30 Students, In 30 Days

Is it possible?!?!  What do you think?  Many experts say that 15-20 new Karate enrollments in one month is quite amazing.  That’s a good month.  But 30!  I must be crazy, huh?  Industry average is about 5-10 new students per month, and that’s if you are marketing consistently, and effectively.  As well as getting your prospects to come into the school.


That’s 1 new student per day.  I really think I have a shot at pulling this off.  It’s a numbers game though, if you think about it…  The more opportunities you have to get in front of people, the better chance you have of sealing the deal.  So, you’re asking, “how are you going to get in front of soooo many people and than sign them up…

Well, here’s the idea.  And this is huge.  Manpower.  Yes, that simple - manpower.  Print out small, informative flyers to put on car windows, houses, businesses, and anywhere else one can imagine.  I am offering a Grand Opening Special of 15% off to the first 30 students only.  I also have Family discounts of 25% off for the 2nd family member and 50% off for the 3rd or more.  That’s a bargin!  This family discount may not be available for long either.

With these two specials I am offering, I think getting 30 students in 30 days is doable.  The average consumer travels about 3-5 mies to get to the location they desire for a product and/or service.  If I map out a 5 mile radius of my target market, than they should be interested to AT LEAST call, or possibly stop by…

So, what I’m going to do is get a BUNCH of my friends on a weekend, or a couple of weekends, and have everyone drive to designated areas to drop off flyers in shopping centers, neighborhoods, and businesses.  This allows me to get in front of all sorts of people that may be interested in Karate lessons.  Plus, August is typically back to school, so parents are looking around to get their kids involved in something.

30 Students, in 30 days…  I think I have a really good chance at enrolling 30 new Karate students.  And, having an influx of prospects calling, emailing, dropping by, is a good problem to have.  That means something is working!

My goal is to put my 2 weeks notice at my current place of employment by mid to end of October.  Sooner, if I’m lucky.  This will allow me to focus more my school, but more importantly, on my students.

So what are you waiting for!  Let everyone know that I am offering a limited time only Grand Opening Special of 15% off monthly tuition.

If you would like more information, please contact us, or call at: 303.503.1282.