Oh so close

September 26th, 2007

So I’ve got some really good news. Better yet, I’m glad I had to wait for this opportunity to present itself.

The landlord of the shopping center I’m looking to start my business has been going back-and-forth with Safeway in allowing him to split the 3400 sf unit. From my understanding, Safeway would prefer to not split the unit, and keep it for a larger tenant. Hence the delay in getting back to me. Well… there is another tenant Read more…

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The business side of things

September 11th, 2007

I think I’ve always had the entrepreneurial itch in me, but it came out more these past few years. Especially with a few of my college classes. After a 3 month trip to Europe, I finally realized what I needed to do when I returned. I got some things aligned in my life, landed a job for an Internet company, and began to brainstorm some ideas. A few things came up along the way, including a website stint a friend and I created. Some of you know the company, but I will save that for another time, as it currently is on the back-burner.

I started to seriously write my business plan around December 2006, Read more…

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