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This parent loves the community of our school

 Improvements in academics

“My son, Zhane, has been training at The Dojo of Karate for nearly six months. After multiple attempts in placing him in activities to assist with his focus & concentration, Karate has helped increase his reading skills. He went from only recognizing 9 site words in class to 56 of his required words!!! He has also gained confidence in his own abilities and that is priceless. We truly feel that The Dojo of Karate has contributed to his patience and positive behavior in class. His teacher has noticed a difference as well.”

N. Ortega – Broomfield, Colorado

Better agility and coordination skills

“Connor has been training at The Dojo of Karate since October 2008, and already we have seen an improvement in his grades at school and he’s been getting great compliments from his teacher because his focus, concentration, and respect has increased. In addition, he plays soccer in the Spring and Fall, and his coordination and balance has increased since last Fall 2008.”

Megan C. – Broomfield, CO

 This student thinks we’re AWESOME!

This student found his niche

“Cody has tried many sports, and has wanted to excel in all of them. Unfortunately, that did not happen. However, he found Karate to be his niche. He enjoys going to The Dojo of Karate and is striving to become a Black Belt.”

Jim R. – Westminster, CO

Loves karate more then soccer!

“In just 3 months of training at The Dojo of Karate, Caleb has shown levels of excitement for practicing and training in Karate – something he never had with soccer. Not only is he becoming more coordinated with his Martial Arts skills, but his physical conditioning is improving as well. Most importantly, though, his desire to do well at school and with his chores has increased dramatically.”

Heather S. – Erie, Colorado

Dustin has more confidence and discipline

“Although Dustin has only been participating at The Dojo of Karate for a short time, he is gaining self-confidence and self-discipline in other areas of his life. He has a lot of fun in Karate classes and as parents, we appreciated the values he is learning.”

Mindy M. – Broomfield, Colorado

Focused workout for this adult

“Karate is an excellent method for me to have a focused workout while working on increasing my skills. Not only is Mr. Lozano extremely skilled, but his teaching methods are well balanced. In Addition, doing this with my son also adds a new activity for us to enjoy together!”

John D. – Westminster, CO

 Madeline wants to get higher Black Belts!


More respect and discipline among siblings

“I am a mother of 5 year old twin boys. Like any brothers, they fight. Since joining The Dojo of Karate, they have more respect for each other. Martial Arts has both bonded them, and turned them into respectable children.”

Cheryl P. – Westminster, CO

Great lessons learned at The Dojo of Karate

“Our daughter has been taking Karate with Javier since June. As parents, we feel this is one of the best things we have done for her. Not only is she learning basic Traditional Karate, but she is also learning to defend herself in everyday situations. It is a great comfort to know she is learning these skills. We also love the emphasis on physical fitness, and found this is a great way for her to get her daily exercise, as well. One of things we like best, though, is all the positive messages that Javier gives to the class. We have heard him give the kids messages about self-respect, sportsmanship, teamwork, diet and fitness and even anti-drug messages. It is great for your kid to hear this from someone other than yourself. It is obvious that Javier really cares about the kids and strives to be a positive role model that they can look toward.”

Kim M. – Broomfield, CO

Excellent instruction from Sensei Lozano

“My family has taken advantage of the opportunity to attend both the Kickboxing and traditional Karate classes at The Dojo of Karate throughout the past year. Javier Lozano, Master Instructor and owner, is a professional instructor committed to keeping up to date on new information and he is also a great source of support and encouragement for his students. He holds himself and his students to a high standard, but is approachable and fun to learn from as well. The difference in self confidence and skill that I have noticed in my kids after attending classes at The Dojo has been measurable and exciting to watch unfold.”

Kim C. – Westminster, CO

 Ryan lost 60+ lbs in our Adult Program!

 More focus at home during homework sessions

“My son has been attending The Dojo of Karate for about 4 months now, and it has helped tremendously in a number of tangible ways. He’s able to remember multiple steps better, which has helped not only his Karate, but outside of the studio as well. He can focus for longer periods of time without getting distracted, and we’ve noticed this translating over to his homework, and other areas at home and at school. He worked hard during these first months, and this week advanced to a higher belt – which was a great boost to his confidence. Sensei Javier is fully dedicated to his craft, and he is able to excite and motivate his students, and also keep them focused and learning. We really look forward to what’s next, and would recommend the Dojo of Karate without reservation or hesitation – it’s been a great experience so far!”

