Karate Fight of The Week # 4

January 28th, 2009
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This is the 5,280 Challenge Karate Championship, but in August 2003. I had been out of national tournament competition for a couple of years because college took a priority. I still competed randomly in local tournaments, and would train at Denver Karate Academy during my free time, but I didn’t have time to do serious training like before… which sucked…

Anyways, this fight is part of our Team Fights. A few days before, we just had a seminar with a friend of ours, World Champion Jadi Tention - one of the nations best fighters from NYC. We put together a team which he anchored as the last fighter, and I was the 2nd fighter. Our 1st fighter was a student named Dan who didn’t have much tournament competition experience, so we needed to make up points during the fight.

In this fight, I’m the white fighter, furthest from the camera. I started pretty strong, but ended up getting kinda tired due to my previous fights during the day. Overall, though, it was a good fight.

And, if you were wondering, we lost the fight. Don’t know how, but we believe it was local politics…

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A Great Man Left Our World…

January 27th, 2009
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As I wrote a few days ago, Jason N. Bird left us on MLK Day due to a car accident on I-70 near Limon, CO.  I would like for you guys to please read his obituary which was published in the Daily Camera - a Boulder newspaper.

I didn’t know Jason personally (other than him bringing Colby to Karate classes), but he seemed like a wonderful man, who was very family oriented & supportive of Colby’s passion in the Martial Arts.  Both of his kids are great too.  Logan is this sweet little boy with such great energy who looks up to his big brother.  Colby is one of my students at The Dojo of Karate, and has become an amazing Gold Belt.

Anyways, click here, to read his obituary.



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Fatal Car Wreck On I-70

January 25th, 2009

I don’t know if many of you heard about the fatal car wreck on Martin Luther King Day, Monday January 19th, 2009.

If not, click here, to get the full news article.

Basically, there was a 15 car pile up on I-70 EB in Limon, CO. Apparently the wind was blowing sooo hard that there was a “brown-out” and drivers couldn’t see in front of them. It was so bad that a State Patrol Officer said he couldn’t see his hand at arms length… that’s crazy!

Anyways, one of the two victims in the accident was a person I knew. He was actually the father of Colby B. - one of my first students at The Dojo of Karate…

I found out about the accident from Amber (Colby’s mom) via email on Tuesday and didn’t know how to react. I was devastated!! I got to the Karate school, and tried to teach class like all of my normal lessons, but at the end of class I had to bring it up to the students. The parents were shocked… I than proceeded to ask everyone to donate a few bucks to their family so we can buy them some flowers and gift cards to places to go. We raised over $300!!! :)

The flowers were delivered on Friday, and the gift cards & sympathy cards will be mailed on Monday. I do not know when the funeral is, or what the next step is… but I have a few ideas on how The Dojo can contribute towards their family.

First of all, I am going to continue to accept donations for the family for the next few weeks. I will try to setup a PayPal Account for donors to send any kind of amounts.

Secondly, I may try to see what my church, Flatirons Community Church, can do for the family. Maybe they can offer some help, guidance, prayer, something… I have no idea. But it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Lastly, I am going to start a Scholarship Fund for Colby to continue to train at The Dojo of Karate. I only pray that they had life insurance to help with some of the bills & expenses. Nonetheless, this Scholarship Fund will help pay Colby’s tuition at the school. Students, parents, families, neighbors, anyone, can contribute to this fund of any given denomination - or monthly donation. My goal is to make sure Colby can continue to train at The Dojo of Karate. The remanding balance will than be covered by The Dojo Karate for the life of their tuition agreement.

My goal as the Head Instructor and Owner of The Dojo of Karate is to be involved with the community as much as possible.  To get students involved in our community.  And to make my school a big, giant, family.  All while teaching students Life Skills.  This is our chance to help a fellow friend, and I find it my duty to spear head the way with this.  Not for publiscity, but to simply help.  It’s the Martial Way…

Anyone out there that has something to offer this family please contact me anytime at: 303-920-4500 or [email protected]


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Karate Fight of The Week #3

January 22nd, 2009

So this is the 5280 Challenge Karate Championships. Denver Karate Academy use to host this annual tournament in Denver, Colorado — but after a few years and all the stress, they decided to stop hosting it. Anyways, I believe this is August 2001, and I was at my prime. Though, I still think I’m at my prime!!

I’m the white fighter closet to the camera.  My fighting style had slightly changed in this tournament, and I’m not sure if I’m a big fan…  either way, it worked because I won the match.

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SEO, Web-Marketing, & Karate

January 18th, 2009
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So, I’m using a company called Untouchable Marketing to help market and optimize my Martial Arts school in my regions - Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, and now Denver.

I was trying to get some SEO done myself by writing articles and getting link backs, however that is way too time consuming.  I need to focus on running my business, teaching classes, and enrolling new students that inquire about Martial Arts.

The owner of Untouchable Marketing, Ryan Bell, is a former co-worker who was in charge of web marketing.  He took his skills & marketing concepts and applied those practices to his company for customers to reap the same benefits of high PageRanks, more traffic, and better visibility in search engines.

Untouchable Marketing started working on my website in late October.  My plan was to get them involved in January 2009 - however, I realized that I wanted to start working for 2009, so the time and money spent in late 2008 will be well worth it.

We created a few landing pages that targets certain cities around my Karate school.  The biggest jump for one of my landing pages was from a PR 0 to a PR 4 - in just 2 1/2 months!!  Other pages experienced the same succes, such as my home page from a PR 2 to a PR3.

We are now going to expand our target region to a larger city, as this will assist my company get more leads, and potential students.

I know Untouchable Marketing uses best practices for SEO and they are constantly doing research for the latest trends on how to create more visibiliity for one’s website.  I highly recommend you contact Untouchable Marketing if you are in need of a big web marketing presence.

Javier Lozano, Jr.

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