Conference call went well

As you know, I had a conference call, but it actually took place today. I think the call went well, and we both agreed on a reasonable lease term that will benefit both parties. Obviously I won’t go into detail on the terms, but it appears as though the Landlord is also looking into my best interest, as he understands that if I am successful then they are successful. I can realistically say that the school can be open by February or March. Again, I did not anticipate to start around that time, but things always happen for a reason. I believe the current tenant can be completely out by the end of January, giving me plenty of time to build out the unit, and start accepting students before the school opens. Ideally, I would love to have 15-20 students enrolled before the school officially opens. This will position myself and The Dojo into a better situation, and hopefully draw more interest when classes begin.

I’m hoping to have a lease signed by next week, as they want to have this deal on paper by December 15th. Crazy… It’s my birthday Saturday, and I have to say this year has been nothing short from amazing.

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