Karate Electrical Sign

My outdoor electrical sign is now up! It says, “Karate”… Very simple because the signage is EXTREMELY expensive, and my unit seems to be one of the “elbows” of the shopping center. Basically where the center bends, so it’s tough to see anything on the left side. Ether way, it looks great! :-)It took the sign company about 1 hour to install it. I need to remember to show you guys a picture of it, but I keep forgetting to bring my camera.

I’m going to drop by Signs By Tomorrow on Monday to go over any final details on the window signage too. At least this will give me some great foot traffic advertising.

Also, today, after my camping trip this weekend, my buddy Adam and I went to the school to start painting. I just picked an off white color for the entire place. It actually looks really good because the white makes the school look bigger. We were only able to paint one coat because of time, but we’ll have to drop by again to do a 2nd coat. I’m thinking we can fly through this since it just took us about 2 hours to paint the major walls. Otherwise, I’m excited to see how it turns out.

There are a few other projects that I need to do, like get my mirrors installed, fill in the carpet gaps and place new carpet in other parts of the floor, buy some material for my benches to cover up the particle board (makes it look more professional), and probably just odds-and-ends. If I can get a lot of these smaller projects done, than I can get close to preparing for my Grand Opening. I’ll be pushing it, but I think I can get very close to being open 100%. Think positive people!

I’ll be out of town starting Tuesday for entire week over the 4th of July, so when I get back, I have a ton of work ahead of me, but it should be fun!

Until next time…

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