Dave B. – Westminster, CO

Increased confidence, respect and perseverance

“My son has been taking karate from Sensei Lozano for about 5 1/2 years. He started when he was 5 years old. In that time I have seen him grow confidence in himself. That confidence shows in every aspect of his life from sports, to school to play. He has also learned to show respect for himself and others. I am proud of my son and all that he has accomplished and look forward to seeing him grow even more.”

Amber B. – Westminster, CO

Garret enjoys the teamwork and help from everyone!

 Luana has gained a sense of empowerment in Adult Karate

“When I first started to train at the Dojo of Karate, I wasn’t even thinking about getting a Black Belt, I was just happy to train in a place where I could exercise and learn some cool stuff. And now 5 years later,  with my head full of cool stuff, I am a Black Belt, I still can’t believe it :)

My favorite part of being a student at the Dojo of Karate is learning and improving and learning again. No matter what belt rank we are, we always have more to learn about this art.

When I first started at the Dojo, my goal was to be able to do man-pushups.  It took me a year, I’m a little better at them now. My goal now is to be more aggressive in my sparring.

Empowerment— The Dojo of Karate empowers us with confidence and skills to defend ourselves.”

Luana L. – Westminster, CO

Ryan has seen his child transform and grow in 2+ years!

“I feel I cannot do the Dojo justice by simply writing a review. If I could rate my experience higher than “excellent,” I would. The training has literally been life-changing for my son. In addition to the athletic and physical training, Jackson has become more confident in all areas in his life. The training has been much more than learning how to kick and punch in self defense situations. Jackson has become more assertive, attentive, goal oriented, determined… the list just goes on and on. Being exposed on a regular basis to the type of training offered at the Dojo, has allowed my son to bring these qualities to other areas in his life. Additionally, my son has learned self discipline as well as an added respect for authority. Sensei Lozano is not your average martial arts instructor. He is concerned with building sustainable long-term relationships with his students and cares about there success in the gym as well as out of the gym. My son has come a long way and I am very proud of him! More importantly, Jackson is proud of himself and understands the value and benefit of hard work!”

Ryan M. – Thornton, CO

 Sam NEVER gave up to reach his goal of Black Belt!


This father and son team enjoy Karate together

“The Dojo of Karate has provided a wonderful routine for my son and myself. We have been part of the dojo since it opened almost five years ago, during which time I have watched my son grow in self confidence and respect for others. Sensei Lozano has an excellent way with kids, offering a non-militant teaching style that still demands attention and self-control by the students. The adult classes provide a unique method for staying in shape while doing something much more exciting than spending 60 minutes on a stationary bike. It has also provided a wonderful shared bond for my son and myself.”

John D. – Westminster, CO

This mom loves the focus, self-defense and discipline

“My son began karate lessons at the Dojo of Karate when he was 5. This was one sport that interested him and like many parents, we allowed him to try it out. Nearly three years later, he still loves going. He attends classes three times a week and would go more frequently, if allowed! I was initially interested in the focus, discipline and self-defense that karate offers. Sensei Lozano’s classes are both fun and instructional for the children. He has high expectations for his students and my son loves the challenge. My son knows (without a doubt) that when he receives a new belt rank, he has earned it!”

Sonja G. – Brighton, CO

Learning Karate made fun, cool, and exciting

“I have learned so much since starting classes here. I have been a student for about a year and a half. During that time, I have seen great improvement both in the dojo learning karate skills and in my personal life. I have adhd, and karate not only helps with my focus in the dojo, but outside it as well. The belts are fun to earn, and you always learn something new and fun every class. Sensei Javier is a very patient instructor, and makes learning wado fun. The other students are easy to get along with, they’re really nice, and make the class enjoyable as well. I have had a great time at this dojo so far, and my goal is to earn my black belt.”

Tiffany W. – Westminster, CO

 This family all take Karate and Fitness

 Increased strength and flexibility for this Adult Karate student

“I have been taking Karate classes for about 7 months. In that short amount of time I have found a passion for my training. I enjoy the way Sensei Javier teaches and the discipline he expects from all of his students. It is rewarding to earn belts and learn the art of Karate in an environment that promotes growth. My training has changed how I feel about myself. I have noticed a strength in me that was missing. I love going to class! My goal is to earn my black belt. Thank you Sensei Javier for everything!”

