Ultimate Karate Training

The Dojo of Karate is introducing a new martial arts private instructions program called Ultimate Karate Training – the combination of basic Karate techniques, self-defense, and modern aerobic and resistance exercise. This new private lessons program is designed for the busy professionals always on the go, or for those seeking a personal trainer, but with more to offer in their training.

Ultimate Karate Training is the only private martial arts instruction / personal training based lessons in Colorado that is able to teach at either your office of business, home, or at our school. With this type of flexibility, sessions can be arranged around your schedule.

In addition, these private lessons are some of the most complete exercises for the mind and body, as we focus on developing core strength and flexibility, coordination, balance, self-defense and confidence. These are key aspects to your training, as it will help you reach some of your personal goals.

With Ultimate Karate Training - you can expect to gain a healthier lifestyle, reduce your stress levels, learn modern day self-defense, and more importantly keep, your mind sharp.
Studies have shown consistent physical activity such as weight training and aerobic exercise can improve one’s performance at work and overall internal well-being. UKT’s unique training methods will help keep your mind focused throughout the day - allowing you to perform at a higher level in all areas of life. And, with the various punches, kicks, strikes, blocks and other challenging techniques you will learn in every UKT session, you will also burn a high amount of calories.

How does this all work?
A 30-minute private consultation with Javier Lozano, Jr. will be setup to discuss some of your goals, and what you would like to gain out of these 1-hour private training sessions. From there, your trainer will create a uniquely tailored program and go over it with you by elaborating on the different exercises and the benefits they entail. Every time you get together with your trainer, the session will sometimes build from the previous session, but also introduce new material.

In order to gain the full benefits of Ultimate Karate Training, we recommend you schedule 2 sessions per week. This will allow you to stay on track with your personal goals, as well as keep you sharp with the Karate techniques taught.

These fully private, 1-hour personal training session, are taught by Javier Lozano, Jr. – a 3rd degree Black Belt in Wado Ryu Karate and Sport Karate World Champion. Javier has over 17 years of experience in the martial arts and over 6 years of expertise conducting private instruction, which can be considered as a PH.D in one’s respected field of study. He is also opening a martial arts school in the Westminster and Broomfield community of Colorado called, The Dojo of Karate.

Our Ultimate Karate Training packages start as low as $125 per session. If you would like to learn more about our packages, please call The Dojo of Karate at: 303.503.1282 or email us at: [email protected]