Are we there yet?

You know when you were a kid, and you took a road trip with the ‘rents, and all you would say was “are we there yet?”. Well, that’s basically what I’ve been asking the past few weeks.

Last Friday I received a portion of my SBA loan. I feel like I had to sign my life away! All these rules… I don’t do well with rules. :-)Anyways, things went well, and I believe some of the funds were deposited in my account today. The remainder will be distributed as I make purchases for equipment. I guess I need to send my lender an invoice, and then they will make the payment.

Insurance is probably one of the delays nows. The leasing agent says I am missing some information and that Josh would contact me. I haven’t heard from Josh in over 1 week, and I’m beginning to get really annoyed. The leasing agent said that he’ll call tomorrow to give me the appropriate information. I personally don’t think their word is “as good as gold”. No pun intended.

Also got word that Blockbuster sent an email of consent, but they still need a hard-copy, which should be in by the end of the week. I still won’t bet on it…

My property manager is in Colorado right now, and I guess she’s working out the lease with State Farm, so they’re really close too. I’m hoping I can begin doing demo by this weekend, or possibly next weekend.

Are you wondering where the school is going to be? Well, click here to see a map of it! The address is: 12910 N. Zuni St., Suite 200, Westminster, CO 80234. The Shopping Center is called Willow Run and some of the surrounding stores are Safeway, Blockbuster, McDonalds, Chase Bank, gas station, liquor store (there everywhere!), Subway, and some other mom ‘n’ pop shops. This place is loaded with new housing development, schools, and other businesses.

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