So Saturday a few of my friends and I got together to do some demo at the school, and I have to say… it was fun!

I got there around 8am and bought some Starbucks, since I need coffee to function at times. Most people showed up around 8:30am. Anyways, we definitely got a bunch of stuff done. My friend Brent brought his Skil Saw to cut the walls in half/sections, which we would then just push it over. Way too much fun actually! But before we could do any of tearing down and destroying, we had to take care of the electrical in certain walls, so that no one would be burnt to a crisp. In particular Brent. After that though, it was fare game…

After about 2 hours of tearing down sheet rock, taking glass windows out, and destroying a sink counter-top and cabinets (it was attached to the wall and wouldn’t come loose) the unexpected happened. The smoke alarm went off because of all the dust! I freaked out! Not only did I not have a permit (which I’m starting to believe I don’t need one for demo), but it was a false alarm. Well, I tried to call the Fire Dept., but by the time I called, I heard them on there way. They came in and I apologized for the inconvenience and told them what was going on. They did there walk through of the building, advised I cover up the smoke detectors with plastic bags, and turned off the alarm. Super nice people by the way. One of them was in the shower when the alarm went off. I felt horrible… I also had to call the Landlord and let him know that everything was fine and I was taking down walls. He thought that was what I was doing, but didn’t have a number to get a hold of me to let me know about the alarm going off. Anyways, in the end, I basically tried to sell the firefighters in taking lessons once the school opened. Kinda funny honestly. I turned a bad situation into a great opportunity - and they seemed interested! Once I get some flyers printed up, I’ll probably drop by personally and offer them a special discount, since those guys (and gals) sacrifice a lot.

After the hiatus, we continued to finish up some of the work until about 2pm, but we still have a few more walls that need to go down. I ended up going to lunch with my sister and her fam then came back to finish a few more things. I’m thinking we’ll try to pick up where we left off on the 19th of April, and hopefully I’ll have a dumpster by then too.

Well before I checkout, I just wanna give a “shout-out” to all my peeps from last Saturday: Ryan, Tina, Mike, Brent and his kids, Adam, and Bo - my dog. Thanks for the help and hope you guys had fun! Keep next week open!