Tanya E. – Westminster, CO

This mom says the friendships with students are priceless!

 One student is sacrificing sleepovers for a Black Belt!

“I have three children attending the Dojo of Karate and they continue enjoy the classes and special events. Javier demands respect through his actions. He does not expect anything from your children that he doesn’t demand from himself. My oldest daughter loves training at the Dojo so much that she has decided to join the Black Belt class. If a nine year old girl is willing to give up sleepovers, roller skating and social events, you know the Dojo of Karate is a special place!”

Stephanie P. – Broomfield, CO

Growth in motivation and perseverance

“My daughter has been training at the Dojo of Karate since September of last year and I have been very impressed with it. Sensei Lozano does an excellent job of finding the perfect balance between encouragement and accountability to ensure the success of all his students. I have seen tremendous growth in my daughter’s willingness to keep at something even when it’s difficult. She looks forward to her classes every week and working toward her black belt. I definitely recommend the Dojo of Karate to any parent who wants to see the best brought out in their child!”

Alicia H. – Westminster, CO

 We suggest you just listen to these kids…

 More courage, confidence and focus

“My son Sam has been training at The Dojo of Karate since April of 2009, and is still going strong. The instruction that he receives from Sensei Lozano is top notch. Not only has Sam gained traditional karate/self defense training, but he has gained a great deal of self-confidence, courage, and focus. The traits that Sensei Lozano instills in each of his students are carried over into their home life, school life, and friendships. I would highly recommend The Dojo of Karate to anyone. The program is extremely well rounded. Each students that walks into The Dojo will walk away with a wealth of knowledge, training, self discipline, and respect for themselves and others! Thank you Sensei Lozano!”

Dave V. – Westminster, CO

This parent gives us an all round A+!

“The Dojo of Karate has been awesome! My daughter Ava LOVES going to class, but more than that the focus and confidence she has been building is AMAZING! The bi-weekly classes are great. She is building friendship in class, as well as learning to be responsible for her actions. All around an A+. Oh, and talk about confidence, it was awesome to see my little girl breaking boards, FANTASTIC!”

Roxane S. – Westminster, CO

This proud mom sees plenty of growth in both her kids!

“My son has been at the Dojo of Karate for almost 2 years, and has not wanted to take a break. He has really grown, training under Javier and his experience has been nothing but positive. He knows it is a commitment, and is striving for that black belt one day. My daughter sat and watched for a year and a half, until she wanted to try for herself. She has truly thrived, and practices with my son to get better. I’ve seen changes in both of them in their confidence and determination. Now they work together, and despite the age difference it’s nice to see they have this in common. I definitely recommend the Dojo of Karate to other friends. I have also taken part in the women’s self defense course. It was challenging, but so rewarding. It is something my kids have learned as well, and we all talk about what you’d do in certain situations, taking what Javier has taught all of us.”

Kelly S. – Broomfield, CO

 And this little girl has great skills!


This mom has seen his son learn team work and goal setting skills!

“My son has been at The Dojo of Karate for 4 years and we love Sensei Javier. He runs a great traditional karate program, not one of those cookie cutter programs. Sensei Javier is very knowledgeable about karate and its history. When my son first started I was worried that he would become more aggressive towards other children, but the opposite effect has happened. Sensei Javier makes sure that the kids understand that karate is to only be used at the Dojo or to defense you. Karate has helped my son to focus better, work with others and set goals. He enjoys karate and Sensei Javier so much that he never wants to miss a day and has set the goal to achieve a black belt. The Dojo of Karate has become a part of our family.”

Grace H. – Westminster, CO

Her son wants to achieve a Black Belt!

“Today I took a 6 hour Women’s self defense class here at the Dojo of Karate, and it was very empowering! Javier was able to show us ways not only to get out of any hold an attacker may try to use but how to counter with something that an attacker just won’t be expecting! I just came home and practiced all of my NEW MOVES on my 6 foot tall, 200lb husband and I was able to get out of every hold he tried! I will be taking this class again in the future to make sure all of these techniques become natural instincts! My son has been attending karate classes at this Dojo for almost a year and he has become more disciplined and looks forward to going to karate every week. He has his black belt in his sights and Javier makes it fun but challenging!”

Rovena F. – Westminster, CO

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