First Karate Students

Get this… So I’m working at the school a couple of weeks ago… probably cleaning, right?  Anyways, a married couple come by the school to look at my flyers, so I stop over to see if they have any questions.  Went over some basic information about The Dojo, discussed our Grand Opening Specials and Family Discounts.  They have 5 kids… That’s a big family!  But it’s awesome too because if everyone in the family do activities together it makes it a bit more economical for them to spend time together as a family — especially doing Karate!  I told them we are offering 15% off for new students, and family discounts starting at 25% off for the 2nd member and 50% off for the third member.  That’s a great price when you have a big family!

Well, I got a call from them a couple of nights ago saying they wanted to get signed up, since my offer is only available to the first 30 students.  I called them right back and setup an appointment for Thursday.

The family shows up at 6:30, as scheduled.  I go over my program, what we have to offer, etc.  It looks like it hit there needs because they seemed very excited — as was I!  I than started the semi private sessions for them to get a feel for Karate by doing some very basic techniques, and to evaluate them individually.  I think these guys are going to be AWESOME!  They’re fun, have a lot of energy, and they’ll be a great addition to the student body.  And, they’ll be my first students!

They are scheduled to come back on Monday.  This is where the family will have a chance to test for their white belt!  I gave them some homework to do over the weekend, so hopefully they will train so that I can reward them their white belt.

I also have another family coming by on Saturday morning.  Ironically, one of the family members has trained previously in Wado-Ryu!  No Joke… Anyways, I gave him a call back today, and he seems very interested and wanted to enroll his son and significant other.  Which is great!  He even told his barber…!  How cool is that!

Lastly, I had another prospect call about my lessons.  She seemed very interested too.  It was for her 5 year old son, which is a great age for kids to start.  They happen to own the day care center on 136th and Colorado, and live right across the street from my school.  So, they will be coming by on Tuesday to try out our free lessons, and see what they think.  She seemed very excited about our program and how it’s structured.  It seems to fit their needs.  And, because we offer classes earlier in the evenings for her child.  Plus, she is going to allow me to drop off some flyers and possibly setup a “stranger danger” seminar — which would be a great way to get new students enrolled.

All in all, today was a good day.  I think there is a really good chance that I can hit 15 students before my school “officially” opens.  And 30 students in 30 days… that’s becoming more and more doable.  I think I may be able to leave my current employer a lot sooner, if things continue to go well…  If anything try to work part-time.  Which I’m very opened too..

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  I’m ready to make an impact to this community.  Something that will benefit everyone.


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