First Set Of Inspections Go Well

The first go round of inspections went pretty well today.  A couple of things that need to be taken care of, but otherwise I was happy to see things went well.

I ended up sticking around after the inspection and helping Dave, my contractor law sheet rock, since it’s 5/8th inch thick and heavy as hell to hang.  Definitely helped cut back on my expenses…

Anyways, the place is coming along now.  Dave is going to work at the school on Wednesday and Thursday.  My sprinklers are going to be moved/added on Thursday, and I’m hoping to have carpet installed on Monday of next week.  Than, I need to schedule my electrician to finish the rest of the electrical.  Otherwise, things seem to be moving right along.  There’s a chance I can be open by the first week of August!!!  :D  That would just be great, if things did ended up working out that way.

There’s a reason for everything, we just sometimes don’t know exactly why quite yet.  I’m looking forward to getting students in the school, and pushing to enroll 30 students in 30 days.  Anything is possible if you persevere.


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