What’s a few more days…

November 29th, 2007

… of waiting gonna do anyways? Well, I showed up on Tuesday, but apparently the Landlord and his broker didn’t get the memo. He flew into town from California and took a look at the shopping center to refresh his mind, as there are several investors involved with the location. It was a waste of my time, but I got to meet my broker in person finally, so we just talked a bit more about the space. Anyways, we’re shooting for a conference call on Friday morning.

I’ll keep you guys posted…

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Meeting tomorrow

November 27th, 2007

That’s what was in the subject line of my business email address, “Meeting Tomorrow”. My broker emailed me saying the landlord (don’t know his/her name yet) wants to get together tomorrow at the site at 11am. If all goes well, I will be in an even deeper amount of debt. Who would have thought being in debt was a good thing…? :-)Anyways, I’m hoping I can take a good look at the place, make some final changes to the LOI, and possibly start drawing up the lease for me to sign. Hey, I even get to meet my broker face-to-face for the first time too.

Well, you guys will be the third or forth… maybe even fifth or sixth - depending who I tell first - to know if all went well. Keep positive thoughts, pray for me, cross your fingers, or whatever superstition you have so things continue to move in the right direction.

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I’m baaacckkk!…

November 21st, 2007

I know, I know, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update on the progress of my school and finding a location. But trust me, there hasn’t been anything new, until recently. It’s mid-night right now, I can’t sleep, and something in me is calling for this new post tonight… errr this morning.

Well, here’s the lowdown. Read more…

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