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Testimonials About The Dojo of Karate

My son, Zhane, has been training at The Dojo of Karate for nearly six months. After multiple attempts in placing him in activities to assist with his focus & concentration, Karate has helped increase his reading skills. He went from only recognizing 9 site words in class to 56 of his required words!!! He has also gained confidence in his own abilities and that is priceless. We truly feel that The Dojo of Karate has contributed to his patience and positive behavior in class. His teacher has noticed a difference as well.

N. Ortega - Broomfield, Colorado

Connor has been training at The Dojo of Karate since October 2008, and already we have seen an improvement in his grades at school and he’s been getting great compliments from his teacher because his focus, concentration, and respect has increased. In addition, he plays soccer in the Spring and Fall, and his coordination and balance has increased since last Fall 2008.

Megan C.

Cody has tried many sports, and has wanted to excel in all of them. Unfortunately, that did not happen. However, he found Karate to be his niche. He enjoys going to The Dojo of Karate and is striving to become a Black Belt.

Jim R. — Westminster, Colorado

Although Dustin has only been participating at The Dojo of Karate for a short time, he is gaining self-confidence and self-discipline in other areas of his life. He has a lot of fun in Karate classes and as parents, we appreciated the values he is learning.

Lisa R. — Broomfield, Colorado

In just 3 months of training at The Dojo of Karate, Caleb has shown levels of excitement for practicing and training in Karate - something he never had with soccer. Not only is he becoming more coordinated with his Martial Arts skills, but his physical conditioning is improving as well. Most importantly, though, his desire to do well at school and with his chores has increased dramatically.

Heather S. — Broomfield, Colorado

Another happy parent to be apart of our Community Martial Arts And Fitness School

Karate is an excellent method for me to have a focused workout while working on increasing my skills. Not only is Mr. Lozano extremely skilled, but his teaching methods are well balanced. In Addition, doing this with my son also adds a new activity for us to enjoy together!

John D. — Broomfield, Colorado

I am a mother of 5 year old twin boys. Like any brothers, they fight. Since joining The Dojo of Karate, they have more respect for each other. Martial Arts has both bonded them, and turned them into respectable children.

Cheryl P. — Westminster, Colorado

Our daughter has been taking Karate with Javier since June. As parents, we feel this is one of the best things we have done for her. Not only is she learning basic Traditional Karate, but she is also learning to defend herself in everyday situations. It is a great comfort to know she is learning these skills. We also love the emphasis on physical fitness, and found this is a great way for her to get her daily exercise, as well. One of things we like best, though, is all the positive messages that Javier gives to the class. We have heard him give the kids messages about self-respect, sportsmanship, teamwork, diet and fitness and even anti-drug messages. It is great for your kid to hear this from someone other than yourself. It is obvious that Javier really cares about the kids and strives to be a positive role model that they can look toward.

Kim M. — Broomfield, Colorado

My family has taken advantage of the opportunity to attend both the Kickboxing and traditional Karate classes at The Dojo of Karate throughout the past year. Javier Lozano, Master Instructor and owner, is a professional instructor commited to keeping up to date on new information and he is also a great source of support and encouragement for his students. He holds himself and his students to a high standard, but is approachable and fun to learn from as well. The difference in self confidence and skill that I have noticed in my kids after attending classes at The Dojo has been measurable and exciting to watch unfold.

K. Christensen — Broomfield, Colorado

One of our Black Belt Club students, Jack S. tells us what he thinks about training at The Dojo of Karate and about Sensei Lozano... brase yourselves!!!

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Karate Student Demonstrating A Side Kick

Martial Arts Students Having Fun

Martial Arts Students Having Fun