First Inbound Call

On Thursday my direct marketing piece with Val-U-Ads went out to Broomfield, Colorado. Since I haven’t setup a main phone line quite yet, I had to change the voice mail message on my cell phone.

Anyways, I got my first inbound prospect call on Thursday. It was a woman calling about Karate lessons for her daughter and 10 year old grand daughter. Apparently her grand daughter does not have a bunch of confidence and thought that Martial arts lessons would help with her self-confidence. Plus, it allows the mother-daughter to share time together too! I called back the prospect the same day to discuss her needs. I Told her when I was younger, I too did not have a bunch of self-confidence, and I was really shy. I’m still shy, :-)but have developed my self-confidence through my martial arts training.

The grandmother is suppose to pass on the information about The Dojo to her daughter, but I haven’t heard back from either of them. I’ll probably give them a call this week.

As for this week, I’m going to call back the plumber to see when he can get started on the project. My general contractor is scheduled come by on Wednesday to do the framing of the place. I’m just looking to find an electrician to do the project, but haven’t found one yet. We’ll see what I can find..

One last thing. If you haven’t noticed, I had to change the Grand Opening Day for The Dojo of Karate to Saturday, July 19th, 2008 from 11am to 1pm MST. I found out that a friend of mine is getting married the weekend before, so I had to push it up. I know that the Denver Mile High Music Festival is the same weekend as my Grand Opening, but I can’t continue to push the date up. Hope to see you there!!!

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