Once it’s been created, then you can write your review online.

Bonus Testimonial

If you have a Google Plus account and write a positive review, along with a high star rating, about The Dojo of Karate, we’ll give you 3 extra names in the fish bowl, which can increase your odds of winning 1 of 3 prizes.

NOTE: We ask that you do a review on Google Plus and not Yelp or other review sites, as some of the other sites filter their reviews if you are not a regular user.

Testimonial Contest Prizes

There will be 3 types of prizes for our Testimonial Contest participants, so here are the following:

  • 2nd Runner Up – This winner will get an official embroidered hat, with The Dojo of Karate logo.
  • 1st Runner Up – This winner will get an official gear bag, with The Dojo of Karate logo.
  • Grand Prize Winner – This winner will get a NEW set of sparring gear with The Dojo of Karate logo’s on the gear.

Please keep in mind that none of these items have been offered or sold to anyone before, so the winners will be receiving unique prizes.

These items will be made available down the road, but our winners will be the first to receive them.

We Plan On Using These Testimonials…

As a way of sharing one’s experience at The Dojo of Karate to prospects and families along one of our walls, so that parents and kids can read about the various success one has enjoyed while training here.  In addition, we would love to use the video testimonials as a form of marketing on our website, so that other prospects can see that The Dojo of Karate is really a community of families.

Download Testimonial Forms!

Below are 2 sets of testimonial forms that we ask parents and students to fill out.  There is a Witness Testimonial Form and a Student Testimonial Form.  Please download each one so you can increase your opportunity to win a prize!

Witness Testimonial Form – This needs to be filled out by a non-parent and/or non-student, such as a babysitter, grandparent, relative, or school teacher.

Student Testimonial Form – This needs to be filled out by the parent or Adult Karate Student.

Please turn in these forms to The Dojo of Karate so we can put you name into the fish bowl!

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